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  1. As the train which we have built keeps going through its oriented path, many other folks help us to see new possibilities. This ever growing projection of changes is a dream persued by all the people involved in our project. It is no longer an individual ambition. The paths that we tend to follow are not solely from the development scheme that xat staff keeps pushing through with new frequent updates but also through the minds of those who help us to think of new ideas, as solutions to our problems, or to see bugs that could make the result less "effective" or, at sometimes, not effective at all. Those minds who help us bear the drama of the never-ending chat development also encourage us that stability and performance is just around the corner. Those are the ones who we are going to keep close, who needs us as much as we need them. The hunger for fixing trouble and the anxiety to see it fixed is a perfect combination, just like cola soda and sliced lemons, or hat and reghide powers. Finally, or actually, let's hope this to be a new beginning, we are here to announce @DiddyDoodat as the new monthly manager. Thanks for your effort on helping us. Thanks @Maxo for the amazing month. Your work and effort won't be forgotten. Thanks! 1st day of September, 2021. Cupim, LaFleur, Junior, & Sloom.
  2. I think the efforts made by those around us today are reflected in the results of tomorrow. It is no secret that most of the changes on this very website are the purest desires held by the users, their say on what needs to be done, their criticism on what needs to be priority, and their participation on its path. The recent ideas suggested here have resulted in an amazing new power. Our common efforts are reaching the level where there’s motivation for the users to keep suggesting. BANTIMES and its origin are key to understanding the context of this post of mine. I believe that the real impact of an idea relies on what else can be done with it (apart from its main purpose). Ideas that easily and naturally turn into more ideas- adapted or completely renewed- these are true changers. And lately I’ve seen many of these. We are there. At this level. Our problems no longer go unsolved. Our ideals no longer kept separated due to a language or culture barrier. No obstacles to stop the ideas from turning into more ideas. There is nobody to keep originality untouched when adaptation needs to happen. We are there. The tomorrow is close- it is hours apart. Today we say goodbye to @MasterChief, who gave us an unforgettable month. Today we receive @Maxo. 1st day of August, 2021. Cupim, LaFleur, Junior, & Sloom.
  3. Is there a cost to innovation? How much do we really pay to assure that our principles can still be part of the changes that we are imagining everyday? It is not about money that I'm talking about but the true cost in contrast to what was changed. Did we do it better? Has it remained faithful to the task it primarily was designed for? These questions will pop up in your minds and the wonders for improvement will surge. On most occasions when this specific creative process takes place, in my experience nearly all occasions, there is no more opportunity for a critic to have its impact and to provoke change. I can confirm to you that you do have it now. You have the opportunity. Ideas are very similar to seeds, and a good example is that ideas just don't grow and keep growing but that it can grow anywhere. Plants sprout out of the road, growing through the cracks of asphalt roads. It is not about where it comes from but where it is aimed to. The opportunities for helping xat to improve, for helping developers to invent even better experiences on xat can be taken not only on this forum but also on chat. On xat.com/xat the involvement of the people matters most. The immediate feedback makes a difference. Throughout these last thirteen months, we together as a team have forwarded hundreds of ideas to xat staff and on many of these occasions, we were listened to. We are part of it too. It couldn’t be different if the principle was to involve the real community. The arrangements followed the moves of the personalities that have visited our chat, that have posted in the forums, that someway somewhere at sometime found their chance to take their opportunity and do their difference. Today, inclining ourselves to maintain the course for innovation, we invite @MasterChief to do its part. 1st day of July, 2021. Cupim, LaFleur, Junior, & Sloom.
