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  1. Cupim


    NO! Not the dark side!
  2. Cupim

    New Moderator: LaFleur

    Congratulations, well deserved! Lets hope for more meritocratic decisions to keep happening
  3. Cupim

    Groups security

    I think https://www.revolvermaps.com/ works for now as lots of users are fans of its feature
  4. Cupim

    A Big Prize [Win 20,000 Xats]

    Cupim (10000690) MAKEMERICH
  5. Cupim

    481 SAMBA

    Hello, I'd like to thank everyone of you who took their time to post in here, I appreciate the effort. If you have any issue with the power, please post with details so I can analyse and repair if necessary. For this power, I have tried something different. Each smiley has a special option which can be enabled with #w1 Example: (d#samba#w1) Carnival isn't only in Brazil, it belongs where the samba rhythm is. Enjoy your carnaval !
  6. Cupim

    What do you expect for 2018?

    I expect tickets from the report scam and account blocked areas to be answered within days delay (not week or months)
  7. Cupim

    xat - push it to the limit

    Best xat short film of 2017?
  8. Through this post, I'm asking xat to completely disable the anti-flood system for ranked users. An idea for the gcontrol option: "Flood limit detection: [Nobody/Guest/Members/Mods/etc....]" (Default = Guest). In my opinion, the anti flood system is the most annoying experience on xat. Specially if you type fast ... My second most annoying experience is NOT TO KNOW which message was discarded (blocked / not sent) Imagine you sent 10 messages but you saw 3 flood limit errors on main chat. How do you know what the other user missed to read? How do I know what messages they didn't receive? So besides changing the anti flood limit system to ranks (i.e. It would affect guests only as default) We also need to know what the flood limit blocked. Then instead of printing the text "Limit: 5s" I suggest to add the message that was blocked by the flood limit. e.g. "Limit: 5s - message you tried to send goes here"
  9. Thanks to everyone who participated in this. Now, time to congratulate the winners: See the gif in bigger size: https://prnt.sc/hpbtmo Ganador 1 - iPia (592658849) Ganador 2 - K0K3(10691069) Ganador 3 - IM1K1 (466650102) Ganador 4 - SirCharlie (1523604434) Ganador 5 - trux 444455555 Ganador 6 - Mstr (172762838) Each one of you will receive 500 xats. Thanks for visiting Loja and being part of Loja club!
  10. Congratulations to the winners. This topic is now closed If you are a winner, please contact Thuk to get your prize Thanks
  11. Loja is celebrating its second anniversary today but the party will go on for sometime as we did last year. We thank every user who has been visiting our chat, we thank the sellers who believe in our system and of course, you for reading this. It is now your chance to win 500 xats, all you have to do is post your xat username and ID in this topic. Six users will be selected once the countdown below ends. Countdown here. There's a single rule: Only one post per person! Thanks @Maverick for donating 2000 xats, and @Thuk for donating 1000 xats.
  12. Cupim


    We can have both if they are legit and safe Lets give more time for users to see this post... So if anyone else knows other page/view counter sites, they can list them here as well.
  13. Cupim


    Is there any other free widget online that counts views? (do you know any?) We could add a new counter just like the bubble shooter game. If you have a suggestion (for example, another site like flagcounter but with better graphics)... Then please post it here. We will analyse your request (is the site ok and safe? is the service legit? if everything goes well, it could be added to all chats/xatspaces)
  14. Cupim

    Blastgod Power

    Did anyone ask for fun animations of gods and other culture symbols smashing avatars and names, destroying pawns and doing all that their mystical powers allows them to do.... Greekblast, Norseblast, Romanblast, Chinablast... We could also look at other popular cultures, for example, the Romanian and Brazilian mythologies... A suggestion for the Romanian blast power name: (Folclorul) - means folklore Following the same line of thought, I'd suggest (folclore) for the Brazilian power, or (brazilblast) can work too Sorry Romania, too long to be with the 'blast' word. A lot of work but the Greek blasts should be the priority I guess the Greek mythology is the most popular out there Nice idea @Crow
  15. Cupim

    469 FITNESS

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. Your words inspire me to continue with this style for more powers. We're listening to your ideas, by checking the Suggestions area almost everyday. The gym theme was a long-time request but you don't always need a gym if you want to stay fit Also, fitness power has been updated today. BIG: All the smilies work with big power now. IMPROVED: Fitness main smiley received a visual change. if you have any comment, suggestion or issue on the power, please post here.