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    Good suggestion! It would be a nice power...
  2. Thanks for the information, good power!
  3. This is a great idea! Many thanks, @Admin !
  4. Solange

    2017 powers

    We already have a cheerleader smilie, but it can be replaced. I think it could be a nice power! (CHEERLEADER) power! (chinlove), (chcry), (changry), (chshock), (chlaugh), (chhug), (chselfie), (chtired), (chcheer), (chshy), (chback), (chclap) Many thanks, @Mihay !
  5. Nice power, good job. Many thanks!
  6. This is a really nice power! Many thanks!
  7. Nice power, thank you @Mihay @Admin. Q: Pawns of Feast power will be activated?
  8. It's possible? It would be really nice!
  9. I also agree with this idea.
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