  4. Hey @Rosali thank you for your comment! But I am not working on vote power. I am just suggesting some changes. My suggestions here on the initial post are hoping to find other perspectives on how voting on chat could work. I believe the vote showing inside the quickbar could be the ideal too, considering users could simple open it or see the results. But, there are many points to observe, first being the quickbar area which is small when compared to how much you could do if it was an entire window (dialog). Using the quickbar means having more limitations. No background at all. Less space for letters. But it gives you the advantage of being clicks away from voting or seeing the results. Another idea that comes to mind is what about more features... What if you could set a deadline for your vote? For example imagine if you could use this https://www.epochconverter.com/ to say the date and time when the vote ends. What if you could save your vote to let your community check it later? For example imagine you type and send (vote#save12345) on chat, then clicking on that would open the results of vote id 12345 In this idea, the votes should be associated to the chatroom where they took place, and even the possibility for users to vote outside of your chatroom. Example if you are on xat/Help and sends (vote#save12345), it could allow you to vote in a poll from xat/Trade - or, otherwise, only finished polls could be saved (another example). Imagine "group polls" being shared through main chat or PC. Easier to advertise your poll, easier to access old results, etc. It would be interesting to have an option allowing to "See who voted", showing the list of ids that voted. There could be two alternatives, "See all who voted", "See who voted by option". First option doesn't tell where you voted but if you voted or not. Also it could say where the person voted from, if the group poll was opened somewhere else. But then, imagine again, it would be reasonable to allow the group owner to unlist its group polls from the save feature (for privacy), or for the group owner to have the possibility to prevent external group polls to be opened on his chat (anti-ad fear). Just thinking.
  5. VOTE REMAKE (Suggestion) My idea is to let users to vote inside the chat. This allows users to debate before they vote. With voting inside the chat, if your chat is embedded to a website your visitors would easily be able to vote without leaving the conversation. LIMITATIONS The vote would allow only 4 voting options and a x number of characters at each option, to be defined depending on where (what area) the vote displays. WHO CAN VOTE? With vote power assigned, the chat owner would be able to define who can vote. Few examples: Registered only, Subscriber only or Members only. HEADER VOTE (main chat) As a way to get users to know that there's a vote going on, a header version of the vote would display above the main chat. This would appear only at the first time they visit the chat. If they voted already, the header wouldn't show up anymore. Note: the header would still pop up in case they forgot to vote. This means the header persists until the user has voted. IF the vote is defined only for +members to vote, then the header wouldn't display to guests (example). Later (if voted already or closed the header), the vote would still be accessible through te QUICKBAR: ACCESS VOTE ANYTIME By clicking on the (vote) smiley, the voting in the quickbar area would be opened automatically. WHO CAN EDIT? With gcontrol power the chat owner would be able to set which rank can edit the vote (in real time). But its default setting would allow only main owners to edit it in real time. Though it could be configured for +temp owners (example). COLORS TO THE OPTIONS You could also add colors to your vote options: SMILIES TOO! With the power assigned, you could choose any free smile to be shown with the option (you'd need to add the smiley code). And if you have all group powers assigned to your chatroom, you'd be able to use any smiley from any power (if possible, smiley combinations could also be added). SHARE KISS (Lemona's idea) Users would be able to share the vote results through a kiss, by using the share button. The share button would be found at the header area and the quickbar area. SHARE STICKER There could also be a sticker with the results (an adjusted version of the kiss). But the sender would have to own the VOTE power to use that one sticker. WHAT CHANGED? In the past, vote would be accessed outside the chat through an application. In this new suggestion, there won't be a need for an application anymore, making users lives easier. CAN WE EXPAND ITS LIMITATIONS? The header area allows a specific number of voting options but there could be a way to "resume" them, or show them fully if the user hovers their mouse above the option. Another alternative is to add a scroll option to the header. If the header is not appreciated, there would be sufficient area for +6 voting options through the QUICKBAR. IS THERE ANY OTHER DESIGN? Instead of a header and the quickbar, there could be a "window" (dialog) showing the vote. Below there's an example of how the vote model was: A similar design could be implemented inside the chat, as a window (dialog). With buttons to allow the user to go back to chat without voting. This window/dialog could be accessed by clicking on the (vote) smiley, or accessing the 'vote' option in the QUICKBAR menu. With the dialog, users would be able to set a background-image, or a backgroundFX (eg. a smiley). This is a suggestion aimed to allow users to chat about the vote, by allowing them to see both the vote options and the main chat. It is also aimed to allow users to vote even if the chat is embedded to a website/blog. What do you prefer? Post your suggestion if you have any and feel free to modify any of the ideas above. Together we can make voting fun.
