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  1. feliz cumpleanios Mechudito mi amor:$ !! TE AMOOooooo & quiero celebrar contigo hoy :& mil cumpleanios mas juntos morocho bello<3




    1. RobFerrari


      TE AMOOOOO mucho mucho más mi bella! ♥ Ya sabes que mi mejor regalo eres tu, hoy y siempre! Uff gracias por cada detalle por todos lados mi amor... Me encantó, acabemos con ese cake! :$  Mi Mrs♥

  2. RobFerrari (129030692) Hi, here my entry! Inner: Outer: https://i.imgur.com/NlmK6qn.png https://i.imgur.com/I5HtkZP.png Button Color: #4E0092 For the custom Css section, I could send the code by private message. But here is a preview of what it would look like. https://i.imgur.com/fAl
  3. Some people are having that problem. And this is what @xLaming said: "Handshake issue. Admins has been emailed with more details." So I hope they fix it soon!
  4. Intenté entrar a su chat y también me aparece el mismo error. (Solo pasa con ese chat). Sin embargo después de un solo intento, me deja ingresar con normalidad, pero siempre sale ese letrero. PD: Me redirecciona automáticamente al ID del chat, y no al nombre original. Si ya intentaste todo lo que dijo Abrahan en el post anterior y no te funcionó, te recomiendo que le des reset completo al chat, elimina los fondos, las pestañas, radio, códigos, todo lo que tengas y déjalo como nuevo. Después del reset y de quitar todo, pon tus respectivos fondos, y crea tu nuev
  5. I don't usually say it, but I loved this one. It seems inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas. Very detailed each smilie, new designs, new creativity, good combination of Halloween with Christmas. Halloween ends tomorrow, but the next day Christmas begins!!
  6. Right now I was able to save again with the link without problem. Hope it works for Samuel!
  7. Time to watch horror movies.


  8. Uhh I hope they fix that, never really happened to me but it's annoying! That, adding that sometimes it takes up to an hour to update the background. The link is the one Samuel put!
  9. Hi, I recently made a xatframe for one person, I tested it and left it in my chat and it worked very normal. But when that person tried it in their chat, they got "NOTE: Some of your links have been blocked by xat." At first I realized that it was blocked by an imgur link that was in "outer background" which didn't exist. When I tried that same link in my chat, in outer background I also got the blocked link. And since then I have also blocked not only the outer background link but also the xatframe link, (which worked correctly until I put another link that he had in his
  10. Thank you very much, prize received! @Drika & @xLaming Thanks for the contest. Thank you @Fons you also deserve your place, congratulations to you and @Parth !!
  11. I think it is a very good idea, I really don't see any kind of disadvantage or negative points with this option, and to be honest, this is a case where I don't see how much "privacy" can be revealed through events, when you can simply see the moderators or general staff in charge of a chat fulfilling their function. Although in some chats, I have seen comments from owners expressing their fear that their chats will be closed due to reports, where the main cause is the large number of unjustified bans or kicks, fights, insults on the reason for the ban, arrogance, among other reasons
  12. I think the most appropriate thing would be to make a game background, for general use throughout the year. Now, we know that currently people not only use the html version, many still use the flash version with "?Old". The most advisable thing is to make a background adaptable to both versions. Now I ask, could it be a xatframe with animation for the html version? and a normal one for the flash version.
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