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  2. Titles and vote system

    I don't think that there's a risk on being scammed just because someone have the title of "Retired Volunteer". Anyway, there are always people who are impersonating Volunteers, Wiki staff, Chat managers, etc... so, there's always a "risk" on being scammed(not only because someone have this title).
  3. Contest #06: Win the DIVA power and 65 xats!

    Solange (223326780)
  4. 463 OCTO

    I think that there are a lot of good suggestions for smilie powers that would be really nice to have on xat, you can find them here.
  5. OCTO - #3 WINNERS

    Solange (223326780)
  6. ZodiacFX

    Yes, something similar.

    Solange (223326780)
  8. Where is Waldo?!

    I've received my prize. Thanks!
  9. Where is Waldo?!

    I found "Waldo" two times (i think) - http://prntscr.com/gvcfps
  10. Contest #06: Win the DIVA power and 65 xats!

    Solange (223326780)
  11. WIN MARK

    Solange (223326780)
  12. Yellow Smiley Filter Power

    It's a good suggestion, would be really nice and really funny to have filters that can be used with smilies/avatars. However, we already have one smilie that includes a dog filter - (pupchange) from Puppy power. But maybe they can create something better(i don't know).
  13. 462 MARK

    Nice power. I think it'll good for trade chats(when users are looking for a power, etc...)
  14. WIN MARK #3 + DAYS

    Solange (223326780)