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  1. (Para ler em Português, leia no final! To read in English, simple continue:) A few years ago, members of our community were recognized for bringing significant changes to the xat universe. They made a difference. The importance of acting as the leader of xat5 chat in the past was to be close to the creator of xat. It was a delicate responsibility, you'd have to know how to measure your own personal opinions from the individual opinions of others that arose everyday regarding all kind of matters. At that time, we lived to follow the fast and sensational changes xat presented us. A lot has changed since then. A lot of people have changed too, and like things, and just like us, xat hasn't stopped changing either. Nowadays, in 2020, we live in a reality in which an entire new generation introduces itself to xat. And with this new generation, we have new challenges. We all know that the creator of xat has a group of volunteers with him, diverse people from all over the world who dedicate their daily routines to ensure that xat stays as a pleasant, innovative and original site. Many of these volunteers were recognized for the difference they made at the time of the monthly xat5 main, when they could act as the main owner for a month. Years later, we have a new group that helps xat with their ideas and opinions, the contributors. I use these examples, as it is important to highlight the countless times that xat has embraced the community that uses it. Following this thinking, we will maintain the idea of giving more opportunities for the community to expose their ideas and opinions. We will maintain this timeless dream of always looking for new paths, of obtaining better results, of meeting new people, of facing problems that have never been solved before. We, responsible for the html5 chat and for all the propaganda that seeks to decorate a scenario where the main character is xat, and html5 its climax, are more than happy and proud to announce the first step of this collective plan. Our decision here today is not due to the individual merit of the person elected to take the 1st month on the html5 chat, but due to the results of ambitious projects that positively affect our daily lives. She is responsible for the touching ideas that jump in our Facebook timelines, she worked on the wiki reviewing texts and creating new content, she actively participated by suggesting tools and powers, she tested and helped by experimenting the new version of chat, finding problems and proposing details that until then were not in our field of vision. She definitely marked our history as a kind person, loved by everyone, and skilled in the arts in which she sought to perfect, the graphic design. Lemona. Our decision today is not simply recognize you, or to get you closer to xat, or for you to learn how to work with your personal opinions and the opinions that you will start receiving daily, even because we believe that you already have all these merits... Instead, our decision here is for a new xat. For a future in which everyone has the space to expose their ideas, to talk with tranquility and without interference from the opinions of others subjected to inappropriate conditions for a environment that needs to be welcoming, as it shall be for a chat with such purpose, as ours (html5 chat). For now, with this warm welcome to the future that we're going to build together, I ask your loyalty, not to me, not to Lemona, or to the names that will sign at the bottom of this note, but loyalty to xat; loyalty to the dream of building something much more fun than it was for us a decade ago. From the tired and anxious eyes that sifted through the gigantic list of more than one hundred powers, it will soon be weeks and weeks of exploration and rolling of eyes, and there must be someone to help and guide the new users. For those who have used xat for more than five or ten years, I'm sure that these words will serve as comfort, motivation and hope. To those who jumped off the boat, I suggest you swim back. To those who mock the late development, I recommend you to have patience as it'll soon be rewarded. I respect the doubters, but I also invite them to participate on the html5 chat, so that every month they pay a visit. Lemona won't please everyone, but she made a difference. I thank everyone who read this note, the note is faithful to the dream shared by four helpers who sleep every night thinking of a better xat. On behalf of LaFleur, Sloom, Junior and my own, I officially appoint Lemona to the position of main owner on chat html5 for a period of one month. May we make good memories. Enjoy your day. 1st day of June, 2020. Cupim, LaFleur, Junior, & Sloom. ============================================ Versão em Português (carta original):
  2. Cupim

