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  1. it's a good idea, would be even better if the user could provide the backgrounds to choose, this way everybody could use the power, not only the chat owners.
  2. Edit

    piticoata :$

    1. Giia


      Hey piticot (hug)

  3. Giia

    Yes or No

    omg yes <3 do you like Coldplay?
  4. awww :3 they are sooo cuuuutee !! <3
  5. Edit

    paste fericita piticot <3 haha (sarbatori fericite surioara mea piticoata) <3

  6. Marya

    Paste fericit scumpa <33 (hug)  Multa multa iubire si tot ce e mai bun in lume . 


  7. Agree with Choco and Marya.
  8. Sedat

    Happy Birthday Giia. (hug)

    1. Giia


      Thank you Sedat. (hug)

  9. Marya

    Hey Gia i wish u the best in the world ! God bless you forever and happy bday  sis <33 

    1. Giia


      Thank you sis (hug) <33 

  10. Happy Birthday Giia!!!!!! (hug)

    1. Giia


      Thank you Pika!!!! (hug)

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