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  1. Then click trade or transfer Ideally here a person getting a gift of $5 would be able to open a ticket for themselves (i.e. you get recognized as a paid user) So it's a win-win... You give your friend $5 worth of xats You get exclusive access to gifts-only features And your friend gets the paid account status I'm not sure if making a whole new page/system only to allow anyone to gift their own xats is the right thing to do. I see a lot of chaos in my simulations, people demanding their xats back, people saying somebody else collected their "reward", etc. If we arranged the concept following your idea we'd need tons of guidelines... else people would be complaining way more than being happy giving away xats.
  2. I don't like your process very much 'cause you make it sound like anyone who has got xats can "giveaway" their xats through the buy page. Therefore, making it look like they 'obtained xats directly from xat'. So here's my idea ... 1. Go to xat.com/buy 2. Click Gift a Friend button 3. Pay $5 4. Payment is processed 5. After confirmation, you get a redeem code you can share with anybody. Attempting to re-use an already used code will make the page say: "This code has been already used by 1234567" (user ID publicly displayed) Also, now for something completely different ... It would be quite amazing if xat added special smilies (or features) to users who gift xats. It's important that you understand that I'm suggesting a special feature so this means it wouldn't be included in a power. The resume is: You can only get "givers" features if you actually gift a person through xat.com/buy e.g. users who have given away will be able to use gift-only smilies e.g. (giftsmiley1) (giftsmileyfx) *Names are mere examples. Or maybe a hug, or a sticker, or a kiss. This could certainly motivate users into giving away to their friends so they can obtain exclusive "Gift-only" features
  3. this was brought up so many times. but so many times. that if we ever launch a space billboard the first thing it's gonna say while flashing is: "NO FLOOD LIMIT" Update: copying and pasting stuff is also an issue. can't be forgotten
  4. A power to let users chat in peace and have an enjoyable experience to me seems a bit out of line. I have been chatting in stress and rage for the last 2 years because of the flood limit. I want xat to have more people If we keep the flood limit, more and more people will rage If we make it a power, then I may need to create a "flood limit anonymous club" to help people cope with it. 'Cause I can't. No more. xat must allow owners to decide if they want the flood limit restriction or no. That is simple. Simple simple simple. And it has to be done. Please please please please please. I can't copy a link in peace. I can't help a person in peace. I can literally do nothing. And every single sentence I write I have to copy to ensure it wont be killed by the flood limit. FLOOD LIMIT IS COMING CALL DAENERYS.
  5. Cupim


    I get up every morning to stare at the same image for ten minutes, it has certainly inspired me many times. This is the image. And I hope it helps the person who thought of this great idea as much as it has helped me in the last years. AND... I have to say... you have what it takes, great idea @Erick! I'll just come up with a few more keywords... thinking of other situations where you may be "doing stuff" but stays connected to chat (i.e. literally away from the chat) studying (pencil) showering (shower) reading (books) movies (popcorns) chores (home) cooking (pan) away from the keyboard (earth or a street to indicate you are not at home) work (suitcase) coding (laptop) designing (color palette) BRB (giant BRB sign at the bottom of the pawn)
  6. Cupim

    IOS Testflight 1.10.2

    yes please
  7. I hereby protect the Dukedom under the holy name of @OJ the only and one, our true royal.
  8. xat has allowed xatRadio.com's users to host any type of swf or html file as long it's suitable for xat community usage, and follows xat.com's Terms of Service. We've had lots of games uploaded since the beginning of our service, and these are individually uploaded and updated by chat owners, who only have the intent to create their own custom, unique and original game or app. In the past, users used to upload photo albums, staff lists, games and other apps through photobucket - but since that service is no longer available on our social network, I see a lot of utility for xatRadio.com to keep accepting them. It would be too annoying and rude if xatRadio.com was exclusive for radio players only. This would literally kill the creativity of people like Jason. And we certainly don't want that. The intent of xatRadio was to provide a secure verification before swf and html files were available to the public, and photobucket didn't allow us to do that. But now we can. And we do it. To make it more clear: Anyone has the right to upload their app, game, staff list or photo album to xatRadio.com as long it follows xat.com's Terms of Service: https://xat.com/terms The examples given above are merely quick thoughts over what was already uploaded. Be creative and go beyond the generic ideas Even though I had congratulated you on live chat, I'd like to post here: Thank you very much for your kindness and creativity on making this game, @JasonOficial - I hope users will enjoy it as much as they enjoy the classic bubble shooter! Hopefully next time you can come up with a HTML5 game, or better... A multiplayer game that works through APPBOT power.
  9. Cupim

    Radió Help !

