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  1. Each collection has its own pawns, so they are not the same. People love pawns, I remember seeing a lot of suggestions from people asking for limited pawns to be released, whether as a new power allowing us to use those pawns or being able to pay some xats to get them temporarily. I think that's why xat decided to release collections. We'll probably get a new sticker power for Valentine's Day, but also a second collection. That's what I expect this year for Valentine's Day. Anyway, I also expect a cute smiley power for this special day!
  2. I'm sure a second collection for Valentine's Day is going to be released this year, we've got two collections for Christmas and Halloween after all. Also, there are pawns for Valentine's Day that haven't been released with SuperHeart, so I'd expect a second collection this year. It'd be weird if they don't release it, actually.
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