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  1. Enter's post in inappropriate chat <removed> was marked as the answer   
    The forum is not an appropriate place for such complaints. You should report the chat group as inappropriate: https://prnt.sc/1qh0yck
    You should try and get in touch with the main owner of the chat group where possible so that the issue may be resolved properly.
    You can also ignore users to hide their messages. Do this by clicking the user you want to ignore and clicking the "ignore" button.
    Hope this helps.
  2. Enter's post in MY GROUP PAGE PROTECTION was marked as the answer   
    As per https://xat.wiki/Commands
    You can use command function /p to active protect mode. Type "/p" into the main chat. Alternatively you may set your chat to "member's only" that way even if bots go to your chat, they won't be able to flood the chat with messages and you can control who can talk on your chatbox.
    If you have kickall power, you may also kick all the "bots" off your chat all at once. See here: https://xat.wiki/Kickall
    If you have a bot such as fexbot assigned to your chat, you can also use the bot commands to kick bots off your chat. https://prnt.sc/1jepo3q
    Hope this helps.
  3. Enter's post in I can't access my xat. was marked as the answer   
    Adobe flash player is no longer supported since December 31st 2021. If you wish to use CSS coding for your xat.me profile, you will need to use HTML-5 source code in order to make it live.
  4. Enter's post in superkick rules was marked as the answer   
    Upon further digging around, it looks as though it's a bug that has yet to be fixed.
    See here: 
  5. Enter's post in HELP! was marked as the answer   
    You mean embed the chat?
    You can do this by following these steps:
    1. Go to your chatbox that you wish to embed onto a page
    2. Click "group" and click "embed" as shown here: https://prnt.sc/zyvab4
    3. Copy the code shown onto your webpage: https://prnt.sc/zyvfbv you can preview the box by clicking "preview"
    Hope this helps. 
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