  6. It's a new era. Over the past years we have changed. Today, we show a new face. With the sole goal of keeping xat's originality and its magic, our chat has been rebranded to xat.com/xat In June 2020 our expectations were essentially a way to be found for the real community to participate in real decisions. These real decisions englobe suggestions and modifications that xat has been applying to the future of our favorite website. Our understandings on what can be better and what can be new are shared as we go and shaped by many different cultures. xat has a worldwide reach and the intention of having a development group that embraces union with diversity was our common cause. It is no longer about the structure behind the platform (flash or html) but about the real magic that belongs to xat. The friendships, the groups and the abilities available on xat. Today we mark the beginning of xat as xat. You need to feel the enthusiasm that we jointly share when it comes to redesigning and reinventing the chat and its experience. The creators have allowed us to have a place to do ideas and work them out, to participate actively on fresh new updates and have a voice towards what needs to happen. The time is now. Your chance is here. Your ideas now have a path to be oriented to, and we most certainly need you here as much as you need us (the group) to improve. To celebrate the One Year Anniversary of xat/HTML5 we say goodbye to its name plate and we present you the new xat/xat. Simple. Hard to forget and distinguished from other groups - the official development xat, where admins test and users have a key participation through feedback and chatting. The old group (xat.com/html5) will be redirected to its new address (xat.com/xat) as soon as possible but the monthly main system will continue to exist, returning in July 2021. During the month of June 2021 all previous main owners appointed on HTML5 will have the owner rank to celebrate the One Year Anniversary. Revive old memories and be ready to make new ones. We expect you to be part of this next chapter. See you there, join us at xat.com/xat 21th May 2021, Cupim, LaFleur Sloom & Junior.
  7. After a splendid month with the most lovely and characteristic Romanian style, we continue with our monthly change to renew the roots of our multicultural group. We thank @Luana for her dedication on our chat and on xat/La_Stanza where she does a fine job of handling community issues and planning events. Her participation here is a beginning towards our goal of making chat more open, more diverse. But keeping the idea with its flame burning requires a programmed move that takes a pace each month. This task which we chose needs the introduction of more worlds to comply with its very purpose, diversity. For today, for this time, we present you with Lida. Her participation on xat/HTML5 shows her willingness to make the change with us. From xat/Sohbet and xat/Yardim, we oficialize @Lida for this month as main owner on xat/HTML5! 1st day of May, 2021. Cupim, LaFleur, Junior, & Sloom.
  8. All I can imagine is that instead of a star you'd have a dollar sign on your pawn appearance but unfortunately has no official resellers so any type of exclusive indication on chat could contradict xat and its way to handle reselling. Perhaps we can think out of the box here and proceed with the Verification strategy, using a criteria that verified users are these listed within the xat wiki articles. eg. If you're a listed bot, contributor, wiki editor, volunteer... or a reseller, you'd get the 'Verified status", to indicate that you are the same user as the one listed on the article. So the verified sign on chat would lead you to a wiki article where it instructs people about vols, resellers, contributors and etc. and why they are 'signalized' on the chats (explain that it's meant to prevent phishing) The verification criteria wouldn't be based on your volunteer status, or if you're a contributor, or either join the argument room on why official reselling doesn't exist ... But simple due to the fact that your ID is somewhere on the wiki (for a good util reason)
  9. Cupim

    622 BD

    New limited pawns have been added to this power, to use them, here's the codes: hat#hb hat#hc hat#hp
  10. With great honor we say goodbye to our friend, colleague and volunteer, @Crow Again, in an attempt to make our leadership even more diverse and our group more open to different cultures, we present a new main owner who's from Romania. She is an active helper on other official chats, an active wiki collaborator and is known for her willingness to help others regardless of who they are, xat HTML5 is an ongoing experiment that surprises us monthly by giving us solutions to big problems and showing us new challenges. To internacionalize a community one needs no barriers and we shall not hesitate to find a way around the obstacles that surge out of nowhere. The justice in diversity is as pretty as the incentive of seeing a finished work that impresses not just its creator but also their utilizers. The justice in diversity is what should be always valued especially in an ever-growing chatting community that embraces people from all over the globe. Today we give her a chance in hopes that she shows us an opportunity to keep going further in this goal of ours which is aimed to be open-minded about new cultures and trends by working hard towards social integration. It's a pleasure @xRavennn. We expect you with open arms. 1st of February, 2021. Cupim, Lafleur, Junior &Sloom.
