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  1. I'll post the 8-digits auction result in here (for archive): Stay tuned for the next auctions (scheduled dates are in the first post)!
  2. Hello, Thanks everyone for each true and kind interaction. It matters to us, collaborators who put their time and effort here to ensure that we get to have unique moments. This is xat. This is us. I'm writing here to remind you that suggestions are always welcome. Many users have questioned me if they can suggest IDs in here. The answer is YES. 42 is going to run auctions at the "phase I" or "randomly pick ids" as explained in the first post note. Phase I means the users can choose their favorite ids by adding them to xat.com/auction page during Phase I. At Phase II, you bid to buy it (acquire the ID). So to make it clear: You decide what you want to be auctioned. Just bid your xats in it. And to randomly pick IDs... I believe they will "select" ids that are desired by the community, and the perfect place to express those wishes is here. So make your post. Make your participation. Let us show to xat staff how fun it is to be part of this (the auctioning, trading, powers, all the magic that xat offers us and keeps surprising us year after year. I am aware that lots of people aren't able to post in here due to their language barrier or difficulties upon registering in this complex and alien forum platform (just a joke, I'm a vBulletin fan. Sorry) So ask your friends on chat, share this link, show to them that they have the possibility to send their feedback here, to say what's their favorite ID here... and let's hope that 42 sees it. Good luck everyone. It was a pleasure to make such memories with all of you. There is more to come. Much more. Lyrics: We've come too far to give up and /guestself So let's raise the bid...
  3. xat's 2020 BLACKFRIDAY is near. It's coming! Yes, you read that right. BLACKFRIDAY. This year the Blackfriday falls on November 27th. But before that Friday, xat has more plans: PRE-BLACKFRIDAY events! These are intended to meet many of the desires requested by the community. Have you missed ID auctions? 8 Digits? YES. 7 Digits? YES. 6 digits? YES. But what if I told you that you can expect a 4-digits auction on November 11th!? OFFICIAL xat 2020 PRE-BLACKFRIDAY schedule, here it follows: 8-digits auction on November 7th EPIC 4-digits auction on November 11th 7-digits auction on November 14th 6-digits auction on November 21th AND A BIG SURPRISE IS COMING ON NOVEMBER 27th. To find out, you'll have to be online then So get yourself ready. Notes: The auctions will take place on the specified dates (November 7th, 11th, 14th and 21th). So stay TUNED! A random number of IDs will be auctioned during these dates. The quantity of ids to be auctioned will only be revealed when the auction starts. Who chooses the IDS? This will be announced on the auction day. You can use this thread to post suggestions/comments. We need your feedback! What 4-digit will be auctioned? SURPRISE! NOBODY KNOWS. This will be informed on November 11th. MORE information may be posted by 42 on @xat Official Twitter account. Keep an eye at: xat.com/twitter SEE WHAT'S NEW ON THE NEW xat: Check it out https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=HTML5
  4. This is one more amazing work brought to us by @iSanty Congratulations on the project! It looks awesome. Better not have miedo though! Buy the power but don't be afraid.
  5. The changes feel different when we are made part of it. And to include ourselves into the unknown is what might help us to alleviate from missing the old. For today, we begin with an entirely new chapter of xat/HTML5. The 1.50 version. Now you can hide the visitors/friends list, use the coolest epic powers and even bump people. But beyond the works dedicated to this production that you can now see live and running on any xat page, we must look upon the community. The people. Us. It's been a very active month of record-breaking visits that we must credit to Bau for his profound and intensive care as monthly manager of xat/HTML5. We are usually very careful when it comes to using the "record-breaking" term, but one has gotta admit that after Bau broke his own record it then became clear for us that we would have to mention it somewhere, and so we are doing it now, here. @Bau, we appreciate your enthusiasm but here is our goodbye. The end of your month flourished new standards for the xat/HTML5 chat. This will never be forgotten. In consideration to Bau's moves and decisions, it evidently got difficult and delicate for us to find the next main owner. But after a long meeting full of calculations and drawings in a board, doodles in A4 papers and drafts on the notepad app, we are more than happy to announce the next main owner: @Blacky Every leadership that worked with us on the chat was aligned to the common goal of making the new xat a better, secure, useful and unique place. We have no doubts that Blacky is going to construct a path towards that goal as he has been effectively doing so on xat/Ayuda. A big hug to Lemona, Stifler and Leandro. And YOU... we expect your visit. Come and visit us at: xat.com/HTML5 ! Cya, 1st of October of 2020. Cupim, LaFleur, Junior & Sloom.
