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  1. Adobe flash player is no longer supported since December 31st 2021. If you wish to use CSS coding for your xat.me profile, you will need to use HTML-5 source code in order to make it live.
  2. Enter

    Rose Gold Pawn

    Should be sponsored by Apple. I feel like I'm looking at a high-end iPhone line haha. Looks good overall, definitely gives that premium feelin'
  3. What about "guideban?" since the function of the power is to literally guide the staff member to selecting a specific ban type with the specific ban hour?
  4. Enter


    3. Amazon
  5. At first I thought by "flip" it would have the middle finger lol then I read the post carefully and realised that it's an invert-ban. Looks fun though, will be fun to use to mess with your friends
  6. Treasury x) @Hayley squad goals
  7. Sane (6494) which he no longer owns
  8. Enter

    superkick rules

    Upon further digging around, it looks as though it's a bug that has yet to be fixed. See here:
  9. Enter

    superkick rules

    No. If it doesn't work it's probably because the main owner of the group chat set Gcontrol settings and changed the minimum ranks. You could ask the main owner to check Gcontrol settings as this would prevent members from kicking banned guests.
  10. I've been to the US specifically Alaska // LA, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, small parts of China (specifically ancestral hometowns lol). Would like to travel in Europe and visit some unique places but Europe tends to be very costly . There's also some places in Asia that I'd like to visit like Vietnam, Thailand, Bali etc. My favourite part of travelling is when the flight takes off because you're leaving everything behind and on a brand new journey!
  11. A personal relationship reminder? Perfect!
  12. Hmm. The problem with this is it's difficult to restrict the number of accounts a person can have/use some users like to collect multiple IDS and alternate between them. In addition to being able to see the ID of who you trade with, maybe an additional option can be added to the trade engine. Some sort of "security alert / feature" e.g. when trading the buyer/seller can "tick" or "check off" powers that are being purchased/sold so that the engine automatically checks the powers before the trade is completed. (Not sure if it is possible but in theory could be great). Anyhow, one issue I find with your suggestion is the fact that users can simply use lightshot to capture the IDs of users before a trade is completed sort of renders your original idea somewhat redundant. That and, pretty sure xat keeps logs of exchanges between users, so when you report scams to the ticket departments, they simply check your case based on the screenshots you can provide...
  13. Enter


    Betty Boop
  14. I was thinking that sometimes backgrounds on chatrooms may be too bright for someone's liking. I know that the implementation of Dark Mode can make this issue a bit more bearable as the background becomes toned down a bit. That being said, what if xat considered implementing an adjustment bar setting for the brightness level? That way users can toggle the brightness levels to their liking. I think it would be a nice feature to consider for the future as the chatbox continues to develop. What are everyone's thoughts on this?
  15. Gamer. A celebration of all things gaming. Beautifully designed too.
  16. Not really. You could get nitro for a year on discord for just $100 USD // 9.99 per month -> (Nitro classic is $50 per year // 4.99 per month). AND you don't even "need" nitro to enjoy discord at its fullest. You can share actual pictures, the mobile app isn't buggy and is extremely user-friendly, there's voice calling too (these features are FREE by the way). You don't even need powers to indicate your online status. You can get bots on servers for free too. xat has always been lacking in this regard and though the new HTML5 additions are very welcome and show xat is heading towards the right direction, there's a reason why xat is still unpopular compared to modern platforms like Discord. Therefore, I agree that xat should opt for more "free" features like the react emotes.
  17. Overall, I like this idea and I think it's ridiculous how xat still doesn't have built-in photo-sharing and the ability to just take pictures and send them. It's pretty dated that we still have to take pictures then share them on another image hosting site and then sharing links with friends to share images so yes, I'm on board with this suggestion. This is probably why xat has lost users over the years as apps such as Skype, Discord etc all have built-in social features which takes interactivity to the next level whereas xat has simply dwindled in the past continuously and focused only on smileys. Yes xat is it's own niche offering customizable smileys but those aren't interesting now. People don't care for it. These days people want short clips and I think adding an image gallery and filters etc could be a good push for xat.
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