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  1. Solange


    I totally agree with those who said that giving the cyan pawn to Maverick defeats the purpose of the cyan pawn. I agree with rewarding people for creating good/popular games, but I'd recommend to reward them with a special/different pawn, not with the cyan pawn because it was made for a different purpose.
  2. Solange

    What was your first power?

    Noaudies and Shuffle.
  3. Solange

    EL REY's giving : win ANIMATE power

    Solange (223326780)
  4. Feliz cumpleaños, Fons! Espero que vayas a tener un lindo día, un abrazo!

    1. Fons


      Gracias @Solange; ex jefa :$ Yo espero que dejes de ser tan creída (d)

  5. Happy Birthday, Sydno. Enjoy your day! 

    1. Sydno


      Thank you Solange!

  6. Solange (223326780)
  7. Solange

    EL REY's giving : win ANIMATE power

    Solange (223326780)
  8. Solange

    xat.chat Blog

    Here's a new interview! - https://xat.chat/xat-cupim/ I hope you all enjoy this interview. And once again, I want to thank @Cupim for accepting to be interviewed by me!
  9. Solange (223326780)
  10. Solange

    EL REY's giving : win ANIMATE power

    Solange (223326780)

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