  11. @Mihay is just in time? Perfect timing by the way. https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/volcanologist-mount-etna-eruption Nice power. Awesome FX effects!
  12. Definitely different.
  13. The goal to make xat more diverse goes on. It is our goal. It is the goal that unites groups from different cultures and xat collaborators from all sectors. Today we are about to break our own standard. We are aimed to redefine our characteristics. Our curiosity to find out what's beyond is to be renewed under the hope that new achievements can be made. It's a goodbye to @Page for her tremendous and unforgettable management but certainly just the beginning for the new part of her history, here, as she's now our newest Contributor. As many of you can notice all our decisions here imply on the need to keep xat alive, to keep xat unique. We thank these rare personalities that follow us through as they also help us to see the path, to build it, to reshape it, to experience it. Our announcement for this month is peculiar because the person chosen has been already recognized by 42 himself. Volunteership costs time and patience but its value is inmensurable. We are glad to welcome @Crow for this month. We expect 2021 to be a year of new discoveries. Crow is a friendly person who has always been committed to doing the better. His thirsty for improvement can be perceived by seeing his effort put through the Ticket system. He certainly needs a vacation but we have thought that we also need him. His work on Feedback chat is awesome and receptive and we can only expect the same and even better for HTML5. My friend and colleague, it's an honor to grant you this month. We are more than happy to have you around. 1st of February, 2021. Cupim, Lafleur, Junior &Sloom.
  14. Hello my dear friends. It's always an honor to address all of you, users of xatRadio. Here, I'd like to tell you that xatRadio.com has disabled all SWF files from its virtual world. Over the course of our existence, over 10GB of SWF files have been uploaded and used by hundreds of thousands of xat users. To ensure that our system stays clean, fast and reliable as it must be in order for our service to continue running smoothly and properly, we made the decision to say goodbye to all the SWF files. It's a new era. A new xat era. We are glad to be part of it and will continue to work hard, with the full dedication that we have been putting through our projects and services. Adobe may have ended its support to Flash; but we, as xatRadio.com, being an essential service to chat groups, will not stop to serve you and the entire xat community with integrity and professionalism. All other radio players and other uploaded files are still available within our virtual world and should be working normally as before. Feel free to report any bug/issue and remember, we are always open for suggestions! May we meet again. Best Regards, Cupim.
