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  1. RobFerrari

    xat Login

    Yes, it is usually that kaspersky antivirus that causes it. Glad they fixed it! =)
  2. RobFerrari

    xat Login

    Hi, @DjPio Some people have this kind of problem. These are some possible solutions: • Maybe it could be the antivirus or an antimalware, could she exclude the xat.com page in her antivirus to allow it to load? • Try clearing cache. • Maybe she has some extension installed in the browser that is causing the problem. Try disabling them. • Make sure you are not using a proxy or VPN. • Finally, can you try going into incognito mode to see if the problem persists. If the problem is solved, can you please let us know?
  3. Hi, @Aghetto Yes, you can make xat work without uninstalling your antivirus. Can you just make an exception for xat.com and exclude it? Check: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/error/other/15335 and https://www.kaspersky.co.in/blog/what-to-do-if-your-antivirus-prevents-a-website-from-loading/6905/ Try to see if this solves your problem, and let us know!
  4. Hola, @ToxicTwin Adicional a lo dicho por Vevrok, otras posibles soluciones pueden ser: • Intentar borrar tu caché. (No solo cookies) • Asegúrate de no estar usando Proxy o VPN. • Ingresar en modo incógnito y comprobar si el problema persiste. • Adicional a la información del post anterior: no solo excluyas a xat.com del antivirus, (también aplica para anti-malwares en caso de que uses alguno).
  5. You are in the correct section to suggest. I think this idea has already been suggested before with some differences from your idea. But in the end, it is all about the same, having a PC with several people added. Here is a post where Leandro explains in more detail how it could be in this new version HTML5. Personally, I really like this idea.
  6. Am I the only one who has nightmares watching horror movies, and I still like to keep watching?  (wary)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RobFerrari


      Haha! I like that movie genre.
      In any case, nightmares are not always. Maybe that's it, I torment myself!  (toj)

    3. KARY


      somebody are going to pull your feetsss(toj)

    4. RobFerrari


      I want you to do it  $: pull my feettt!!!! Muackss ♥ Haha dejaa  @KARY

  7. Hi, I know that gamebans games are not all developed and finished in html5 version. However, I will focus on the ones that are already and apparently "playable". I must emphasize that the new design and current appearance is good and eye-catching, however that is not everything. Starting with Snakeban: • It would be much better if the snake moved much more freely and easily when you press the arrow keys, and it doesn't look like a robotic snake. • I really don't know what the function of the colored dots is within the design, more than a kind of distraction. • Important option
  8. Hi @erikje. The original format for inner background is 728x486 px which should be adaptable to the different sizes of the chat box. But if you have more doubts, it would be helpful if you put some screenshots so we can see exactly what you mean.
  9. Hi, I really don't know what you meant here, but Chess game belongs to xat.com page in general, not just xat.com/game chat as you say. Or maybe you meant that they should belong to only xat.com/game chat. In that case, I understand ur point and in a way it makes sense. However, it should be noted that the Game chat started as a tribute to games "gamebans" and was created with the purpose of solving and covering the entertainment of those people who wanted to play, with moderators who had the powers of games for that purpose , since at that time (not all users of other chats had all the po
  10. Nice celebration, thank you. I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!
  11. It seems that someone woke up today with the detail of the first coffee! $:  🌹 Happy Valentine mi vida, TE AMOO! 💕 @KARY 💕

    1. KARY


      spacer.png   Mi mechudito bello! 💕  gracias mi amor por estar conmigo & hacerme feliz ! ERES MI TODO

      TE AMO INMENSO !!(blowkiss):$   todo eso es para ti  muackssssssssssssssssss

    2. RobFerrari


      Sabes que tus desayunos me encantan verdad? son los mejores ♥.♥  ... Gracias por todo mi viida! Cada detalle me encantó... TE AMOO INMENSOTE y más que tu :$ 💕 Bellaaa!!!!! (blowkiss)

  12. Thank you for the contest, prize received. And congratulations to all the participants!
  13. RobFerrari (129030692) Hello everyone, here is my entry... Version 1 Inner Background: Outer Background: https://i.imgur.com/dPR121W.png https://i.imgur.com/PV54nbX.png Button Color: #20015A Preview
  14. Nice, nice! And congratulations on the 13th anniversary for Aiuto chat!
  15. It is unfortunate that you make a design for a specific chat, and suddenly someone tells you "Hey, they stole the button design you made and they are using it in another chat." http://prntscr.com/xj1vvd It would be very different if they asked!

    1. Page


      This gonna happens cause you’re an awesome designer 

    2. RobFerrari


      Haha thank you! I think in any way they should ask permission to use them! 

    3. Page


      Yh i agree 

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