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  1. Cupim

    what do you need ?

    Can I be specific? A $100 million dollars mansion. The 2018 Custom Line's 120 yacht. A beach house in the Maldives. A £25 million mansion in Little Venice, London. Just about $2 billion dollars in Google stocks. Four bullet-proof AUDI A5 cars. Over thirty bodyguards for protection and riding the cars. A $10 million AirBus H155. Oh yes, a $21 million AgustaWestland AW101 (in case of snowing or hard wind). The Bombardier Global 7000, a $73 milion aircraft perfect for hanging out with friends. And a Boeing 787-8 BBJ worth $334 million dollars (for the family!) And a $900.000 dollars suit, filled with diamonds in it. A $30.000 dollars replica of Game of Thrones' throne I've plenty more in my list of "what I need" but I guess for now that's enough
  2. Cupim

    xat.chat Blog

    Thank you for the opportunity. I'm really glad to be part of this series of interviews. Hopefully more and more fireside interviews will keep coming! Thanks again Solange
  3. Cupim

    517 GLASSES

    First, thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated taking time to post your critic. @SethTI, now I'd like to ask you to list examples of what is too big and/or too small for you. Please provide screenshots and the smiley codes used. This might help me to improve the smilies if needed. Thanks for the examples @LaFleur Lots of smilies were tested when the power was under development. These testing phases helped me to make sure that the glasses models would fit most of the yellow and popular smilies from other powers. Although if anyone disagrees, please feel free to post here and if possible attach screenshots to compel a more descriptive critic.
  4. Cupim

    517 GLASSES

    Hey you! If you have any critics or suggestions feel free to post in here. It's important to remember YOU that your opinion matters. I'll be considering all constructive feedback in here. You can also feel free to suggest new glasses in a new thread as long your ideas are original and differ from the current models available on power ID 517. This power comes from a community idea and it's made specially to the xat community. It includes many animated smilies, and options have been added to each smiley allowing users to do unique combinations. (glac#w1) (glae#w1) (glaf#w1) (glah#w1) (glalee#w1) (glam#w1) (glap#w1) (glas#w1) (glaw#w1) (glax#w1) Example: (hello#glaf#w1) You can color the glasses, modify or pause the animation and benefit from Halloween, Christmas and Easter themed glasses all in one single power. GLASSES was originally suggested by @Luig - I'd like to thank him and other users who keep posting ideas on our Suggestion forum, we are often looking at ideas from users and trying our best to make them reality. Glasses is an example and there's more to come. Pick your favorite glasses and enjoy. THANK YOU!
  5. Cupim

    Boost power BACKUP

    Could be added to Gcontrol, or as a button named Edit next to the group power listing where Backup icon is I like the idea, specially because it reduces spamming Would be quite good to have an alternative email to send the backups too i.e. Gmail is free, you could easily set up a new address & have your backups there e.g. mychat_backups@gmail
  6. Cupim

    Rewards for helping

    Also it's far away from actually giving people "what they deserve". What about the dozens of users that help daily on the help chats? They certainly put more effort, time and competence on helping users directly from the chat room. Where do we draw the line on rewarding people for what they do through posts, and what they do through chat messages? I feel the current "rewarding plan" for forums works fine. If you are a helper, and often do posts in a few months volunteers will notice you and tell xat to reward you on test power(s)
  7. Cupim

    512 SUSPENSE

    No scary kiss? No suspenseful hug!?
  8. Cupim

    New Chrome's layout

    Not sure what I did wrong but my chrome looks the same UPDATE: In my defense.............
  9. Cupim

    Compliment the person above you!

    @denise we barely know each other but I already know that you're the love of my life, I really like you. Please never ever leave me alone! this song is about us! cause... because of you... I'm a happy man!
  10. Cupim

    Power suggestion: Opacity Power

    I agree #opacity will work better for all languages Also, (in my opinion, how it should work:) (smile#opacity#w50) ==> applies 50% opacity effect to the entire smiley and all its objects. (smile#opacity#w50#flip#both#halo#angel) ==> applies 50% opacity effect to the entire smiley and all its objects. (smile#flip#both#halo#angel#opacity#w50) ==> applies 50% opacity effect to #angel object only UPDATED: Thread closed as the power has been added by xat If you have any question/idea, please use the new thread available in the new powers section
  11. Cupim

    Power: Dailyspin

    "no bets, no risks" in theory if you're paying for something to randomly obtain something out of it even if it's from a premade selection it would still be considered a luck system which could be labeled as "gambling". I may be wrong though. I'm posting these for reference so that the idea gets stronger and possibly made (if viable) Thanks comrade.
  12. Cupim

    Power: Dailyspin

    Due to xat's based headquarters, it might not be legally viable to make such feature exist. I've suggested a feature that works like CS:GO crates 2-4 years ago and it got rejected because of legal issues. https://www.begambleaware.org/understanding-gambling/how-is-gambling-regulated/ https://www.gamblingsites.com/online-gambling-jurisdictions/uk/ (xat is +14)
  13. Cupim

    Idea for new power (BADBOY)

    I like that hat but it would be better if the power itself (if made) had more hat options (more different hats) This opens door to a "bad" power series ... Badgirl!
  14. Cupim

    Win Namegrad and Namecolor

    Cupim (10000690)
  15. Cupim

    497 HATS

    I think with the super collections xat's priority might be on "promoting the new unlimited pawns". But after two super powers I guess it's time we get some new hats... Right... Right!? @Mihay Sombrero hat... viking hat... police hat... And hopefully we get them on (HATS) before 2018 ends.

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