    pride pawn

    I like to call this idea as the pride project, under the idea that you must have the right to express your love for the person you rightfully love. In this project, we may have the "LGBT flag" which is a rainbow colored flag, rainbow colored pawns, and so on. This project would be totally about love, passion. Pride should be about love. On xat we have too many different realities and to me it doesn't limit us, designers, but it gives us an entirely new perspective; do we must use the political term behind the subject which is the "LGBT" acronym? No. Can we find a workaround in an attempt to please users from all over the globe, regardless of their political agenda, or what their news TV program says, or who they last voted for, and etc? Can we instead simply deliver to xat users the idea of "what it means to be free to love who you truly want"? That's the real pride - it is not about gender; it's about the individual's rights, their right to be free, to have a real sense of liberty as every human being should. If you disagree and you'd like to "voice the LGBT political agenda" on xat, I assume you can do so for free by making your own room to discuss this subject and its related matters. But to me, it's like if Sydno told me "hey cupim, can we have a Yellowvests power!? I'm truly mad at the situation in Paris". That's a political matter. I wouldn't risk to work in this considering its possible collateral damage. Imagine how many xat users disagree to Sydno and believe that whatever their government is doing is fine ... I also had users telling me to make a smiley hitting a pan (this happened when Brazilian ex-President Dilma was impeached). I was happy that Dilma got impeached (she bought a $120 million USD oil base in the US and sold it for $40 million months later), but as a designer I chose not to make the smiley. Too political and bad timing. If it depended on my personal thoughts, I'd have done an entirely power about Dilma. (Impeachment) power. And I'm certain that most of you here, would love to make (LGBT)... But I bet that if we make (pride), the entire planet will be able to use it, and to symbolize the same thing that LGBT stands for (I just hope censorship agents don't read this if we ever make pride power) PRIDE power. Proud to love on xat.
  3. In Brazil when we want things, we yell, we make movements, we samba until we get it. #I_DEMAND_RANKS #TIME_IS_NOW Makes me wonder, perhaps it should be free to see where you're main owner ... but you could need a power to see lower ranks . Ranks power. Nice idea Leandro It would be nice if the page could detect if you have guestself power, so you can guest yourself within a click and a confirmation box. If you're main owner, you should see a pen icon linking directly to the edit of the respective chat
  4. We would have no way to properly validate if a person is a practicing doctor or no. You could extend your idea to the nursery area, but then again we have the same validation problems. xat has made nursing power for nurses, and medical for doctors. I guess you can use both if you'd like to "express your hospital love" Perhaps in the future xat can come up with a collection where there is context to include hospital stuff (then you'd be able to use some medical pawns forever, for instance). Thanks for the post anyway. Ideas are meant to be heard, let's work on them
  5. Agreed. I think it's important for us here to express our love for hugs. How often do you use them?
  6. Back in 2010 I'd ask a minimum of 500 xats per chat background (outer background not included). I used to have hundreds of premade designs, so I could quickly edit and sell things. But if I were to 'design it from zero', as in make it out of thin air (no template), I'd ask a minimum of 1000 xats. It all depends on how much you time you spend Also we're in a free world. If your bgs are too expensive, someone will do them cheaper. I'd say any amount is okay. I used to sell lists of smiley combinations for 1000-5000 xats each... The sky is the limit. Or the limit is your xats reserve.
  7. Cupim


    Yes, we could have the ":)" smile face on the old tickle location, that would let you do free stuff (free smilies / gifs), and we could have 8ball stuff in paid. But I think it's okay to keep it all in one place, "8ball = xat stuff". But still a nice idea, perhaps that location can be used for some related purpose. True. Good point. Translator is subscriber only because it has costs xat something I think Perhaps if it's "reasonable cheap" as translations, it could work as a subscriber-only feature. But apparently, googling "is gipy api free' tells you something positive, it appears to be work for free. Now this may be a debate for another topic, as you're limiting kisses, hugs, etc. But I think gifs if free can be more abused than kisses (which are paid) This is why I thought of the idea of allowing the main owner to decide the minimum rank of the user (rank permission to send gif on main chat). Kisses have a cost you'd need to spend 500-1000 xats to annoy someone by spamming them with kisses (except if you're ignored before you get to that amount spent) Hugs have a cost as well (per message) Stickers are already "self regulated", users can decide if they want to see stickers or not. But gifs can have random sizes, and messages in it ... user-content is more delicate to deal with. Harder to moderate.
  8. Cupim


