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  1. Like I mentioned, your opinion is entirely your own. But consider expressing your "opinions" in a way which is more socially-friendly and in a welcome manner because the way you put it is just asking to piss people off. It was way too direct and as someone who relies on gaming for relief and emotional stability / balance (as is the whole point of gaming anyway - to escape reality) your comment was insensitive and offensive (from a gamer's perspective) Moreover, not everyone appreciates others calling their methods of relief "illusions" or "distrations" - it's called denial (uh duh?
  2. No fix currently other than waiting for xat.com to disconnect you or asking someone of a higher rank than you on a chatroom to kick you to "reboot" your connection.
  3. I must say that I strongly disagree with your statement here. Maybe to you such things are "distractions" but they help people cope. I recall playing the game Ever Oasis for the Nintendo 3DS back in 2018 of Jan when a family member of mines passed away. The uplifting tone of the story, the music, the colors, characters and overall atmosphere helped uplift my mood and reminded me that life is hopeful -> death is inevitable but the feeling while uncomfortable and uneasy can be improved by surrounding myself with uplifting content or anything that gives one hope and boosts the overall morale o
  4. As someone who changes name bi-weekly I definitely would like to see this implemented back in the future
  5. Viking power was previously suggested. You should check carefully before making your suggestion. The mythology power on the other hand, sounds like a good suggestion. However, some powers already incorporate "elements" of the "power" e.g. energyfx (different "style", "themed" bolts). So how exactly would this power "differ" with existing ones which already echo / utilise certain smileys?
  6. Enter

    Stealth mode

    Not only that, but it's a hit or miss on the mobile app too. I can have stealth in my name but on the xat App it doesn't seem to let me appear in stealth mode.
  7. Enter

    Stealth mode

    Like you said, though not mandatory, I think it's a nice feature as well I think it can be activated / toggled in the existing user settings (like with other settings). An all-in-one setting is certainly more desirable compared to constantly having to addd/remove the "$" sign in your name (and much more user-friendly for new users too).
  8. ur dead to me

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      choke u with boba

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      Be nice to each other. :'(


  9. hey sexy cant wait to see you in real life after this pandemic is over and caress your...... erm..... HAIR!!! (maniac)

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      I hate you

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      You're so lame (d)

  10. Gonna win all the days
  11. Perhaps in the future namewave power can adopt the same additional functions as statusfx (the more units you buy, more functions you can unlock) but I do think name functions are not necessarily ideal (would be a pain to read people's names).
  12. Oh I like the coin logo idea! Would definitely be nice! I shall toggle my post to reflect these suggestions!
  13. I think this is also a good alternative, the entire suggestion isn't mandatory but would be a nice addition anyways.
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