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  1. Shizuo


    Shizuo (847986292)
  2. Shizuo

    Almost the end of the year

    It's too early for sure @Sydno but i still wanted to thank all staff for this year, i enjoyed it.
  3. Happy Birthday @disease ! (hug)

    1. disease


      Thank you so much !  (hug)

  4. Hey staff members, i wanted to say just a big thanks to all, you guys made it this far @Sydno our favorite vol and main owner, @6 , @Masha , @Sevda our owners for helping us to make chat a better place for all of us and @Blacky , @HelperNate and all the others staff that i couldn't tag here for still being here with us, hopefully next year we will have some new activities to entertain all the other members and guests. Happy Holidays to all!
  5. Shizuo

    Sports Specialist

    Great Job man, can't wait to see more from you @Alee
  6. Shizuo


    Shizuo (847986292)
  7. Grats on contributor <3 

    1. Luig


      Thank you shiz <3

  8. Happy Birthday ! (sman)

  9. Happy Birthday ! 8-)

    1. xLaming


      thanks :$ 

    2. Shizuo


      You are welcome sir ! Enjoy ! 8-)

  10. Shizuo

    xat.com/Chat .. BACKGROUNDS

    @Luig i was talking about what you said about Christmas.
  11. Shizuo

    xat.com/Chat .. BACKGROUNDS

    It was a temporary background till christmas, so you are saying that yours has more colors? LoL
  12. Shizuo

    Why? / Because!

    Because i'm French Why aren't you single?
  13. Shizuo

    xat.com/Chat .. BACKGROUNDS

    Looks empty, no colors. Plus Christmas is coming soon like @Luig said. So i suggest you make a Christmas themed bg for chat maybe that might work.
  14. Shizuo

    Why? / Because!

    Because xat is boring in the morning :/ Why so sexy?

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