    The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  10. Loja 2019 carnival event will take place during random times. The idea behind the mystery is to get more users to participate (different time-zones). I'll be posting here on this thread the countdown for the event phases. It is also important to remember that not all phases will have countdown displays. This means you need to stay online if you want to win xats # Phase 1 https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1015173/loja-phase-1 # Phase 2 https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1015988/loja-phase-2 # Phase 3 https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1016570/loja-phase-3 # Phase 4 https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1016578/loja-phase-4 # Phase 5 https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1020287/loja-phase-5 # Phase 6 https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1020289/loja-phase-6
  11. Heartbreak is not a power against love. It's a power that idealizes the fact you can remain single for a while to find yourself. I guess you need to love yourself first before loving others. Heartbreak represents the idea that some people don't need to "be married" to be happy (my opinion) The "valentine" term was coined thousands of years ago. Then Emperor, Claudius II, had ruled that young men would not be allowed to marry, unless they fitted specific requisitions (scarce for most). But at the time, as the myth tells, Saint Valentine ignored the imperial order, and continued to marry the young folks. After over 400 years of his cruel death, the Catholic Church decided to make him a martyr, by adding "Valentine's Day" on their agenda. The idea of heart-shaped chocolates, diamond rings, flower buckets and other "lovely" and "cute" things were built by the Romanticism that took place a thousand of years later. Not Saint Valentine. So to be clear, Valentine's is totally about the idea of Christian marriage, as far as the data goes back it relates only to the Catholic Church, with a few ties to Roman mythology. In other words, it represents the union of two souls. And well, most marriages end in divorce. In Brazil one in three marriages end in divorce. So I'm unable to see why heartbreak wouldn't fit the Valentine theme. ! ♥
  12. I agree on making it HTML5 only. Flash is going to be archaic soon, and it is already a pain to many users due to Chrome and other related browser issues. It's problematic for xat to keep looking at issues from Flash as they're now giving more priority to the "HTML5 xat". This will be also a nice motivation for new and old users to try the new modern doodle app, and at the same time help xat test and improve the HTML5. I've been using the HTML5 for a while, and it's very optimized I usually hang out on seven or eight chats at the same time, and I get no lag issues. That's amazing. Through Flash I'd be having nightmares with spiralfx names and other Flash monsters that grew over the years eating all of our RAM. May HTML5 save us. Flash no more.
  13. True. Good find Mr. Sergio It appears that xat has missed this one! I sent them a reminder. If anyone has suggestions, please post here. I'm sure xat will be happy to look at them later I wonder if we will ever get an anti-valentine collection! SINGLES UNITE!
  14. Nice numbers but the power names would be way more helpful. Powers required: heartfx, burningheart, kheart, sweetheart, amore, valfx, valentinefx Update: Pawns preview
  15. I HAD TO BUMP THIS THREAD! (After raging because half my conversation was missed by my partner because of the ANNOYING FLOOD LIMIT!) It's more than annoying to have half of my conversations erased... It's STRESSING. It's taking LIFE OUT OF ME. Typing fast IS NOT A CRIME. I find it funny that it stops me from typing but it would ignore a real flood (on main chat) as people often get away with it. http://prntscr.com/mhur83 SO PLEASE, let us altogether get xat staff's attention to once and for all fix flood limit, or get rid of it. IF YOU ALSO HAVE PROBLEMS THAT OFTEN, PLEASE POST HERE! PS the screen above took place while I was on ajuda as main owner - the anti flood gcontrol there is set to the highest value possible (meaning gcontrol for the flood DOES NOT WORK) #WeNeedAChange #TimeForChangeIsNow #NOMOREFLOODLIMIT
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