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  1. All I can imagine is that instead of a star you'd have a dollar sign on your pawn appearance but unfortunately has no official resellers so any type of exclusive indication on chat could contradict xat and its way to handle reselling. Perhaps we can think out of the box here and proceed with the Verification strategy, using a criteria that verified users are these listed within the xat wiki articles. eg. If you're a listed bot, contributor, wiki editor, volunteer... or a reseller, you'd get the 'Verified status", to indicate that you are the same user as the one listed
  2. Cupim

    622 BD

    New limited pawns have been added to this power, to use them, here's the codes: hat#hb hat#hc hat#hp
  3. With great honor we say goodbye to our friend, colleague and volunteer, @Crow Again, in an attempt to make our leadership even more diverse and our group more open to different cultures, we present a new main owner who's from Romania. She is an active helper on other official chats, an active wiki collaborator and is known for her willingness to help others regardless of who they are, xat HTML5 is an ongoing experiment that surprises us monthly by giving us solutions to big problems and showing us new challenges. To internacionalize a community one nee
  4. @Mihay is just in time? Perfect timing by the way. https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/volcanologist-mount-etna-eruption Nice power. Awesome FX effects!
  5. Definitely different.
  6. The goal to make xat more diverse goes on. It is our goal. It is the goal that unites groups from different cultures and xat collaborators from all sectors. Today we are about to break our own standard. We are aimed to redefine our characteristics. Our curiosity to find out what's beyond is to be renewed under the hope that new achievements can be made. It's a goodbye to @Page for her tremendous and unforgettable management but certainly just the beginning for the new part of her history, here, as she's now our newest Contributor. As many of you can notice al
  7. Hello my dear friends. It's always an honor to address all of you, users of xatRadio. Here, I'd like to tell you that xatRadio.com has disabled all SWF files from its virtual world. Over the course of our existence, over 10GB of SWF files have been uploaded and used by hundreds of thousands of xat users. To ensure that our system stays clean, fast and reliable as it must be in order for our service to continue running smoothly and properly, we made the decision to say goodbye to all the SWF files. It's a new era. A new xat era. We are glad to be par
  8. Just for the record: Let's wait for the third and last auction !
  9. Finally the year is over. 2020 brought us memories that won't leave our minds easily. It made us realize that without union there is no possible way to idealize the better, the new, the improved. This project of ours that gets a new leadership every new month is one of the ways where our community can show its persistence on being authentic. It may be the end of a date (12/31/2020) but for us it's an entirely new beginning for our next era. For our project (HTML5 chat group) and for xat itself (w/ its new version). An era of diversity, of impo
  10. Just to update here, 2nd auction is up.
  11. As far as I know (from 42), there won't be a 4-digit to be auctioned - at least during this New Year Event.
  12. FINALLY. 2020 IS... NEARLY OVER. To celebrate the New Year xat is going to do ID auctions. The first auction takes place NOW. You can bid on ids that were suggested by users in the past on the forum. AND THERE'S MORE. THERE WILL BE A 2ND AUCTION. SOON. WITH MORE COOL IDS. AND LATER ON, IN 2021... THERE WILL BE A "M" ID AUCTION. Yes, you read that right. xat will auction a rare M id. All auctions will begin at phase II -> This means you cannot pick ids, they will
  13. Cupim

    615 NATAL

    This power is a production made by @iSanty - an amazing example of what Christmas has to be. Sentimental. I wish you all happy holidays. May our futures be presented with health, fortune, and lots of xatting ! Thanks iSanty.
  14. And now, it's time for a change. In the late weeks we have put some thought on how to make this chat more inclusive, more open and different. Our attempts on diversifying the management of the community which we are part of are well visible to those who follow our monthly announcements. Our persistence in making this environment unique and versatile from month to month is a challenge that inspires us, and motivates those who collaborate with us to continue. The presence of the Spanish manager, Blacky, was a result of a continuous teamwork with we have maintained
  15. UPDATE: The power auctions that have been announced earlier have been cancelled. Instead xat has released rare powers on xat.com/store (blackfriday sale).
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