  6. The importance of feedback is mesmerizing, not only to the listener but also to one who writes it down. When you understand the difference you can make then what lies ahead depends solely on you and sometimes, in my experience most of the time, that single person that spoke up in the middle of a hundred others is the one that matters. Their change may affect the entire group and possible many others that haven't had a chance to join the chat or see this. Your presence on HTML5 chat counts tremendously and the same goes for your intentions. Your intentions to help xat and the community. The visibility of those intentions should be seen not only by us four (Junior, LaFleur, Sloom and Cupim) but also by the people. The everyday user, the weekend guests, the night time comers, the first time visitors. If there is any type of experience that could make a difference for users who aim to have more ideas and unique approaches on how to solve big and fun problems like function powers or even game bans, it is the experience of visiting chat rooms to understand what users are facing as difficulties. The frontline helpers are the paramedics of the chat, their reception can define what a user thinks or how their site or chat will look, or even help xat in the future on how to improve its chat and the website. Well, for now, our goal here is to keep digging and building, brick by brick. A special thanks to everyone who's been around with us, especially Lemona, Stifler and Leandro! Our main goal of creating an environment to think of xat related ideas is getting more solid as each day goes by. And today, to mark our monthly announcement presenting today the 4th main owner of HTML5 chat, we also invite you all to celebrate xat's anniversary on the xat.com/HTML5 chat (September 16th), come to enjoy what may be the "The Last Flash Year Party". Our main this month is a helper who's been collaborating with ideas for years. We have invited Bau to participate in the project and become the main of the month. We hope for an energetic and fun month. 1st of September of 2020. Cupim, LaFleur, Junior & Sloom.
  7. Hey! Thank you for the report. We've looked at and reported it to xat. It seems like 42 has fixed it SEBACK should work now. Oh... and, nice power Santy! Nice power.
  8. Congratulations to our smiley maker @iSanty for planning and designing this amazing power! There's no PlayStation 2 reference... but that's okay. I will wait! We, the old gamers, we hope for more of these gaming powers!
  9. To my fellow colleagues, to the many coordinators that work together with me on the projects, to my oldest cyberfriends who've endured years of memories, and to the newer ones which I had the pleasure to meet recently, today, here and now, we maintain our course into the laborious process to which we are very dedicated, and its future depends on the union of the old users with the new. Together and aligned towards the common goal of making xat more modern, secure and unique, we, the very base of its community, the part of the users who frequently participate on debates and suggestions, are the ones who must realize that the time for the change is now, and the change is made by us, and that through feedback and experimentations we can have the improvements we want and need. But for that to happen we, the ones in here, must acknowledge it, and spread to others that their opinions matter and that the place for them to voice them over is here, in our forum, within the suggestions section. We could sweep the negative comments under the carpet but we tend to believe that even the grotesque words regarding the usage of the new xat should be read, they deserve full attention and delicaly. And especially because of this mindset we've had many people coming and telling us that they've begun to enjoy the new xat. But it took them a couple days to get used to it. This psychological battle that many faced of "FLASH VS HTML" is a myth that was fed by those who had never ever used the new xat for longer than an hour. It is not Flash. It is not HTML. This is xat. The benefits introduced by the new changes such as the new edit page and user settings allow users more security and options. But for those news to arrive on other groups we have to be united. We need to keep ourselves aware of the new changes. We need to understand what is being tested. Our thoughts are to be heard but for that xat needs to understand us. Our recent participation and presence here is the cause for the plenty of hot updates that we had in so little time just now. The people's suggestions are being listened to and if you follow the suggestions you can notice it. But to continue, and finally conclude, we'd like to thank you again Stif, for accepting our invitation in this endeavour. But now, for something completely different... we are changing management, and we'd like to present to you with the 3rd main owner of the month of HTML5 chat... Leandro! 1st day of August, 2020. Cupim, LaFleur, Junior, & Sloom.
  10. Hello there, hello you, hello everyone. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm happy to announce that xat has updated its Allpowers collection. You now need 191 powers to complete the Allpowers set. Below you can see the list of the newly added powers: ten classic rapidreason broadcaster sline silentban flgpwn mark pcbr goodfriend botstat hats esmile pcplus opacity faceoff morph category fido face main For more information, check out xat's official guide at the wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Allpowers Also, rumor is that... great times are coming. I wonder what else are we getting for the Allpowers collection! Pawns, smilies... and now? We'll have to wait. Keep yourself online. Stay tuned on xat Forums, xat Twitter and xat Instagram! And now... back to business. Back to Trade (and Cambio!) Thanks. Cupim.
  11. You mean another icon instead of the classic blue "i"? (see image) When I think of SUPERBAN I imagine a power that goes beyond having just pawns for a collection. The idea of changing other aspects of the ban event sounds good and innovative (fun) If you have examples Valstein please show, bro! Thank you for the idea.
  12. But what would a superban collection allow you to do? Pawns from ban powers? If so, ok good! But what else? Superban with new animation when you ban people? Let's try out and think of good ideas for a SUPERBAN.
  13. Cupim

