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  1. You're off to a neat start then.
  2. Well... in the Forum Games section you're unable to like posts.
  3. That should be fine but in the future make the thread under Forum Games
  4. Whether or not that is allowed is beyond the point - good luck getting 100 likes on a single post.
  5. You do not have to be a paid user to open a ticket under Locked out. You also do not have to be logged into your xat account. 1. Clear your cache as recommended before, this is a crucial step. 2. Enter the e-mail associated with the xat account, along with a subject that is five or more words and a message. (See Anar's post for an image of how it should look) 3. Click "Open Ticket" You can click here to see an article that was made to give a rough idea of response times on tickets (keep in mind these are general and do not pertain to every case).
  6. I can see it coming in handy with the timer (since you can buy powers via app) and showing the smilies that may come along with the new power. No reason not to have it, good suggestion.
  7. Re-sellers were originally put in place for countries that have limited payment options. It's not a bad idea in theory, but I can see a few problems arising from this suggestion. Favoritism is the first to come to mind, whether it's favoritism of who gets on the list or users claiming favoritism if they aren't on the list. Another thing would be: Say there is a user that not everyone has heard of but has a strong history with selling IDs- does that make them less qualified than someone like Ares? Speaking of which, there's no concrete way to decipher who should/shouldn't be on the list. It would be beneficial to have a different way of selling/buying IDs, of course for scamming reasons, but I don't think this would be the absolute best way to go about it.
  8. I'm glad I was able to participate and see so many old friends. It turned out really well!
  9. I want to suggest adding the forum to the xat app. I use mobile a lot so I'm usually always on both, switching between my phone browser and the (iOS) xat app. @Admin You can already access the forum from the app but not as conveniently as I would prefer: 1. Login to the app 2. Go to "More" 3. Click "Help" and it'll bring you to the terms 4. Scroll all the way down and click "Cookies?" to allow them 5. It'll bring you back to the top, click the little menu icon (top right) 6. Click "Forum" Being as you can access it that way, it is clear that a "Forum" button could simply be added under "More" for easier access. If it were harder to implement then I'd say it wasn't worth the effort- but that is not the case. You're not embedding the forum, but rather using a browser to access the mobile version (which is what it does now, it would just be easier to add the button than go through those steps every time). I could say add the wiki there as well since the mobile version works fine, but one step at a time. I personally think it will be more convenient for users who use the xat app a lot, like myself. Plus, in my eyes, it completes the xat app that much more.
  10. Saying you sleep 8 hours a day sounds normal, but if you say you sleep for 4 months a year it sounds crazy.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sydno


      You have to divide 8 by 24 to have the right result :p 

    3. Anar


      I wish it was 12 months a year

    4. Kyle


      @Sydno oops forgot that part, still 4 months

  11. You would adblock an audie you set? It could be a bit of a problem trying to perfect it at first, but at the moment we have nothing (if you don't have chat sounds on which, I want to say 90% don't). It can get worked with and I think the overall outcome would be good.
  12. I was thinking of an ability that would allow you to set keywords or phrases where if a user typed them, an audie would play for you. This can be useful in various different ways (and I say it's better than having the normal chat box sounds on ). It could get recognized the same way "(bump" does when typed in PC. However instead of playing #lazerfire3 (or whatever the audie is), it will be replaced with whatever audie you set. I don't think Noaudies should be able to impact this, since you would have to have the chat box sounds on to hear them in that case. If you don't have a key phrase set, then you won't have a problem with the audies. Of course you can turn these off whenever you please. Examples: I set "i need help" as a key phrase and set the audie #raspberry along with it. Someone types it in main chat and the audie will play for me so I can assist them quickly. I set "buying purple" as a key phrase with the audie #sword, particularly for the Trade chat. This can help me know when someone is actually buying the power rather than looking every minute or so. Figure it's worth the suggestion if it's easy enough to implement. Thoughts?
  13. This may be self-explanatory but you must be a paid user.
  14. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for a response on your ticket with more information regarding your individual situation. You can refer to times for a rough idea on response times for tickets. Also please try not to double post even if they're in different languages. I'm sure you can receive help in whichever language you feel most comfortable.