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  1. First, thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated taking time to post your critic. @SethTI, now I'd like to ask you to list examples of what is too big and/or too small for you. Please provide screenshots and the smiley codes used. This might help me to improve the smilies if needed. Thanks for the examples @LaFleur Lots of smilies were tested when the power was under development. These testing phases helped me to make sure that the glasses models would fit most of the yellow and popular smilies from other powers. Although if anyone disagrees, please feel free to post here and if possible attach screenshots to compel a more descriptive critic.
  2. Hey you! If you have any critics or suggestions feel free to post in here. It's important to remember YOU that your opinion matters. I'll be considering all constructive feedback in here. You can also feel free to suggest new glasses in a new thread as long your ideas are original and differ from the current models available on power ID 517. This power comes from a community idea and it's made specially to the xat community. It includes many animated smilies, and options have been added to each smiley allowing users to do unique combinations. (glac#w1) (glae#w1) (glaf#w1) (glah#w1) (glalee#w1) (glam#w1) (glap#w1) (glas#w1) (glaw#w1) (glax#w1) Example: (hello#glaf#w1) You can color the glasses, modify or pause the animation and benefit from Halloween, Christmas and Easter themed glasses all in one single power. GLASSES was originally suggested by @Luig - I'd like to thank him and other users who keep posting ideas on our Suggestion forum, we are often looking at ideas from users and trying our best to make them reality. Glasses is an example and there's more to come. Pick your favorite glasses and enjoy. THANK YOU!
  3. Could be added to Gcontrol, or as a button named Edit next to the group power listing where Backup icon is I like the idea, specially because it reduces spamming Would be quite good to have an alternative email to send the backups too i.e. Gmail is free, you could easily set up a new address & have your backups there e.g. mychat_backups@gmail
  4. Also it's far away from actually giving people "what they deserve". What about the dozens of users that help daily on the help chats? They certainly put more effort, time and competence on helping users directly from the chat room. Where do we draw the line on rewarding people for what they do through posts, and what they do through chat messages? I feel the current "rewarding plan" for forums works fine. If you are a helper, and often do posts in a few months volunteers will notice you and tell xat to reward you on test power(s)
  5. No scary kiss? No suspenseful hug!?
  6. Not sure what I did wrong but my chrome looks the same UPDATE: In my defense.............
  7. @denise we barely know each other but I already know that you're the love of my life, I really like you. Please never ever leave me alone! this song is about us! cause... because of you... I'm a happy man!
  8. I agree #opacity will work better for all languages Also, (in my opinion, how it should work:) (smile#opacity#w50) ==> applies 50% opacity effect to the entire smiley and all its objects. (smile#opacity#w50#flip#both#halo#angel) ==> applies 50% opacity effect to the entire smiley and all its objects. (smile#flip#both#halo#angel#opacity#w50) ==> applies 50% opacity effect to #angel object only UPDATED: Thread closed as the power has been added by xat If you have any question/idea, please use the new thread available in the new powers section
  9. "no bets, no risks" in theory if you're paying for something to randomly obtain something out of it even if it's from a premade selection it would still be considered a luck system which could be labeled as "gambling". I may be wrong though. I'm posting these for reference so that the idea gets stronger and possibly made (if viable) Thanks comrade.
  10. Due to xat's based headquarters, it might not be legally viable to make such feature exist. I've suggested a feature that works like CS:GO crates 2-4 years ago and it got rejected because of legal issues. https://www.begambleaware.org/understanding-gambling/how-is-gambling-regulated/ https://www.gamblingsites.com/online-gambling-jurisdictions/uk/ (xat is +14)
  11. I like that hat but it would be better if the power itself (if made) had more hat options (more different hats) This opens door to a "bad" power series ... Badgirl!
  12. I think with the super collections xat's priority might be on "promoting the new unlimited pawns". But after two super powers I guess it's time we get some new hats... Right... Right!? @Mihay Sombrero hat... viking hat... police hat... And hopefully we get them on (HATS) before 2018 ends.
