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  1. Hey @Rosali thank you for your comment! But I am not working on vote power. I am just suggesting some changes.


    My suggestions here on the initial post are hoping to find other perspectives on how voting on chat could work. 

    I believe the vote showing inside the quickbar could be the ideal too, considering users could simple open it or see the results.


    But, there are many points to observe, first being the quickbar area which is small when compared to how much you could do if it was an entire window (dialog). 

    Using the quickbar means having more limitations. No background at all. Less space for letters. But it gives you the advantage of being clicks away from voting or seeing the results. 


    Another idea that comes to mind is what about more features...


    What if you could set a deadline for your vote? For example imagine if you could use this https://www.epochconverter.com/ to say the date and time when the vote ends. 


    What if you could save your vote to let your community check it later? For example imagine you type and send (vote#save12345) on chat, then clicking on that would open the results of vote id 12345 




    In this idea, the votes should be associated to the chatroom where they took place, and even the possibility for users to vote outside of your chatroom.

    Example if you are on xat/Help and sends (vote#save12345), it could allow you to vote in a poll from xat/Trade - or, otherwise, only finished polls could be saved (another example).


    Imagine "group polls" being shared through main chat or PC. Easier to advertise your poll, easier to access old results, etc. 


    It would be interesting to have an option allowing to "See who voted", showing the list of ids that voted.

    There could be two alternatives, "See all who voted", "See who voted by option". First option doesn't tell where you voted but if you voted or not.

    Also it could say where the person voted from, if the group poll was opened somewhere else. 


    But then, imagine again, it would be reasonable to allow the group owner to unlist its group polls from the save feature (for privacy),

    or for the group owner to have the possibility to prevent external group polls to be opened on his chat (anti-ad fear).


    Just thinking. 





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  2. All I can imagine is that instead of a star you'd have a dollar sign on your pawn appearance but unfortunately has no official resellers so any type of exclusive indication on chat could contradict xat and its way to handle reselling. 


    Perhaps we can think out of the box here and proceed with the Verification strategy, using a criteria that verified users are these listed within the xat wiki articles.


    eg. If you're a listed bot, contributor, wiki editor, volunteer... or a reseller, you'd get the 'Verified status", to indicate that you are the same user as the one listed on the article. 

    So the verified sign on chat would lead you to a wiki article where it instructs people about vols, resellers, contributors and etc. and why they are 'signalized' on the chats (explain that it's meant to prevent phishing)


    The verification criteria wouldn't be based on your volunteer status, or if you're a contributor, or either join the argument room on why official reselling doesn't exist ... But simple due to the fact that your ID is somewhere on the wiki (for a good util reason) 

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  3. Hello my dear friends. It's always an honor to address all of you, users of xatRadio


    Here, I'd like to tell you that xatRadio.com has disabled all SWF files from its virtual world. 


    Over the course of our existence, over 10GB of SWF files have been uploaded and used by hundreds of thousands of xat users. 

    To ensure that our system stays clean, fast and reliable as it must be in order for our service to continue running smoothly and properly, we made the decision to say goodbye to all the SWF files. 


    It's a new era. A new xat era. We are glad to be part of it and will continue to work hard, with the full dedication that we have been putting through our projects and services. 


    Adobe may have ended its support to Flash; but we, as xatRadio.com, being an essential service to chat groups, will not stop to serve you and the entire xat community with integrity and professionalism. 


    All other radio players and other uploaded files are still available within our virtual world and should be working normally as before. Feel free to report any bug/issue and remember, we are always open for suggestions!


    May we meet again. 


    Best Regards,



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  4. This power is a production made by @iSanty - an amazing example of what Christmas has to be. Sentimental.


    I wish you all happy holidays. May our futures be presented with health, fortune, and lots of xatting !


    Thanks iSanty.

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  5. And now, it's time for a change. In the late weeks we have put some thought on how to make this chat more inclusive, more open and different. 


    Our attempts on diversifying the management of the community which we are part of are well visible to those who follow our monthly announcements. 

    Our persistence in making this environment unique and versatile from month to month is a challenge that inspires us, and motivates those who collaborate with us to continue. 


    The presence of the Spanish manager, Blacky, was a result of a continuous teamwork with we have maintained with the Ayuda chat (Spanish help chat).  And Eliff graciously showed us that international coalitions can happen, and must happen.  She brought the Sohbet chat community closer to us and reminded us of how crucial it is to internationalize our project. To break its barriers. To go beyond what was expected. To surf away from the English-language limitations imposed by many other groups that we know of and have yet to be introduced to. 


    Today we will paint our chat with blue and yellow. The Brazilian colors once again. At first we had Stif, who's now a volunteer. But for today, we present to you, Jason, famously known for his arts on chats and strongly respected by his authenticity during his skilled artwork productions. 


    Thanks @Efsunel


    And welcome @JasonOficial


    1st day of December, 2020. Cupim,



    & Sloom.

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