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  1. I loved and used to use Flash:Β https://i.imgur.com/AfGDn4P.pngΒ & so it looked with its wide Css resource implement even in its buttons. We finally moved to Html5Β Β and this is what it looks like now:Β https://i.imgur.com/ytOWuhZ.pngΒ  ...Welcome Html5!! (:

  2. Hey, Happy New Year!Β πŸ₯‚ I hope that this year things go better for everyone.

  3. Thank you very much, prize received!! @Lemona @Demonattack and @bianca-99 And congratulations to all those who participated, good entries! πŸŽ„ Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year! πŸŽ‡
  4. Happy Holidays!! to everyone. We will continue giving cartoons until the new year to users that we will be picking, selected according to their outstanding help in the forum.Β (ok)

  5. Hi, here my smilies! User: RobFerrari 1. (khair3#noface#ffe8b2#glitterfx#madsci#ffffff#moustache5#1d0f00#egyptf2#21220a#ye60000l03300c000#drum#fade#y#dba93d) 2. (kris#holidays#giftsbag#e4be57#valentine#nuclearb#3a7908#f8ff96#790808#wl0y17f0s1t9a49n10) 3. (reindeerm#liplay#966450#gingerbread#y83e800l03e80000#ornaments#csleepy#y#whirlfx#w2299#8a0808) 4. (khair6#noface#fed1b4#shair5#fe7200#xmmonkey#36ba08#sneak#fed1b4#tohypno#-2#nuclearb#ff0000#7eff00#wl0y17f0s1t9a45n10) 5. (gingerbread#claus#cane#glitterheart#g#gingerbread#y15a102l016bff57#nuclearb#ba0004#ffd8d9#wl0y19f0s1t9a49n10)
  6. Hey, thank you very much! Same for you. =)
  7. From the beginning I liked the idea, and I saw many changes in favor. However over time, compared to "flash" html is causing a big lag, which really is what causes me the most annoyance when I am in xat. Having more than one xat tab open in html is an inexplicable lag. The same when I enter, xat's ship stays around loading but it takes longer than expected, when in flash the full xat logo loaded relatively fast, and I don't blame the internet because I open the flash version and the html version at the same time and you can clearly see the difference, even from two different computers. It's
  8. Hello, Christmas is here!! One of the favorite times of the year. We are open to new requests for Christmas backgrounds, backgrounds adaptable to both the flash version and the html5 version. We also include custom animated xatframes for the new version of html5. Here's a preview of a Neon Xmas xatframe: > Click to see XatFrame < Below you can see some of our work already done in our > gallery < Although there are still some bg's to upload. We also have a section of cartoons/avatars, customized in different sizes, (for which their prices vary according to size
  9. Hello, once in the middle of this year I opened a topic like this and they didn’t find a solution. Now I post it here! I assign the powers with "normality", then I enter the group page and I can check each one without problem. View image: http://prntscr.com/vtxo24 And all good, until... I leave the page and go back in to continue with the edition of the assigned powers, or simply change the tab "group powers" to "settings", "appearance", or whatever and I go back to the group powers tab and it appears like this: View image: http://prntscr.com/vtxses … They all appear without th
  10. And ChristmasΒ πŸŽ„ begins... the best time of the year, without a doubt!Β πŸŽ…πŸ»Β Β 

  11. Hi, here my entry! https://i.imgur.com/HOM5Mok.png
  12. Hi. Since I realized this problem, I started using "Postimage", and although it doesn't always require an account, when uploading an outer bg for example of 2560x1440, when using it in chat it resizes to a size of 1280x720. This happens in imgur "only when you don't have an account" which lowers the quality and size of the image due to imgur limits, however in postimage, when using it with or without an account it happens anyway. I don't know if there is some way that I don't know that this doesn't happen in postimage.
  13. RobFerrari (129030692) Hi, here my entry! Inner: Outer: https://i.imgur.com/NlmK6qn.png https://i.imgur.com/I5HtkZP.png Button Color: #4E0092 For the custom Css section, I could send the code by private message. But here is a preview of what it would look like. https://i.imgur.com/fAl
  14. Some people are having that problem. And this is what @xLaming said: "Handshake issue. Admins has been emailed with more details." So I hope they fix it soon!
  15. IntentΓ© entrar a su chat y tambiΓ©n me aparece el mismo error. (Solo pasa con ese chat). Sin embargo despuΓ©s de un solo intento, me deja ingresar con normalidad, pero siempre sale ese letrero. PD: Me redirecciona automΓ‘ticamente al ID del chat, y no al nombre original. Si ya intentaste todo lo que dijo Abrahan en el post anterior y no te funcionΓ³, te recomiendo que le des reset completo al chat, elimina los fondos, las pestaΓ±as, radio, cΓ³digos, todo lo que tengas y dΓ©jalo como nuevo. DespuΓ©s del reset y de quitar todo, pon tus respectivos fondos, y crea tu nuev
  16. I don't usually say it, but I loved this one. It seems inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas. Very detailed each smilie, new designs, new creativity, good combination of Halloween with Christmas. Halloween ends tomorrow, but the next day Christmas begins!!
  17. Right now I was able to save again with the link without problem. Hope it works for Samuel!
  18. Time to watch horror movies.


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