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  1. Solange


    We already have Work power, which is the same as your suggestion.
  2. Solange


    I think this would be a great power, the examples you've provided for this suggestion look really good. We already have Fairy power, so this power could be named "Fairytale", I think that would be a good name for this power.
  3. This year we are celebrating xat's 13th anniversary... time flies! Some questions are going to be posted on the Facebook page during these days for the chance of winning xats. Get ready! 😎🎉 The first two questions are already available: https://www.facebook.com/1394768403867927/posts/2698512820160139/. Good luck!
  4. Happy birthday, Matheus! 🎂🎉

  5. Solange

    New HTML5 Trade app

    I'm glad to know that the Trade app has been improved like this, it looks really good!
  6. Solange

    Selfie (POWER)

    We already have (moselfie) from Mobilebeta power. However, I don't think this is a bad idea. They could create this power including smilies with funny faces and different poses, I think there are a lot of poses when taking a selfie!
  7. Hello, We welcome you to the xat forum! You need to know that this kind of topic is better suited as a status update, therefore this topic needs to be closed. I recommend you to read the Guidelines. We hope you enjoy your stay on the forum.
  8. These stickers look really good, I think these are my favourite stickers! Well, it may be useless because most people use Flash and not HTML5, but it might be useful once HTML5 has been completed. I know people don't use stickers, but people might start using these sticker powers once HTML5 has been completed. I actually like the idea of having sticker powers on xat!
  9. I think this is a good idea, I'm sure we have a lot of people who love rock music on xat.
  10. That's true, they are also very territorial, but that's their nature. I have a cat, and yes, she acts like that. However, she is very lovely, she gives me all her love, she knows when I need her. I would say she's like my daughter, I really love her! And I'm saying this because yes, cats usually act like if they were our owners, but they also give us all their love when we need them. Anyway, I respect the fact that you hate cats. #CatLover
  11. I deeply hate cockroaches, they're so disgusting. I also hate spiders and wasps, especially because I was attacked by a wasp years ago.
  12. Happy birthday! 8-)

    1. iDan


      Thank you! (cute)8-) @Solange

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