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  1. Lol, actually Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is my favourite game on the switch, followed by Splatoon 2 then Breath of the Wild. I've got lots of favourites spanned across a multitude of systems, simply listing one would be difficult for me haha.
  2. Don't really see why this would be necessary as it doesn't seem to differ much from the KCAR power. Might as well just make these an extension to the existing power instead of making something new. Also, this suggestion sounds more like additional sound effects than a new power to be honest.
  3. Enter


    You mean embed the chat? You can do this by following these steps: 1. Go to your chatbox that you wish to embed onto a page 2. Click "group" and click "embed" as shown here: https://prnt.sc/zyvab4 3. Copy the code shown onto your webpage: https://prnt.sc/zyvfbv you can preview the box by clicking "preview" Hope this helps.
  4. Enter

    CAR power

    Kcar already exists. Perhaps this could be integrated into a "transport" power instead instead of making another smiley for a specific transport.
  5. I love it! A variety power which can be used as backs too! Very creative :D
  6. The way the bot functions is it records who has the most of a power when someone does !hasmost command and the person with the highest quantity of a power happens to be in a room where the bot can record that they own the most of a power. The bot saves this data and records it and keeps it until someone else who has the most of a particular power gets recorded by the bot. Like Sydno said, bots aren't accurate. If you wished to collect a power, use the bot only as a reference and don't take the information given as definitive as some users know how to avoid the bot from recording who has most o
  7. Enter


    Hmm.. not sure if the idea would be inappropriate as it might advocate for violence maybe...? Anyhow, I think this idea could be implemented as an fx or effect, such chopping food like you said or some sort of fx effect for chopping up letters, colors into bits then having the reconstructed into full shapes. I think it's a cool idea overall but it needs to be implemented in a which wouldn't be implying violent tendencies.
  8. Eh, it looks like it's inspired by a child's building blocks.. it just looks like someone spilled a bucket of shapes and doodled faces on them..quite unique I guess..
  9. Enter

    no auto-sign in

    Auto-sign in feature does exist in html5. 1. Click your name. 2. Click settings 3. Click general 4. You should see the auto-sign in feature, make sure it is enabled. 5. Save settings after changing your setting. https://prnt.sc/yhyn8p
  10. This might also be nice as a sticker power xd
  11. Just to add to Ethan's point. Doesn't make any sense at all and creates a divide, if people got pawns for having high standing jobs such as Lawyer, Doctor etc it makes people with jobs that aren't seen as "professional" feel inferior. Such inferiority is unnecessary. Also this would add unnecessary burden to xat, they'd have to check people's jobs and make sure they're legit or else you'd have people acting like they're professionals and giving false/fake advice which could be dangerous, especially for Doctors. Just doesn't make sense nor would there ever be a need for such a thing. It would b
  12. Awesome! Looking forward to see night mode for the profiles in the future!
  13. Update: it happened! The newest HTML5 update now has darkmode/nightmode! Looks super nice too ^^ so happy it happened! Now hopefully this can be extended to the xat profiles
  14. Enter

    618 ACID

    Awesome power. Love the look, design and colors of it
  15. Enter

    cAN yOu mAKe mE a gLow??


    p.s. i want to steal your smileys (victory)

    1. iSavage


      aT lEaSt sAy thAnK yOU :”(

    2. Enter



  16. Enter


    Check that if you have the chatbox sounds muted. Also check if you have muted one of your tabs on xat on firefox.
  17. Enter

    all ur copycats gonna be sooooo sad

    1. Maye


      Aja? Right (meh) xd

      Stop Motion Love GIF by A is for Ai

  18. Adobe flash has officially stopped working (for me at least). Big F for flash. Thank you for over 10 years of awesomeness! And now... it's time to integrate into HTML5 (officially for me):$

    1. Maye


      So! ON 9 (maniac):'(

    2. iSavage


      LOL maye got me dead (maniac):'(

  19. Ah yes. Would be difficult to apply to chat backgrounds that wouldn't be adjustable. Would be cool if it has some kinda futuristic color detection added though (albeit probably too much to ask for anyway).
  20. Considering the forum has darkmode, would xat chatboxes consider having a darkmode on at some point? This could be integrated with user's computer settings. For example, macs automatically invert colors which can set to happen after a particular time. This feature could be implemented to automatically dim background/foreground/chatbox colors to be warmer and easier on the eyes thus causing less strain at night time? I think this could be a neat little feature (considering a lot of people are spending quite a lot of time online these days - myself included). This could also be added to xat.me p
  21. Hi there, The forum is not the place to pinpoint and target users for failing to conduct their duty on an official chat. You may report this to the owner of the chat by using the "Inappropriate" function and include this screenshot in your report. As I can see, it appears that there was staff present but were possibly afk or inactive. In this case, the best thing you can do is try and get in touch with a main owner of the chat. Sorry this happened to you.
  22. Enter


    This would be much better. And actually I think it'll be a fun idea to implement, custom titles give people more customisation options and allow users to express themselves with custom titles. That is much more preferable in comparison to ranks which make certain users stand or to indicate some special status.
  23. Enter


    I think this gives recognition to designers. At the same time however, it can lead to having some designers stand out from others. Designs are subjective, who is to say one is better than the other? And thus, what would warrant a designer being "famous"? Is there even such a need for such a thing? The current forum structure allows for users to find designers under the graphics sub-section. Whilst I do believe that if a designer provides continuous development to the forum should receive acknowledgement, I don't think this should be a thing anyways as I think all designers are equal and in imp
  24. Enter

    Happy birthday Zaki :)

  25. Enter

    LMAO you're the on9 one :@ happy new year you grape

    1. Maye



      jajaja lmao!!!!!! :@ im not! and thankss(hug) xddd


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