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  1. @Miel @Marwa you're supposed to think of words based on the LAST LETTER of the word commented by the previous user... e.g.. Retina Apple <<<
  2. I don't get why you would need this notice at the buy xats page because isn't the whole point of this message saying "not enough xats" to encourage you to GO TO the buy xats page? i.e. to encourage a purchase when you're low on xats/days? Don't think there's a need to remove the message/notification as it stands. Sometimes users neglect to check if they have sufficient xats/days before trying to buy powers and xat stuff so it's only normal for this message to appear.
  3. Happy Birthday Enter.. (hug) 

    Enjoy it & Congrats!.. (applause)

  4. Happy Birthday Enter

  5. Kaay

    Happy birthday hippo, business bff, you idiota! I know I already said it but I can't forget we got forum as well so here I go. 
    hate ya, I mean love ya! 

    celebrate happy birthday GIF by Cincinnati Zoo

    1. Enter


      still waiting for my pizza

    2. Kaay


      It's on its way.

    3. Enter
  6. ----

    Dance Reaction GIF by MOODMANhappy birthday all the best to you! @Enter  

  7. Happy Birthday bro, wish you all the best! (victory) Happy Birthday Twerk GIF

  8. Happy birthday, my partner in crime! Best friends are the friends who keep your embarrassing secrets private. Don't forget to blow all 50 candles yourself! :p Have a buffet cake night and eat as much as you can. :$(hippo)(maniac)

    Happy Birthday Bday GIF by MOODMAN

  9. Happy birhtday to the best owner in trade :$  wish you all the best in your day my bro and enjoy ! 

  10. Miel

    Happy birthday!🎊🎈🎉 

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