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  1. I've received the prize. Thank you, Bau!
  2. No, it's not possible to add such effects to our names with Namegrad or Namewave. But I'd say it's possible with Nameflag, or at least something similar. I like this suggestion, I think it'd be cool if we'd have the possiblity of adding animal print effects to our names. Sadly, I don't think xat will add more powers to add effects to our names, or at least not in the near future, but who knows. There's been a lot of interesting suggestions for new powers that would allow us to add more effects to our names, and I hope some of them will be added eventually(including this one!).
  3. I thought xat wasn't going to release a new power this week, but Creature has been released after all! It looks... Ugly! But well, I think that's how it's supposed to look like. Interesting job, Mike.
  4. Solange

    HTML5 - Know it all

    Nice job guys, it looks really good! I think it was a great idea to create this article, it'll be very useful. Congratulations to those that were involved in the creation of this article.
  5. Solange

    554 BABY

    The new smilies look pretty good. I liked (bamom), it's really creative and it's also a cute smilie!
  6. Solange

    name smile power

    This power would be used to add symbols next to our names or wherever we want to add a symbol, right? Isn't this something we can already do without the need of having a power for it?
  7. I don't think there's a blacklist system in all official chats. However, I completely understand the reason why someone can be "blacklisted" even if they said something offensive in other chat or if they've had unprofessional or embarrassing behaviours in other chats and not necessarily in the chat where they want to get a rank. I run an official chat, and I would never give a rank to people with such behaviour. Having people with such behaviour as staff members can easily create an unnecesary negative perception of the chat. That's the reason why some people can be blacklisted even if they didn't do anything wrong in the chat where they're trying to get a rank, and I'm sure most chat managers would agree with what I'm saying. Furthermore, that's not the only reason why someone can be blacklisted, toxic people are usually blacklisted too, or at least that's a reason for me to blacklist people, even if they were staff members in the past. Anyway, there will always be abusive chat managers that won't act fairly, and that's a fact. If you feel that a chat manager acts unfairly, you can always report them.
  8. Solange (223326780)
  9. Solange

    554 BABY

    Oh, this power was finally made! I remember seeing someone suggesting this power long time ago. We finally have baby power!
  10. Solange

    Automatic message

    You're suggesting something that Facebook has, and I think it would be a great feature if xat adds it too(of course, only if it's possible). I hope we can see something like this on xat in the future.
  11. https://xat.chat/xat-sloom/
  12. We currently have smilies that are very similar to the ones you're suggesting, we also have hair-themed powers, so I don't think this would be a good idea if it's added as a new power, because we can already make smilies like the ones you're suggesting if we combine some existing smilies with some existing powers. However, I think some effects I'm seeing in the examples you're providing could be added to xavi power, that would be better instead of making a power with these smilies, that's just my opinion.
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