  15. Just for the record: Let's wait for the third and last auction !
  16. Finally the year is over. 2020 brought us memories that won't leave our minds easily. It made us realize that without union there is no possible way to idealize the better, the new, the improved. This project of ours that gets a new leadership every new month is one of the ways where our community can show its persistence on being authentic. It may be the end of a date (12/31/2020) but for us it's an entirely new beginning for our next era. For our project (HTML5 chat group) and for xat itself (w/ its new version). An era of diversity, of imposed distances made by our governments due to health concerns, of more connected apps and services due to the utter need of more advanced technology to resolve this issue brought by the coronavirus. A river of challenges where its flow leads us to only one place and goal, our inner selves, aiming to reinvent our own purposes. It's no more about finding the glass half empty or half full - it's now beyond any point of view. It's about us. We hope to keep making more memories. We hope to keep meeting new people. We hope to keep discovering new cultures. We hope you keep in touch with us. We say goodbye to 2020 with a new personality that has helped xat over many years. We say hello to 2021 with a character worthy of the entry. @Page is a Brazilian helper who's now part of our dream, our project and our idea of making things better and inclusive. We welcome her and are proud to say that her intentions are aligned with ours. Thanks Jason for your collaboration and originality. Your management and creative work will certainly be missed. We hope you stay around. We wish you an awesome, unique and unforgettable 2021. May we (xat) chat again. 1st day of January, 2021. Cupim, LaFleur, Junior, & Sloom.
  17. Just to update here, 2nd auction is up.
  18. As far as I know (from 42), there won't be a 4-digit to be auctioned - at least during this New Year Event.
  19. FINALLY. 2020 IS... NEARLY OVER. To celebrate the New Year xat is going to do ID auctions. The first auction takes place NOW. You can bid on ids that were suggested by users in the past on the forum. AND THERE'S MORE. THERE WILL BE A 2ND AUCTION. SOON. WITH MORE COOL IDS. AND LATER ON, IN 2021... THERE WILL BE A "M" ID AUCTION. Yes, you read that right. xat will auction a rare M id. All auctions will begin at phase II -> This means you cannot pick ids, they will be selected by xat. The IDs will be announced once the auction(s) take place (start). You can suggest M ids in here (feel free to)
  20. Cupim

    615 NATAL

    This power is a production made by @iSanty - an amazing example of what Christmas has to be. Sentimental. I wish you all happy holidays. May our futures be presented with health, fortune, and lots of xatting ! Thanks iSanty.
  21. And now, it's time for a change. In the late weeks we have put some thought on how to make this chat more inclusive, more open and different. Our attempts on diversifying the management of the community which we are part of are well visible to those who follow our monthly announcements. Our persistence in making this environment unique and versatile from month to month is a challenge that inspires us, and motivates those who collaborate with us to continue. The presence of the Spanish manager, Blacky, was a result of a continuous teamwork with we have maintained with the Ayuda chat (Spanish help chat). And Eliff graciously showed us that international coalitions can happen, and must happen. She brought the Sohbet chat community closer to us and reminded us of how crucial it is to internationalize our project. To break its barriers. To go beyond what was expected. To surf away from the English-language limitations imposed by many other groups that we know of and have yet to be introduced to. Today we will paint our chat with blue and yellow. The Brazilian colors once again. At first we had Stif, who's now a volunteer. But for today, we present to you, Jason, famously known for his arts on chats and strongly respected by his authenticity during his skilled artwork productions. Thanks @Efsunel And welcome @JasonOficial 1st day of December, 2020. Cupim, LaFleur, Junior, & Sloom.
  22. UPDATE: The power auctions that have been announced earlier have been cancelled. Instead xat has released rare powers on xat.com/store (blackfriday sale).
  23. UPDATES: 2 x 5 Digits auction: https://xat.com/store#!auction APRINCESS power auction: https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/Auction76.php 613 IS TRADER. The power for real traders.
  24. Finally, after the wait the 2020 BLACKFRIDAY SURPRISE has been revealed: Today, xat has added test powers to random selected subscribers. The 613 test power was given out FOR FREE and added automatically on the users' accounts. Are there more surprises? LET'S WAIT AND SEE. Stay tuned on xat's Twitter: xat.com/twitter You can also enjoy Trade xat Blackfriday contest tomorrow, the party is near: http://xat.com/Trade HOW DO I GET ONE FOR FREE? Users have been selected randomly today. I hope you were one! WHAT'S A xat SUBSCRIBER? User with at least one (1) day on their account. More information will be added to this post as soon as we get more news from 42.
  25. 7-digits auction is over. Here's the screen: NEXT AUCTION: 6-digits auction on November 21th
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