    I think gifs should work with messages in it (like you can do with stickers already) - @Leandro's model. But if you were to send a gif with no message, it would display normally as @Elea example does. I mean both types of display can coexist (if message is added, it shows like a sticker. If no message, it goes on the normal mode) Also, I think that the chat owner should decide if gifs should work on the main chat or not. It should be the chat owner authority to regulate on that. (Free option on edit chat, "Enable / Disable gifs on main chat"). Or even better, he should be able to pick what ranks can do gifs ! (Gcontrol - rank settable). What do you think? I think owners should definitely have control. PS you'd still be able to do gifs on PC and PM. And... @Steven setting idea is nice! But I'd like to point a few things, some ideas to discuss: GIF opt out! (users should see gifts by default though) Control size differently on main chat and PCs; Auto-play (option to automatically pause the gifs; which should be the default setting). So we'd have the following options in place: Giphy (GIFs): [ Enabled / Disabled ] Gif size: [ Large / Small on main / Small on all ] Gif autoplay: [ Enabled / Disabled ] Gif size "small on main" means you can still have all the fun of seeing gifs large on PC. Gif autoplay allows you to 'play' gifs, so you'd have them paused once they appear on chat. AH! AND FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT... Let's make settings easy to use. Easy to find. Easy easy easy. Easy purple xat squeeze. Double-click on a gif on chat and it will open its setting dialog (which can be disabled, "Quick-open gif settings by double click: [Enabled / Disabled]"). OH... and @DonQuijote just commented in! Brilliant. That's perfect. That's what I meant by "dropdown", so you'd get: "Stuff / GIFs". Perhaps you could get "Kisses / Stickers / Smilies / GIFs"! BUT GIFs should be free! It should use 'giphy' mechanism, not sure if that's a possibility but it sounds good (I think that's used on most pop social networks as it's a safe and regulated GIF universe) Being placed on the 8ball doesn't mean people should pay for it. Smilies are free and you can find them there as well. I know there's too much text but this is how our brainstorming for ideas should be. I'm happy that we are thinking together here. Thanks Laming, Steve, Leandro, Elea, Lemona, DonQ, Crow, Zeta, Flower, Sloom, Maxo, and Norman. @Admin reaction after passing their eyes through my post:
  9. Cupim


    right! I hope they do it We need more space there I think More stuff. all of xat stuff should be within the 8ball! I also prefer Lemona's demonstration here! I think if we have an option to do gifs from there, or better, you could 'dropdown" from clicking at the 8ball ... We can think of many possibilities. keep digging! (But Lemona's idea is by far the prettiest)
  10. Good point. What if you want to check a youtube video to see if it's appropriate without unmaking your cover (invisible effect)? Perhaps we can have this changed or we can do a separated post to discuss the idea. I think there's more benefit to the power ability if the apps can be used while the owner is invisible
  11. This looks like another idea for a power. Maybe you can do your own thread on the suggestions section and see what others think (add demonstrations as well). Thank you for your comments though.
  12. There are users who like the heart icon on their pawn because of its look, or who have married themselves just cause of the icons. I agree partially with your idea. See, if you divorce a person now they will still appear married to you (on their side). For example, if you check your ex-partner in the bot information, it's likely going to tell you that your ex is still married to you (can be bothering sometimes) What if this information was updated, and the heart/BFF icon maintained? Figure of the bot information which I am referring to: I am suggesting another idea - to update the user information (seen above). What if after the divorce, the ids were updated but the icons and statuses remained? The one who divorced becomes single, with a regular star. The other one stays with the heart/BFF icon, and showing as "married/BFF" on chat but if you check their !relationship, it returns the ID zero (0), null user. Pawns stay pretty Exes leave happy
  13. I agree that invisible owners should not see invisible main owners Besides the utility of watching your own staff, there's also the issue of "being bothered". If you want to chat or let another owner know that you're available, a simple PC or PM will do it. I think watching your own staff is a sufficient reason for the change (my opinion) If you are against the idea of being in favour of the hierarchic scheme, then one implementation on Gcontrol settings could end your pain. Make it so the main owner can choose through a new option. Invisible is a power. The person buys it with the intention of hiding from the mods. With the change, main owners will also be able to enjoy the power. For now, when the manager goes online all the other owners are like the guy in the video below:
  14. I think it should be smaller.
  15. It's natural that new changes will feel a bit "weird" at the first time But we need to remember that xat in HTML is a work in progress, so most of the stuff that we see today will be changed in the future. This is why this thread is important. User feedback is critical. I gotta admit that I'm a fan of the old tickle. There you'd be able to chat while checking who clicked you - that's less convenient now since you've to switch in-chat tabs. But as commented by @SLOom, xat's main goal with the 25th March 2020 update was to adapt tickle into the mobile platforms (iOS and android). It was easy to guess that tickle would have to work differently on mobile compared to how it works on web. Maybe in the next updates they can replan tickle on web - for all we know tickle works already, so it's just a matter of positioning now. I may agree that tickle is better within the Visitors/Friends tab, but I disagree with the idea of making HTML just the same as Flash. There is an opportunity to make HTML better than Flash, and it can't be missed. Thanks @Joseph for this interesting thread. We should be discussing HTML changes more often here on the xat forums, the time for ideas and debates is right now.
  16. I agree it may create some confusion but well... xat is unpredictable. Maybe in the future they will make an OLDPATRICK!? Ancient St. Patricks references.
  17. I've extended the deadline of the first phase so more users can vote. It ends on February first now.
  18. Hello, It's almost 2020. New Year. I am going to ask for YOUR HELP on deciding what are the best powers of this year (2019). There will be eight categories. You can voice your opinion on what's the best power of 2019 for each category. The best powers mentioned here will go to the 2nd phase, where I'll make a new topic and add a poll vote so all forum members can vote. Categories: Best FUNCTION power Best STICKER power Best ANIMAL power Best FX power Best VALENTINE's power Best HALLOWEEN's power Best CHRISTMAS' power Best SUPER COLLECTION Rules: You can only vote on powers released in 2019 (from 1 Jan to 31 Dec) You can only mention 8 powers in your post. Please specify their categories when posting or they will be generalized later on. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL POST. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL VOTE. This is a fan-made topic for us to remember two decades later and ask ourselves, "why?". You are allowed to mention less than 8 powers. You are not required to post for each category. If you don't have a specific power to suggest for 'best valentine', simple write: 'none'. You can only POST ONCE. Example of how to post: Best FUNCTION: (category) Best STICKER: (mythy) Best ANIMAL: (skunk) Best FX: -none- Best VALENTINE: -none- Best HALLOWEEN: (fear) Best CHRISTMAS: (xmastime) Best SUPER: (superscary) This post will be closed on January 10th. All powers mentioned will be accounted. On January 11th, a new topic will be posted with a poll for users to vote. Thank you for reading. If this goes well, I hope to repeat it next year. Thank you all again. I love you guys. For real. Each one of you. I love you tremendously. But I gotta admit, my heart belongs to 42.
  19. Cupim

