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  1. why so many R's

    1. Nash



  2. Baby would you like to have a chicken date with me? :p

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Thunderrrrr


      dont be shy tell me your preference... chicken breast, or chicken thigh? :$

    3. Enter


      i like beef

    4. Thunderrrrr


      beef and tea sounds nice |-)

  3. ur profile should include GAME AKA NINTENDO DS enthusiast :@

    1. Enter


      dont be jelly baby

    2. Thunderrrrr


      baby will you sponsor me white ds? (cute)

  4. Enter

    Max ignore

    This is a great idea and if this is implemented, I'm totally going to get this lol. And extension of the current ignore feature would be nice if you want to put people from other chats on ignore
  5. ur profile should include BOBA enthusiast hahahaha

    1. Thunderrrrr


      BOBA is in our blood! 8-)

  6. Enter

    HALOES power

    Looks like its inspired by kangel and angel, interesting and nice drawings (cool)
  7. Pknfire and Ghostwave look really good
  8. Enter

    ;) happy bday #bestpresent. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. Kaay


      Thank you B, for sure it is, you da best! 8-)

  9. Was actually thinking this would be an extension of the medical power...none the less. Nice power. Bit odd to release it a few weeks before halloween though.
  10. Enter


    I see. Just wanted to understand how you would envision it to function xD
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