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  1. I say (OPACITY) power, and make it for smilies too e.g. (d#op#w44) has 44% opacity You'd also be able to use it on a selected part of the smiley e.g. (d#flip#ffffff#still#op#w90) Flip 90% opacity Bonus functions allow you to change the opacity from Nameglow and Statusglow (maybe from 1 to 9) e.g. (glow#000001#op#w2) and $status=Ban 'em all #ffffff#000001#op#w2 As for (BLUR), that could be another power
  2. SJBB... Congratulations!
  3. Live forever
  4. Congratulations to the well deserved spot.
  5. Congratulations @Manu Well deserved.
  6. That's a good idea and it's already used by xat. Just not as often as they should use it. I can remember the Romanian pawn being added last year. But I meant I'd like to see powers that tell the same story which (independence) does. For an example, (songkran) celebrates the Thai new year, where (egyptian) is a Egyptian-themed smiley power. I think independence powers are supposed to tell the story of the country, or at least a bit of it. Some may argue that the (egyptian) power is enough for Egyptian-related content. Some may say the same for (songkran). For an example for the independence (USA) smilies, we've smilies holding flags. For the others two, there's not a single flag. Except by their smiley back which resembles the flag colors.
  7. The U.S. Dept of State recognizes 195 independent states. That means, 195 countries have declared independence besides the USA. Our independence power covers the USA's costumes and its independence. I'd like to see and make more powers with the same concept. Examples: Brazil (7th September), Peru (28th July), Mexico (26h September), etc...
  8. I like the idea but I'd like it even more if we could find a solution on how "to label" these messages. That red icon would "kill the joke", and any other indication that's easy to spot wouldn't help to make it funnier either. So I'll remember that we have the events power (and we could use it, if this sproof power ever comes to exist). Here's the idea: If Paul makes "my xat user" say that "I listen to Justin Bieber everyday", that would be recorded on the events page for anyone that got events power to see. The concern here, is for how long that log would stay on the events page. For an example, in a drastic situation where Paul "makes my user" say something bad. Imagine that I get banned from that drastic situation. Lets say that the log from the events page is long gone. That wouldn't be a nice experience. And difficult to fix.
  9. OK I'm turning the power specialist mode on. Because in my opinion, Zuke didn't get an idea for custom-reasons on rapid... But for rapid to be added to lang as a variable (so you edit the text and everyone else reads what you edit) Zuke suggested an update for the lang power. He wanted the word 'rapid' to be editable by the lang texts That means, everybody who had rapid would still be banning for the same reason. It just wouldn't print 'rapid'... but print whatever the main owner set at lang. I'd consider him worthy of getting a test if he gave an example of how to add reasons but he went vague on saying: "Maybe still have "rapid" in the reason for ban, but be able to add another reason for the ban." Nate presented a method for us to add a reason through the current rapid method. So if xat listened to Zuke, we'd have a lang update and no choice to add/type our own reasons. But xat listened to Nate, so every user from now on can choose their own reason when rapid banning I can see a big difference in their ideas and I hope I've cleared it out here.
  10. If you come with an idea, and an original one, its likely that you will get a test power if it gets made. Helpernate first came with this idea, not Zuke. That, unless someone can state otherwise with forum archives. I've linked Helpernate's post below:
  11. Multiple tabs mean messy private chats. I tried to come up with solutions for that I will post them here because they resolve the same problem. Private chats sync - you will get the same messages on all chats/tabs. If I say hi to Johnny on private, and Johnny says hi back. I'll see two messages on all the chats I've opened. So any new message, would appear on all the chats. Be it from me, or Johnny. Sync from origin chat - you get messages from the chat you first got them For example, I sent a message to Johnny on PC. We're both on xat5. Then Johnny opens xatLobby. From Lobby, he wont get any of my PC messages, unless he closes xat5. Another example, Johnny is at xatTrade instead of xat5. He will get all the chat on xatTrade until he closes it This solution is similar to the "lock feature" but automatic. About the lock feature, I like the idea because of the double-click part. Imaging it, I'd say some people would take time to learn how to use it I thought of adding helpful texts for users to learn about the lock feature By hovering a PC tab, you get the nickname of one user. If they add the lock feature, below the nickname, one text could show to inform users Example "to lock this private chat, double click the tab". Also when locked, another text needs to show, saying its locked. I'd prefer the private chats sync idea added since it puts all messages sent and received to all the chats you're connected No need for clicks and you see the same chat everywhere. Never need to search for a tab where you locked a PC. Users may take time to understand how the feature works at first but the double-click concept helps to make it an easy catch. Also I like Crow's idea because its a way to save time from looking for a locked PC. With one click you can all locked PCs to the chat you're on. In case xat adds Madison's PCLock idea, they should add Crow's too
  12. I wish they had something like this added to gcontrol: 'flood limit rank: [guest, temp mem, mem, temp mod, mod, temp own, own, main]' So if you set it to 'guest', flood limit affects guests only. If you select 'temp mod', it will affect guests, temp mem, members and temp mods only...
  13. I like the idea but I think it should be introduced as a individual power. For example, you can mention and be mentioned only if you have MENTION power. Users can be mentioned by @ + Register (xat username) "Hey @BobTestAccount" Using the image posted as example, the "special text style" added on the mention would be seen only by users who got the power. Users without the power would see it without the style/effect. That means you can only mention other users if you got MENTION power. Macro ideas: $maudio=audioname Sets one of the xat audies to play once you're mentioned (default PING) $mlimit=1 Sets limit of how many times you can be mentioned by the same person every minute (default 1) This can be adapted to work with mobile since you can already link a regname to its profile using @ on mobile. So all the power would need to do is play a sound once your regname is mentioned (which is a good method for notification) Would be nice if the sound played even if you had the mobile app minimized
  14. Google's translator got a community section where anyone with a google account can join. And from there assist with the translations. For proper comparison, I looked up at Microsoft and found out they got a feedback system for incorrect translations. I have no info about the real numbers but its possible that Google has more helpers than Microsoft does, considering how big Google is. So going by the helpers's concept (community based), one way to improve the quality of the translations is by having humans around to fix it. And by that perspective and in my opinion, Google is winning. I'd rather Google considering its community benefit. Thousands of users helping are likely to be more effective than a dozen of staffers I think we should keep Google considering its quality unless tests from other languages show otherwise. I haven't used Microsoft's translator but certainly it should be efficient only with Skype where they're investing their time and money in. I'm not sure how Google reacts to other languages but its working for Portuguese at least, so I don't see need for change (unless it was broke) 1st example: Here Google keeps the adjective in place for "política saudável", printing "healthy policy"... but Microsoft separates it. Google's: Microsoft's: 2nd example: Here Google used a synonym for "dodge" by adding "sidestep" instead. Microsoft chose "divert" instead of dodge/sidestep. DESVIAR = DODGE Google's: Microsoft's:
  15. We're working on a color-selection scheme (I am not really a fan of grey) More info will be added soon e.g. how to color your bubble game For now the game works on both chats and xatspaces Default size is 645x645 (less or more may break its design) Updated: Colors scheme added. See below: Grey code: 1 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:1] Blue code: 2 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:2] Sea code: 3 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:3] Orange code: 4 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:4] Pink code: 5 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:5] Green code: 6 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:6] Yellow code: 7 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:7] White code: 8 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:8] Red code: 9 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:9] Purple code: 10 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:10]