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  1. Hi guys, I hope my proposal will be taken, because today I saw the purple smiles he added, but they are half? designers please, do not make powers with medium body, look very bad, please ...
  2. this story will continue ............................................ (earthday, jumblejinx)
  3. You guys are part of the staff why your opinion and I respect it, I understand that not say something against the adm and that's respectable, but I speak as a normal user I have many years in xat and entered every weekend to buy the new power of each week, one day to another announce an unlimited power in all official xats, put into store and the next day pass to limited quickly, now out and priced tripled to store in just a few hours in the xats trade, I think it has ever happened or in the worst jokes, I'm user everypower I think there are many like me who do not walk or we are members in fo
  4. This is not the only power that can change overnight like that which had already announced it would be unlimited that were not exactly of April (ej. blubunni, instruments, offset ..)
  5. Administrators are serious? Hey guys, yesterday into xat to see news of the new power of this week went to xat test I was told that the new power was unlimited poops officers went to xats of xat.com/trade and trade and confirm xat.com/cambio ; It was the poops, unlimited and only smile at the price of 300 xats powers. Well today I go to buy the new power store and it is now limited and increased the amount of smiles, the price in the shops are xats 1000 to more xats now. Osea which is the seriousness of managers to change from one day to another power unlimited to limited? T
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