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  1. KDINO

    I think that a kaoani dinosaur power would be a good idea. But I still think we can come up with better ideas than crying and smiling faces. Examples: Egg hatches and the kaoani dino appears. Maybe a reference, to Dino, the meme? Dino sneaks of hatched egg Also it would be fun if the power included different type of dinosaurs, like the long neck or the ones that fly, etc.
  2. 457 TRAVEL

    Hey! Thank you for your kind posts. I appreciate them all! This was a theme that was often asked by the community, and I'm happy to be the one behind its production. Update: Today xat added two new smilies to (TRAVEL) power - 09/13/2017 saving2 - combine the wings trhat2 - combine the hat travel - updated for proper combination outhere - color & effects fixed, thanks to @Mihay ( ↑ New travel smiley)
  3. xatradio.com

    Hello, At first, thank you for using the service. Please pay attention as I'll try to be as clear as possible: Encryption is not allowed. xatRadio.com will not approve any material that has encrypted content in it. We can suggest you to use your developer watermark for protection (if you have any) Also you can try using alternative structure of codes, to differ from other player makers. Regarding your server protection, this is responsibility of your hosting provider. If you are concerned about your server protection you can ask your host support about how to improve your server security. For users to listen to your radio server or your customer's radio, they require the server IP. Any method of encryption will not work completely as the listener's machine will obtain the IP. People can listen to your radio only if they have your radio IP I'm trying to point out that adding encryption to the IP addresses wont really help to protect your IP. Because the listener is able to read your IP even if encrypted. The encrypted code would attempt a connection to the radio server which reveals the server address to the listener's machine. So by any means, it's technically impossible to fully hide your server IP. Also, please understand that our biggest concern while handling xatRadio stuff is their security. We examine the entire code before it is approved, and by encrypting any part of it, you violate our rules. We will not allow any type of encryption as the safety concern is our top priority (and 2nd priority is to approve your players as soon as possible ) Thank you for reading this long text. Here's xatRadio logo, just the end this post with style.
  4. Keep Counting


    (Zoomix) sounds like a good idea. In my opinion, if the power is a series of other smiley powers (as lovemix power), it should be named a mix. It would work better if you suggested what face expressions you want to add (considering the existent ones, to avoid duplication). For an example: Giraffe has a lot of faces except a maniac giraffe laughing, let's have that added then. Try to think of what the animal powers don't have, so you can think of what you would like to see added. Then (zoomix) could become a solid idea. Instead of listing existent faces, you will think of new ones. PS I would like to keep the name (ZOO) reserved for a power. Imagine zoo keeper themed power (yellow smilies!)
  6. I met BigNum2 (1480868749) at a very strange time in my life. https://media.giphy.com/media/7G2cxOTQLPeOk/giphy.gif
  7. Additions for Nameglow/Namecolor

    I say (OPACITY) power, and make it for smilies too e.g. (d#op#w44) has 44% opacity You'd also be able to use it on a selected part of the smiley e.g. (d#flip#ffffff#still#op#w90) Flip 90% opacity Bonus functions allow you to change the opacity from Nameglow and Statusglow (maybe from 1 to 9) e.g. (glow#000001#op#w2) and $status=Ban 'em all #ffffff#000001#op#w2 As for (BLUR), that could be another power
  8. Congratulations to SJBB

    SJBB... Congratulations!
  9. Change One Word

    Live forever
  10. Congratulations Solange!

    Congratulations to the well deserved spot.
  11. Graphics chat

    Congratulations @Manu Well deserved.
  12. Suggest a Holiday Power

    That's a good idea and it's already used by xat. Just not as often as they should use it. I can remember the Romanian pawn being added last year. But I meant I'd like to see powers that tell the same story which (independence) does. For an example, (songkran) celebrates the Thai new year, where (egyptian) is a Egyptian-themed smiley power. I think independence powers are supposed to tell the story of the country, or at least a bit of it. Some may argue that the (egyptian) power is enough for Egyptian-related content. Some may say the same for (songkran). For an example for the independence (USA) smilies, we've smilies holding flags. For the others two, there's not a single flag. Except by their smiley back which resembles the flag colors.
  13. Suggest a Holiday Power

    The U.S. Dept of State recognizes 195 independent states. That means, 195 countries have declared independence besides the USA. Our independence power covers the USA's costumes and its independence. I'd like to see and make more powers with the same concept. Examples: Brazil (7th September), Peru (28th July), Mexico (26h September), etc...
  14. Sproof Power

    I like the idea but I'd like it even more if we could find a solution on how "to label" these messages. That red icon would "kill the joke", and any other indication that's easy to spot wouldn't help to make it funnier either. So I'll remember that we have the events power (and we could use it, if this sproof power ever comes to exist). Here's the idea: If Paul makes "my xat user" say that "I listen to Justin Bieber everyday", that would be recorded on the events page for anyone that got events power to see. The concern here, is for how long that log would stay on the events page. For an example, in a drastic situation where Paul "makes my user" say something bad. Imagine that I get banned from that drastic situation. Lets say that the log from the events page is long gone. That wouldn't be a nice experience. And difficult to fix.
  15. Function Power 441 - Rapidreason

    OK I'm turning the power specialist mode on. Because in my opinion, Zuke didn't get an idea for custom-reasons on rapid... But for rapid to be added to lang as a variable (so you edit the text and everyone else reads what you edit) Zuke suggested an update for the lang power. He wanted the word 'rapid' to be editable by the lang texts That means, everybody who had rapid would still be banning for the same reason. It just wouldn't print 'rapid'... but print whatever the main owner set at lang. I'd consider him worthy of getting a test if he gave an example of how to add reasons but he went vague on saying: "Maybe still have "rapid" in the reason for ban, but be able to add another reason for the ban." Nate presented a method for us to add a reason through the current rapid method. So if xat listened to Zuke, we'd have a lang update and no choice to add/type our own reasons. But xat listened to Nate, so every user from now on can choose their own reason when rapid banning I can see a big difference in their ideas and I hope I've cleared it out here.