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  1. Hello guys, I would like to thanks to all the people that participated at this contest, i like alot of your designs and we came to the conclusion @Kumii was the best one for us, i would like to thanks @Ethan for the proper dimensions for yt banners: I would like to thank @Sydno on helping me end this contest properly and with great success. Sorry that i couldn't announce the winners personally, had some issues to take care of. And thanks again to all the people that participated to this contest, everybody did a good job, i'm proud of this community, good luck on future contests !
  2. ugh, i don't read those, i just took the size from lightshotting the size of the image.
  3. Nah dude, because it's banner for youtube.
  4. Happy Birthday Christina ~! 8-)

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      Thank you 

  5. I do not understand what you just said or is it just me?
  6. Join the contest pls, i really need a banner :D

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      OK (sry)

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      Is true :o

  7. Happy Birthday ! :D

  8. New Deadline: 12th March 12:00 pm CET
  9. Sign up for the contest, i'm in need of a banner for my youtube channel so i can start making stuff happen. 8-)

  10. Srecan Rodjedan (sman)

  11. Shizuo (847986292)
  12. Happy Birthday ! (sman)

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    Why? / Because!

    Because '' Scientists conducted an experiment to see how woodpeckers' brains are protected from damage. First, the scientists chose two types of birds to use in their experiment: the Great Spotted Woodpecker and the Eurasian Hoopoe. The Eurasian Hoopoe is not a woodpecker, but it does peck at soil. Soil is softer than wood, so scientists wanted to compare soil pecking behavior to wood pecking behavior. The birds were placed in metal cages with high-speed cameras. The cameras let scientists watch birds peck in slow motion. There was also a force sensor in each cage for the birds to peck. The force sensor measured how hard the birds were pecking. You can see what the experiment looked like in the image on the right. The scientists learned a lot about the path, timing, and speed of woodpecker and hoopoe pecks. They then used that information to see just how it is that woodpeckers can peck all day without giving themselves a massive headache. '' Why are you so beautiful? @Addict
  14. Shizuo

    Why? / Because!

    Because @Angeline isn't next to you. Why is there drama again on the forum?
  15. Free Travel for Life.
  16. Happy Birthday Arthur :3 (sman)

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