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  1. I think different. I see volunteers as the the users helping admins to take care of the tickets The system is designed for the volunteers, in their positions, to be able to help users in a way or another That means, if everyone did what they were made capable of, maybe then, users would be more satisfied with the ticket system. I could continue with a big post but I think the only way to "resolve" this thread is by replying to tickets, so I end it here. Not much to discuss as we know the formula for happiness: Users open tickets => Tickets are answered => People are going to be happy with their problems solved
  2. PcBack Shuffle

    Will the PCBACK-Shuffle image change every time we re-open the Private Chat, OR will you allow us to set a timer? A timer option means we can make the pcbackshuffle power work like animate power does If the timer idea sounds good, please add some limitations to prevent flashing backgrounds (fast animations in black and white) e.g. Maybe minimum about 4 seconds and a max of 60 seconds And besides making the PCBack-Shuffle power, xat could update the old PCBack power with the new complications. That is: Update the old PCBack power to work with the macros = 1 PCBack for friends, 1 PCBack for non friends. Anyway, good idea! It will be fun to make subtle animations within our private chat backgrounds.
  3. Are we running out of powers?

    I don't see any problem with new powers weekly, except by the production aspect which requires developers to continuously come up with good ideas Else powers don't sell. It's essential for a site to be updated, and even though powers are paid, fresh changes (e.g. new powers) are a good thing for xat. Although, I feel there is some scarcity of ideas for free features. And it's important to think of "non-paid features". So I leave the thought: We cannot "run away" from making xat fun for users that can't afford to pay. They ("free users") should get stuff too, not premium stuff though but something cool.
  4. Favorite Clothing?

    As long as all the items that I'm wearing are combining colors to each other, I'll be fine with it. VANS and LOST usually do the deal with black-white clothes
  5. ha! True that. We need more culture. I mean, culture from diverse places. Maybe in the next years we can explore other cultures, not repeatedly use the All Saints' Eve context / background as theme. Mexico got the "day of the death" but it's really close to Halloween (still deserves a spot) Brazil got a lot of myths too, check them out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazilian_mythology Maybe wikipedia can help us learn more about other cultures from different countries
  6. Test thread ignore

    hmm.. z Z? zz... z ... Z!
  7. Test thread ignore

    zz-, zz, z.... Z? z !
  8. Embed Image/Gif on HTML5 chat

    For image embedding on main chat: Not the 1st time that we see this concept but still, a good idea. Although I think there should be an option for main owners: Toggle image ON / OFF. Image display ON == Prints the image Image display OFF == will show the images as links instead of printing them (as it is right now) Note: Default to all chats would be set OFF. One of the issues with the concept is how much abuse could come from it. Hence the idea of giving the option to the main owner, so they decide whether or not there's image embedding on their chat. If the hosting site is not white listed by xat, then the image wouldn't be printed. Make the feature to be subscriber or registered only (with the intent to reduce abuse) For image embedding on Private Chats: There could be a "global macro"... This would allow any user to enable the image embedding feature on their Private Chat(s). So regardless of the chat you're at, you could still use the feature with no harm to the main chat. $images=on $images=off (Default) ON => Enables image embedding when reg/sub users send you images on Private Chat (links in .png, .jpg., .gif., .jpeg, etc.) OFF => Shows the link (as it is right now)
  9. 462 MARK

    I think this power would work better with an audio notification to it. Maybe that's something for a next power (to combo with mark power). As previously posted, apparently ctrl + f will do the job of highlighting text for you. I understand that automatic highlighting text can be a feature But having audio notification implemented to it sounds like a good bonus and serves an utility too. For example, to set the audio: $markaudio=Audio name. From https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/chat_room_audies.html To reduce spam / unwanted audio playing: $setmark=0 - Default option, audio would play at all times. $setmark=1 - The audio will play only if it is a friend typing a marked word. Maybe NOISE power. Or do an update or boost to MARK power.
  10. Guests sending links

    Trusting on guests to send any link on the main chat... that would be too dangerous in my opinion. As it already is with them transmitting scam / phishing links through private chats ... I'd say that the LINK group power exists exactly for this type of need. Want to allow guests to use links? Assign link power, set your predefined link(s) and let them use it. I like @LaFleur's whitelist idea because it's util for social media sharing. Main owners would be able to allow youtube linking, imgur, postimage, twitter, facebook, vimeo etc. But allowing guests to send any link at all, it would be a risk that I wouldn't take on my chat. Now, re-using your gcontrol idea... There could be an option to determine which "rank-type" can use the white-listed links, e.g. [Guests to use whitelist]: (Subscribers only), (Registered only), (All users).
  11. Copying and pasting messages

    NO If in a future, on html5, users get allowed to copy of our messages... This is certainly an issue to type races I think that having a feature, maybe free or subscriber only or as a power (up to xat staff) A feature to protect the user's messages / change the message space In this case, using Paul's idea I think there can be changes now (in flash), and later (for html5). While on Flash, xat would implement predefined macros allowing users to opt between their spaces, i.e. $msgspace=0 $msgspace=1 0 => wont copy (xat standard message, each word/part separated), 1 => allows to copy (alt +255, can copy entire message) When on HTML5, the predefined macro would be re-added but in different oreder 0 => allows to copy (alt +255), 1 => wont copy (xat standard message) Note: in these examples, 0 would be always the default to all users. Flash: Help mods can set $msgspace=1 and make help easier Flash: Traders can set $msgspace=1 and price multiple prices at once faster HTML5: A feature to allow users to protect their messages/texts (useful for typerace) If it doesn't take much it would be nice to see this feature added on Flash (I mean, right now) Depending on how the macro is used on flash, it could be then re-implemented (on HTML5). Typeraces matter
  12. Stealth mode improvement

    Stealth mode for permanent moderators? A function power allowing owners to go on stealth is definitely something we need. Lets say the power is named UNSEEN. This power would be required if a moderator wanted to go on stealth. But the chat has to set the stealth mode for moderators too. Having it that way, means the main owner can control who is using the stealth mode. Imagine an option within GCONTROL: Stealth Mode: [+Moderators/+Temp. Owners/+Owners/+Main] Default is set to +Temp. Owners If changed to "+Moderators", then the moderators will need UNSEEN power and will be able to go on stealth. I see this as an utility for chat moderation. So I can't see a need for members to go on stealth.