    565 FEAR

    They will be getting added as soon as possible. And it is likely that I'll make more than two to motivate users to keep suggesting more. Sorry for the delay, after the power was released I had a fear-trauma for a week. This ghost-like smiley scared me FOR REAL.
  20. xat has temporary added 20 classic pawns for users to celebrate 2019 Halloween altogether! With this update you only need one power instead of an entire collection! (hat#ha) - Needs graveyard power (hat#hb) - Needs boo power (hat#hq) - Needs vampyre power (hat#hd) - Needs halloween power (hat#he) - Needs horror power (hat#hF) - Needs kdemon power (hat#hg) - Needs halloween power (hat#hh) - Needs halloween2 power (hat#hi) - Needs trickortreat power (hat#hj) - Needs carve power (hat#hK) - Needs halloween power (hat#hl) - Needs hallscroll power (hat#hm) - Needs allhallows power (hat#hn) - Needs zwhack power (hat#hr) - Needs witch power (hat#hs) - Needs gothic power (hat#hT) - Needs spooky power (hat#hu) - Needs skull power (hat#hz) - Needs zombie power (hat#hy) - Needs candy power Let your friends know about the update! Share this post. Note: This is for a limited time! Enjoy.
  21. Cupim

    565 FEAR

    This will be certainly taken into consideration by us (the smiley makers team). Thank you very much for the detailed idea. If not for FEAR, hopefully for a future power where Trade & Help people can have fun... or fear!
  22. Cupim

    565 FEAR

    Thank you for the suggestions. There is still time if you haven't posted your idea yet! And don't worry ... if there are more than 2 good ideas in here, we will add more than two! So fear not. Send your ideas!
  23. Cupim

    565 FEAR

    Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated. I created this power and I'm happy to read more comments like these! If you have ideas for more smilies, please edit your post with them and I'll see if they are viable for design... If so, they will get made & added to FEAR power.
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