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  1. I wasn't referring to more than one power with different types of stickers, I was referring to only one power that would allow us to send different types of stickers, that would be ideal. Anyway, creating more powers like this one is a good thing too.
  2. The fact that xat is adding stickers is really nice! However, I'd prefer a power that would allow us to send different types of stickers, not only dog stickers.

    1. Lemona


      You can stand under my umbrella (but @Addict can't), ella, ella, eh, eh, eh

    2. Addict


      Oh God Jesus


  4. I personally think this is a great power that will be appreciated by a lot of people. I've seen a lot of football fans on xat, so I'm sure those people will love this power. Yeah, that's definitely a good idea and was also suggested when Admin opened the topic about this power... although they may say that we already have Flgpwn to add flags to our pawns.
  5. This could be useful to buy Everypower or Allpowers(like you said), but I'd prefer some of the following ideas being implemented: https://forum.xat.com/topic/9047-add-full-power-in-trade/, https://forum.xat.com/topic/3961-new-options-for-trade/. These are best ways to prevent scams when buying Everypower or Allpowers. However, this is not a bad idea and can definitely be implemented.
  6. Can we please have an Umbrella power?


    Thank you. :)

    1. Anas




    2. Maxo


      maybe in the winter season 

  7. Happy Birthday Solange ! (applause)

    1. Solange


      Thanks Deymian!

  8. Happy Birthday, Solange. (victory)

    1. Solange


      Thanks Jake!

  9. Feliz cumpleaños Solange, Muchas felicidades!!(hug)

    1. Solange


      Muchísimas gracias, Pablo! (hug)

  10. Feliz cumpleaños  Solange 

    1. Solange


      Muchas gracias Kopas! 💯

  11. celebrate happy birthday GIF by GoStijn

    1. Solange


      Thanks R3DDS!

  12. Feliz Cumpleaños!!

    1. Solange


      Muchas gracias, Ale!

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