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  1. The fact that i don't know who you are.. hm.. hm.. take care man.
  2. Happy Birthday ! (victory)

  3. Oh goodie another useless power.. still can't wait for the next power that will blow my mind, hopefully it's a good one
  4. Me extranas amor ! (blowkiss)

  5. Te amo amorcita :$(blowkiss)

    1. Alexitha57


      Te amo mas amorcito 🥰😘

  6. Happy Birthday @xPaulo (victory) !

  7. I was hyped for this contest, but i won't be here around that time, good luck to everyone else !
  8. Happy Birthday ! (victory)

    1. Tero


      Thank you!

  9. Shizuo


    @Madses kind of rude.
  10. Shizuo


    I can't wait to see the day when you run out of honoring people in xat, what will you do then?
  11. Happy Birthday ! (victory)

    1. DUYGU


      Thank you Shizuo

  12. Shizuo

    Pawn Black

    Black pawn seems a great idea, but the black pawn is only available for the admin tho.
  13. Happy Birthday you very old person (victory)

    1. Echo


      Thank you!

  14. Shizuo

    552 HEAT

    And Another One.. Still don't think those are good powers so far.. No hate tho, my own opinion.
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