  13. Cupim


    Awesome drawings! please keep sending your ideas & keep their originality! I hope we can make them reality... We do need more powers like angel and six and this one fits perfectly in the theme
  14. I'm banning everyone, every single one of you. To be more specific: @Admin @Mike @Paul @LaFleur @6 @JoshuaRivenbark @Sydno @Thuk @Damien @BRABO @MisteR @Cueiao @Maay @Mihay @Mihai @Echo @Nathan @LP89 @Jedi @oj @Guinho @Vale @Ghost @Luca @Mystic @HelperNate @Bau @Crow @Laming @Mihai @Stif @Solange @Guppy @Juna @Elea @Techy @Spawn @Maverick @Sagaz @SlOom @Marek @Scott @Addict @Leandro @Jayden @denise @ANGY @Skatel @Mario Also just making sure, everyone who posts after my post will be banned too. Everyone reading this post, will be banned too. Everyone you know, will be banned. Normal ban, forever, no reason. please don't ban me
  15. Technically it would be your own room. So it's your responsibility to make sure that other main owners don't abuse group power settings I personally can't bear a chat with abuse. If owners are using it to trigger individuals, they will lose people Also, the group power could have a macro (or in a futuristic HTML5, an option in settings) Macro => $namefilter=off Option => "Name filter power: [Enable/Disable]" This could be helpful if some chats are "abusing namefilter" and you need to be able to read names.
  16. If the user can define the list of "bad words" to be filtered in name, then they could add: xàt, xât, xát, xãt,χαт,xαt,xαт,ჯᾀt,xat,xα†,χåт,phin,ρнιη,вanpнιn (Above example of a list that could work (user-defined))
  17. Maybe it can work as a group power, similar to how bad power works. That is, the main owners can add the words that they don't wish to see. All the words added to the Namefilter power option get each of their letters changed to Q
  18. I didn't know you were leaving Agreed in 200% It's important to remember that even though we don't have any Spanish volunteers, that we are totally dedicated in communicating to the Spanish community with the same enthusiasm and commitment that we do with our own native communities, the Portuguese and French. We'll be doing our best to make sure that all users participating and helping on chat have the same chance to become part of the Ayuda team. This new era for Ayuda chat brings in more opportunities for different groups of users to try and join the team. I'm hoping that we find good and active helpers. Activity on the chat counts a lot, and also willing to understand and be patient about this phase Ayuda is passing is much more important. A phase where some users might have to wait sometime to prove their dedication in this new era, to prove their merit and their will on helping their own. Also we'll be as transparent as possible if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions we'll be very open minded to read from you (specially if you're Spanish). Feel free to use forum private message (Sydno and I are both very active, you can even find us on chat). Thanks!
  19. Hello, my forum has changed and... I'm having a problem with the lack of effect in the name. Am I the only one or are you seeing the same? For example, before we'd see name effects (rank colors) in many places in the forum (posts, likes, etc) Now it all looks the same Bring back the rank colors please! Now (without rank color): For example, names with effects (decorated in their respective rank colors) ^ Make it like this again please
  20. This is a suggestion to add an option ("X button") to the group tab (see example). The idea is to close the tab similarly to closing a private chat tab The group tab will reappear if the user clicks Sign Out and Sign In * Reconnecting on the chat will add / restore the group tab Example: (click to enlarge https://i.imgur.com/7MDniWa.jpg) Discussion: Some groups have other chats "tabbed" to their own. This means a second tab appears on your chat and, it allows you to switch between the two groups. Right now this second tab is permanent. What do you think about removing it?
  21. 6 new pawns have been added to SUPERANIME Codes: anime,anime2,coolz,coolz2,cutie,manga Preview: (Click to enlarge) Note: The pawns may take sometime to work. Might be a cache related issue. BUT they will work soon.
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