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  1. Shizuo


    You are welcome, hopefully we can do more pcbacks in the future :D, good luck.
  2. Shizuo

    Sell Graphics

    Can you add a few examples of your work? Some us still don't know how your graphics look. Thanks in advance.
  3. Prize claimed ! Thx Bau !
  4. I was wondering why did you have two times your name on it when you have signed it already, but overall i like the design. :D
  5. Well if that's the case you can apply directly to be a xat translator here .
  6. Good thing that only a few people still don't understand the point of this change, the ones that still don't understand, maybe you should try to think about it before typing all of this. Crow made it clear enought. He explained it very clearly. And no need for drama aswell.
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