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  1. I loved the colors of these smilies. Very alive, and a lot of creativity!
  2. Happy Birthday Pen, best wishes to you! (ok)

  3. Anything... Haha! Good good luck everyone!! =)
  4. I really haven't gone back to that section so it wouldn't happen to me again. But I will check! @Stif
  5. Some Neon Pcbacks! Super Mario Neon Pcback Black&White Pcback Snake SpongeBob Pink Panther 🐾
  6. Sundays should be exclusively for getting up after lunch, and for the rest watching movies 🎥 and playing video games. 🎮 ☺ 

  7. Here's the other one that was missing! Now it can be added to your collection! =)
  8. Literally, that star is not even the true satanic summoning symbol, since the true satanic symbol is the seal of an inverted pentagram, that is, this star is completely normal. In that case it would be a controversy similar to what happened with the "Rainbow" power related to the LGBT community. Those who maintain an everypower and don't belong to that community, were almost forced to buy it. And those who didn't like it and don't have everypower just don't buy it. For some people it was uncomfortable, for others not.
  9. If it were up to me, they could make like 10 more Harry Potter movies. ϟ 📚 (Counting Fantastic Beasts).

  10. Thank you very much for the contest, prize received! And congratulations to the winners!
  11. Thankss! Actually, he is the one who makes the drawings with those ideas, I only gave them color in a cartoon version!
  12. The lamp pawn already exists and belongs to the wish power. It's this: Except that the pawn was "limited" it lasted a few days since it was released, and then they removed it, like all the other pawns.
  13. Do u want a pcback like this? https://i.imgur.com/jqSABH0.png With your name? The first people to ask for it on my feed will have this Mario Bros pcback with their name on it.

    Are you a gamer? 🎮

    I think you were one of those who asked for it once. @Justo


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. RobFerrari


      @Justo You don't need to pay, it was free for the first people who asked for it, but the statuses disappear quickly from the preview.  I will put your name on it, and for the others who asked!

    3. Justo


      ty im wait you in fexbots


    4. RobFerrari
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