    598 MAIN

    In the new xat you can give main owner to your friend without sharing password (more secure) And with the new main power, you can decide what your main owner friend can do. Edit only pages? Edit group powers only? etc.
  14. The polar panda model who voluntarily posed for the smiley 'polarhehe' was into jiu-jitsu
  15. Auction is up! https://xat.com/auction 6 digits: 100069 108888 111222 161616 222222 641776 7 digits: 1000098 1000099 2000020 4100000 7700077 9900099 Happy 4th July.
  16. It came to 42's attention that users were asking for ID auctions (thread below). PLEASE SUGGEST YOUR DESIRED IDS. 6 AND 7 DIGITS ONLY. The auction will happen on July 4, 2020. This thread will lock itself automatically hours before the 4th of July. So hurry up to suggest your IDs! A special date always helps xat to do an excellent event. Let's hope that the U.S.A. Independence Day can help us remember what freedom truly is. In this special date americans may celebrate their independence in their own soil and elsewhere. But for us, at least for me, a Brazilian, a foreigner to the american's eyes, I'm happy to say that my country is also independent. We should be glad for our own government's autonomy and our country's freedom. Oh, and we should be glad for independence power as well, it's quite a piece of work! Thank you, users, for getting into action and making this request. Your voice here is heard.
  17. (2#Para ler em Português, leia no final! To read in English, simple continue:) And we continue towards the "new". A new era. A new culture. The originality of ideas lies in their audacious innocence to do what has never been done before. And until we can become victims of this creative authenticity, at least for the success of this project here, we must fantasize about the dream that we'll succeed, that we'll do the new, that it'll be different from the old. I like to say that even for things to fall you need a rhythm, an orchestra. Even the falls can be beautiful and memorable. Lemona's fall is not due to an error, but to a cycle. The system that we seek to implement needs harmony, and the memories that we forge together are part of the domino game that we started a month ago, of which the track of pieces we still don't see the end - nor do we intend to. However, democracy becomes fanciful when we try to please everyone and everything. We didn't see the possibility of Lemona having the first leadership just to please everyone. In fact, let us never pursue that. It's from those who disagree with our ideas that we can work on better ideas. But we didn't start this idea of the monthly main again just to be right, but to remember that ideas matter. "Pleasing everyone" and "always being right" are clichés that we want to get out of our own-idea-machine. We can no longer digest these things that some keep in their diet... We are unable to digest the discontent without justification, we are unable to digest the critics of merit or visionaries whose reach for ideas is no longer than a meter, and they still believe they see a lot. But don't worry. This is just a note, a collective opinion. We don't want a fatal competition, or for the next one to overcome the previous one's administrative acts. It is not a race. It is not a game. It is our future. Both mine and yours, Lemona's, and the future of the next chosen one, the future of those who read us, and of those who will hear on distant chats from those who will tell the stories over and over in the next years. She is a person full of ideas. She is always available to chat. She is an angel, without a doubt. She has "cons" though... I can even share a forty-two-page pdf file that illustrates all of Lemona's sins (kidding!). For these characteristics, we would look next for someone who'd resemble her. But unfortunately that would be difficult. It could become impossible. We'd lose days and days in meetings, dissatisfied with the criteria of finding a new Lemona. We'd be making a mistake. We'd have to admit it. The diversity in the idealization of things is what separates us from transforming ideas into nothingness, putting them into a void. We don't want that. We don't want repetitions. We want the new. And Stif is the only one able to help us in this moment of reconstruction. Stif is a long time helper. A brazilian. Known for many of the activities he performed on xat. A serious guy, at least when he needs to be. He has the energy to stay on xat during the day, at night, and even if there is no light I think. If we were to get his full history, we'd have to produce, in addition to a forty-two page PDF, another hundred page file. It would be an extensive read with many dates. So, for that reason, on behalf of LaFleur, Sloom, Junior and my own, we officially appoint Stif as the second main owner of html5 for a period of one month. We expect your month to be unique, and may we make good memories from it, in line with our larger plan to have a space for everyone to expose their ideas. 1st of July of 2020, Cupim, LaFleur, Junior & Sloom. ============================================ Versão em Português (carta original):
  18. What I mean is, xat is an instant messenger. Allowing people to edit messages changes that aspect. For example, when on chat you start a dialogue and you finish it. It's different to our topic here, where other users will post it hours later (so editing has a purpose). I'm in favor of modernization. Certainly But I'd like to see a real purpose behind edit feature. e.g. 42 does a typo Why is 42 going to edit it If his message will be gone in 2-3 mins later ? What I am trying to say is, what are you going to edit a text material that is going to disappear within hours? I understand your "option" idea (for mains to decide). And I strongly agree to that if you ever convince xat to do this "crime" (I am just kidding!)
  19. xat is xat. If your justification to add such feature is because it exists elsewhere... I don't think that's a sufficient reason. Skype is a message app mainly made for video call conferences. It is a "business thing"... and Discord is meant for gamers. They're different to xat in many ways (all three have a different purpose and diversified target audiences). Anyway, we shouldn't let xat be a copycat. We are authentic and original enough to think of our own ideas. What's next? "Like a message" with the (Y) smiley? Allowing users to edit messages stops the fun of being on a xat chat where the conversation is live, where the messages instantly appear on your screen. The anxiety of following up dozens of messages being sent per minute on the main chat, the eyes rolling as you try to keep up with the subjects and the laughs for the typos. If you want to have a boring edited chat, you can go to your Discord channels (that you already have by the way). Let xat be xat.
  20. I'm against it. Chat is a instant messaging service. Why get rid of the fun of letting users do typos? Why stop users from correcting their typos in the next messages? It's xat chat. No xat post No xat mail #NeverEditMessages
  21. You can blame me for sharkfx! Santy is an excellent designer and we've worked the entire night yesterday to make sure that you'd get an amazing, unique and powerful set of smilies to combine with your xat powers. FX powers are more complex to work with. They require some "coding" and lots of testing. Anyway, the "FXs" being added after the powers release are to be considered as "xat bonuses". But you shouldn't worry, we will get them added one day. But can we all agree that... RAINBOWS is such a marvellous power, that it doesn't even need a FX... right!? Congratulations Santy. You make me miss my early days of xat. Also, YOU ALL POSTING HERE!!! Be more descriptive. Let us know what's your favorite smiley, what's your best combination, what's your idea for a RAINBOWS II power! Stop saying that it "is great" Tell us why it is great !
  22. Cupim

