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  1. The changes feel different when we are made part of it. And to include ourselves into the unknown is what might help us to alleviate from missing the old. For today, we begin with an entirely new chapter of xat/HTML5. The 1.50 version. Now you can hide the visitors/friends list, use the coolest epic powers and even bump people. But beyond the works dedicated to this production that you can now see live and running on any xat page, we must look upon the community. The people. Us. It's been a very active month of record-breaking visits that we must credit to Bau
  2. The importance of feedback is mesmerizing, not only to the listener but also to one who writes it down. When you understand the difference you can make then what lies ahead depends solely on you and sometimes, in my experience most of the time, that single person that spoke up in the middle of a hundred others is the one that matters. Their change may affect the entire group and possible many others that haven't had a chance to join the chat or see this. Your presence on HTML5 chat counts tremendously and the same goes for your intentions. Your intentions to help xat and the commu
  3. Hey! Thank you for the report. We've looked at and reported it to xat. It seems like 42 has fixed it SEBACK should work now. Oh... and, nice power Santy! Nice power.
  4. Congratulations to our smiley maker @iSanty for planning and designing this amazing power! There's no PlayStation 2 reference... but that's okay. I will wait! We, the old gamers, we hope for more of these gaming powers!
  5. To my fellow colleagues, to the many coordinators that work together with me on the projects, to my oldest cyberfriends who've endured years of memories, and to the newer ones which I had the pleasure to meet recently, today, here and now, we maintain our course into the laborious process to which we are very dedicated, and its future depends on the union of the old users with the new. Together and aligned towards the common goal of making xat more modern, secure and unique, we, the very base of its community, the part of the users who frequently participate on debates and suggest
  6. Hello there, hello you, hello everyone. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm happy to announce that xat has updated its Allpowers collection. You now need 191 powers to complete the Allpowers set. Below you can see the list of the newly added powers: ten classic rapidreason broadcaster sline silentban flgpwn mark pcbr goodfriend botstat hats esmile pcplus opacity faceoff morph category fido face main For more informatio
  7. You mean another icon instead of the classic blue "i"? (see image) When I think of SUPERBAN I imagine a power that goes beyond having just pawns for a collection. The idea of changing other aspects of the ban event sounds good and innovative (fun) If you have examples Valstein please show, bro! Thank you for the idea.
  8. But what would a superban collection allow you to do? Pawns from ban powers? If so, ok good! But what else? Superban with new animation when you ban people? Let's try out and think of good ideas for a SUPERBAN.
  9. Cupim

    598 MAIN

    In the new xat you can give main owner to your friend without sharing password (more secure) And with the new main power, you can decide what your main owner friend can do. Edit only pages? Edit group powers only? etc.
  10. The polar panda model who voluntarily posed for the smiley 'polarhehe' was into jiu-jitsu
  11. Auction is up! https://xat.com/auction 6 digits: 100069 108888 111222 161616 222222 641776 7 digits: 1000098 1000099 2000020 4100000 7700077 9900099 Happy 4th July.
  12. Sure! Welcome.
  13. It came to 42's attention that users were asking for ID auctions (thread below). PLEASE SUGGEST YOUR DESIRED IDS. 6 AND 7 DIGITS ONLY. The auction will happen on July 4, 2020. This thread will lock itself automatically hours before the 4th of July. So hurry up to suggest your IDs! A special date always helps xat to do an excellent event. Let's hope that the U.S.A. Independence Day can help us remember what freedom truly is. In this special date americans may celebrate their independence in their own soil and elsewhere. But for us, at least for me, a Brazil
  14. (2#Para ler em Português, leia no final! To read in English, simple continue:) And we continue towards the "new". A new era. A new culture. The originality of ideas lies in their audacious innocence to do what has never been done before. And until we can become victims of this creative authenticity, at least for the success of this project here, we must fantasize about the dream that we'll succeed, that we'll do the new, that it'll be different from the old. I like to say that even for things to fall you need a rhythm, an orchestra. Even the falls can be be
  15. What I mean is, xat is an instant messenger. Allowing people to edit messages changes that aspect. For example, when on chat you start a dialogue and you finish it. It's different to our topic here, where other users will post it hours later (so editing has a purpose). I'm in favor of modernization. Certainly But I'd like to see a real purpose behind edit feature. e.g. 42 does a typo Why is 42 going to edit it If his message will be gone in 2-3 mins later ? What I am trying to say is, what are yo
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