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  1. Julius95


    Because I lost the password and I don't remember email... I tried ALL possible emails...
  2. Julius95


    Brandon... Can you please delete this forum account completely https://forum.xat.com/profile/30811-julius/ So I can re-register it... I really need it. As you see no stats or anything... And I actually don't have money enough to be a paid user.... Why you have that system... it doesn't open up to everyone to use XAT
  3. Julius95


    I don't have money to become a paid user... actually... I rather stop using all services of XAT than being a paid user... Really bad system. It does't open up everyone to use XAT really... come on.
  4. Julius95


    Could any volunteer open a ticket for me regarding my forum account "Julius" which I lost I mean it is about an account on this forums. SO why would I need to open a ticket. Can't I speak directly to the forum admin here? @Admin
  5. He disabled pms... what to do then... im not a paid user so i cant open a ticket. or where does he usually chat?
  6. Hello. I actually made this account as you can see in 2014 more than 2 years ago.. actually after this account.. but the thing is that I forgot the password for that forum account and email so that is why I haven't logged in.... I really really need help getting back the forum account https://forum.xat.com/profile/30811-julius/
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