    595 JAWS

    Yes! I'm very sorry for this inconvenience. We'll be getting to it as soon as possible. I've been trying to find the bug for 2 days but I just realized it might has to do with html5... Anyway. It is important to clarify that @iSanty first power works! To use it on html5, add ## e.g. (d#sharkdj##) PS. It works normally in Flash. I loved the power. Jaws looks amazing. It makes me wonder when is xat getting a 2nd series of Jaws. We need more of these cute sharks! Also, it's important to announce that in a collaboration work @Mihay and @iSanty created a SHARKFX! Soon available on html5 and Flash. JAWS is an example of what's to come. An excellent work from these true artists Flash: HTML5:
  23. fala parceiro! saudades tuas! Vê se volta ai na nova era do xat! 


    Um abs. Espero que tenhas recordações do passado nostálgico que vivemos. E que tenha vontade de criar mais experiências e vivas memórias. 


    Saúde, felicidades.

  24. The logic behind this concept is to "protect" both xat users in a negotiation, so I assume xat is definitely going to add that in the near future (you can sue me if they don't). I used "near" because I like to think that the upcoming changes to HTML5 may "motivate" users to use the experimental chat instead of Flash (HTML5 > Flash). If xat were to update their HTML5 Trade app with such features it is very likely that traders wouldn't think twice before trying the new experimental chat (HTML5, ?new). We should have a button, or a menu to allow the user to add their collections at once (allpowers, EP and other super power collections). Ah, I remember reading about a "unit counter" somewhere, so it displays the total of power units added on the trade box. This saves your life if you're selling multiple collections Nice thread anyway! It's not the first though , many have requested for the same or a similar implementation to aid traders. We should do what we can to let xat know how much we want this. Can we do a public vote to let xat know that hundreds of traders are waiting for that change?
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