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  1. Just for the record: Let's wait for the third and last auction !
  2. Finally the year is over. 2020 brought us memories that won't leave our minds easily. It made us realize that without union there is no possible way to idealize the better, the new, the improved. This project of ours that gets a new leadership every new month is one of the ways where our community can show its persistence on being authentic. It may be the end of a date (12/31/2020) but for us it's an entirely new beginning for our next era. For our project (HTML5 chat group) and for xat itself (w/ its new version). An era of diversity, of impo
  3. Just to update here, 2nd auction is up.
  4. As far as I know (from 42), there won't be a 4-digit to be auctioned - at least during this New Year Event.
  5. FINALLY. 2020 IS... NEARLY OVER. To celebrate the New Year xat is going to do ID auctions. The first auction takes place NOW. You can bid on ids that were suggested by users in the past on the forum. AND THERE'S MORE. THERE WILL BE A 2ND AUCTION. SOON. WITH MORE COOL IDS. AND LATER ON, IN 2021... THERE WILL BE A "M" ID AUCTION. Yes, you read that right. xat will auction a rare M id. All auctions will begin at phase II -> This means you cannot pick ids, they will
  6. Cupim

    615 NATAL

    This power is a production made by @iSanty - an amazing example of what Christmas has to be. Sentimental. I wish you all happy holidays. May our futures be presented with health, fortune, and lots of xatting ! Thanks iSanty.
  7. And now, it's time for a change. In the late weeks we have put some thought on how to make this chat more inclusive, more open and different. Our attempts on diversifying the management of the community which we are part of are well visible to those who follow our monthly announcements. Our persistence in making this environment unique and versatile from month to month is a challenge that inspires us, and motivates those who collaborate with us to continue. The presence of the Spanish manager, Blacky, was a result of a continuous teamwork with we have maintained
  8. UPDATE: The power auctions that have been announced earlier have been cancelled. Instead xat has released rare powers on xat.com/store (blackfriday sale).
  9. UPDATES: 2 x 5 Digits auction: https://xat.com/store#!auction APRINCESS power auction: https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/Auction76.php 613 IS TRADER. The power for real traders.
  10. Finally, after the wait the 2020 BLACKFRIDAY SURPRISE has been revealed: Today, xat has added test powers to random selected subscribers. The 613 test power was given out FOR FREE and added automatically on the users' accounts. Are there more surprises? LET'S WAIT AND SEE. Stay tuned on xat's Twitter: xat.com/twitter You can also enjoy Trade xat Blackfriday contest tomorrow, the party is near: http://xat.com/Trade HOW DO I GET ONE FOR FREE? Users have been selected randomly today. I hope you were one! WHAT'S A xa
  11. 7-digits auction is over. Here's the screen: NEXT AUCTION: 6-digits auction on November 21th
  12. 4-digits auction is over. Screen for archive: Tomorrow 7-digits auction is coming. GET READY!
  13. I'll post the 8-digits auction result in here (for archive): Stay tuned for the next auctions (scheduled dates are in the first post)!
  14. Hello, Thanks everyone for each true and kind interaction. It matters to us, collaborators who put their time and effort here to ensure that we get to have unique moments. This is xat. This is us. I'm writing here to remind you that suggestions are always welcome. Many users have questioned me if they can suggest IDs in here. The answer is YES. 42 is going to run auctions at the "phase I" or "randomly pick ids" as explained in the first post note. Phase I means the users can choose their favorite ids by adding them to xat.com/auction page during Phas
  15. xat's 2020 BLACKFRIDAY is near. It's coming! Yes, you read that right. BLACKFRIDAY. This year the Blackfriday falls on November 27th. But before that Friday, xat has more plans: PRE-BLACKFRIDAY events! These are intended to meet many of the desires requested by the community. Have you missed ID auctions? 8 Digits? YES. 7 Digits? YES. 6 digits? YES. But what if I told you that you can expect a 4-digits auction on November 11th!? OFFICIAL xat 2020 PRE-BLACKFRIDAY schedule, here
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