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  1. Hi, I don't know if anyone has made this suggestion before, but here we go. • It seems to me that the trade version in "flash" in terms of the buttons when pressing "accept" was the best option and didn’t need any change. Remember that, by pressing "accept" on the right button, then "confirm trade" on the left button, and “cancel” again on the right button, and done. Which is the correct way. • Now, in the html5 version that changed. Since the accept and confirm button are in the same place, or in short, it is the same button. (Bad idea, accept, confirm
  2. You need to open a ticket in the "locked out" department to unlock your account. Since you don't have access to the email, I assume they will ask you some security questions about it. To create a new request, click here < • Select "Locked out". • Your username. • Your account ID. • Type the email associated with your account. When filling out the entire form with the correct information press "Save" button.
  3. Ohh I'll let her know since she hasn't been online continuously at xat! =)
  4. Nice nice! =) Ok, now the question is, what kind of characters do you want for the avatars? Because the old avatars, "all", are recognized characters, very famous. So now, is it about inventing and creating our own characters?
  5. RobFerrari (129030692) Both! =)
  6. Prize received. Thank you very much for the contest!
  7. Hi, here my smilies! 1. (sprjump#square#f6f725#aqbubbles#beacatch#f6f725#gingerbread#e30002#nuclearb#ffde02#02fcff#wn0y15f0s2t20a49n2#tohypno#-2) 2. (snail1#17cfdb#e58c8b#rbfly#aqbubbles#valentine#nuclearb#ffde02#02fcff#wn0y15f0s2t20a49n2) 3. (pueyes#kstback#f89596#rbfly#aqbubbles#c#beacatch#fabbbb#jump10#gingerbread#e30002) 4. (moustache#c#bowtie#00abad#966520#moustache#2d1d00#koftakeout#gmheadphones#783b02#radio#f#y7c5500l03ead3a1) 5. (moustache#c#gingerbread#00abad#icepack#7f6c39#nuclearb#b17101#2d1d00#wn10y15z0r12s1t12l0#glas#966520#moustache#2d1d00) 6. (egggamer#c#
  8. Thank you! =) • What is your favourite HTML5 feature or improvement thus far? I really like the interface in the html5 (in general), totally redesigned and comfortable! • What is one feature or improvement you would like to see in the future? I would like the trade application to have a dark mode and to add all the missing macros.
  9. Done! In the past several times I cleared cache and did all kinds of cleaning and it didn't fix it. I asked other people to see if the same thing had ever happened to them, and they said yes, (they are those types of people who don't have an account on the forum or don't even know it exists). Maybe that's why this problem has not been raised. For you to have a reference, this happens almost from 2018 (or before maybe), I thought "only in flash" and that's why I decided to use the html edition now, but here is the same problem. Some notes: -Not fixed by clearing cache -It is
  10. Congratulations to the winners!! Now, here in public I will ask you, @Dimple your contest was to make an animated "gif", or a short with audiovisual animation content? Because they are two totally different things. It seems totally unfair, that in a contest the people who really did what you asked for a "gif" have lost. I understand that they could use the "youtube" platform or any video platform, I assumed that for those who could not obtain an original "gif" file (either because they didn't have the program, or x's, etc), they could combine it through a video, but that has already bec
  11. No, I never assign powers in another room. In the capture the gkaoani appears "as a reference" as an example, but really this problem is with all the powers. The problem is not assign or unassign, (this works fine), the problem is within the group's power settings, they are shown again as if none were assigned when in fact they are. So, I must enter the chat again to unassign each one, reset the chat, and reassign them, "so fix it" but only at that moment. Then hours or minutes later I enter the configuration again and they are all disabled again, when they are still assigned.
  12. I tried that, in every way! The same problem happens to me in html. They appear disabled, this time I tried to import the "Xatp" file that I saved, and I got that red sign. (As if they were not assigned, but in fact they were). So ... I must manually unassign them again, reset the chat, and reassign them so that "they are enabled again". And later? The problem is repeated. In this capture it is assumed that it is already assigned, when in the xat configuration it says "I must assign them" It's been a long time with this
  13. • Play a game of Codeban • Assign a group power to a chat •View your powers and search for a power you own
  14. Hello, I have a problem for a long time in the flash version. When I go to edit, "tick or untick" the group powers, they all seem disabled to me, and when I hover over it, it shows me a red circle icon. What is this about? For now the only solution that "fixes" it is to 1. Unassign the powers > 2. Reset the chat > 3. Reassign them + "configure each one again in settings". (After this, a few days pass, I go back to edit and it shows the same problem again). It is very annoying. Any solution? Or why does that happen?
  15. RobFerrari (129030692) Blue & Purple
  16. Happy Birthday Katers! =) 

  17. RobFerrari (129030692) Maybe yes, maybe no! I have an apocalyptic vision of the world.... 👀
  18. Thank u very much, prize received!
  19. Hello, here is this little bear! You can download the editable file here. Ai Or if you prefer, visit my page and download it from there. (Here is the png image in a very high resolution). In either of these two ways! =)
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