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  1. We're working on a color-selection scheme (I am not really a fan of grey) More info will be added soon e.g. how to color your bubble game For now the game works on both chats and xatspaces Default size is 645x645 (less or more may break its design) Updated: Colors scheme added. See below: Grey code: 1 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:1] Blue code: 2 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:2] Sea code: 3 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:3] Orange code: 4 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:4] Pink code: 5 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:5] Green code: 6 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:6] Yellow code: 7 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:7] White code: 8 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:8] Red code: 9 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:9] Purple code: 10 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:10]
  2. Please understand that we're committed to the cause of providing a good and stable service. As soon as we were told about the service issues, we had it inspected and resolved. Multiple xatProject services were having connection issues for some minutes, including xatRadio. Our host has been up for over a hundred days so far. Last time it went down because of a datacenter maintenance and it lasted a couple hours. For an example our bot service was still up when the services had connection problems. P.S. The connection issues lasted maybe longer than 10 minutes but less than 15 (we're active just as you are) We have dedicated a lot to make xatRadio and will continue to do so. We can't guarantee that the service will stay online forever, stable forever. Anything can happen But we'll be around to repair if it breaks and to improve if you complain. Thanks for your post.
  3. I think this is something we shouldn't add... We already have too many flashing colors, and a cycling pawn wouldn't really help... Unless you needed 10 units of every power to unlock that pawn, then it would be fun (not many would have it)
  4. if you have widget suggestions feel free to post them here (name the app) We'll be looking at revolvermaps and flagcounter soon, thank you for the posts.
  5. To add the Trade chat to your chat, use this code: [chat:728:486:5633523:Trade] By the way, xatRadio is free. You can register for free and you can upload for free. To learn more about xat new special codes, click here:
  6. Maybe adding a code similar to nameglow could work for the selection of colors (default is green, means if you have only ruby pawn power). And to prevent users from adding any color code, they would be able to select one color from their pawn powers. So to pick other colors, you'd need the pawn powers ... Blueman = Dark Blue Gold = Gold Pink = Pink Ruby = Red Purple = Purple Cupim(glow#000001#flag#x)(hat#hl)(everypower#wgold) or Cupim(glow#000001#flag#x)(hat#hl)(everypower#wblueman) that way the background color of the pawn changes according to the color code of the pawn power but the ruby texture is kept
  7. If its really expensive, let users add jewel effect to their statuses (would require all status powers, statusglow and statuscolor) The glitter effect could be optional... Glitter effect = Also add (rubyback) - smiley - (use the back from the pawn or place a big ruby with mask) (topruby) - same as topman but instead of the purple pawn, it'd show the ruby pawn. And below the ruby pawn, the following: Gold, purple and blueman.
  8. We had jewel before so I guess it was merged with (ruby), not sure if we will ever see (jewel) again. Just so you can "get it", we had JEWEL power before, on the store, and its description said, ah wait, a picture is much better:
  9. You will get emerald pawn if you have every power
  10. Embedding chat groups: [xat:width:height:bgcolor:chatnameORchatID] if you dont like [xat] ... [group] or [chat] could do it.
  11. we support https
  12. Congratulations SJBB, you deserve it.
  13. Sounds like a good idea. I like to imagine it working because I think it might reduce scams at first... "ah uh, I borrowed my powers to Fred, and he ran away with them" Or the classic: "I married BigNum2, gave him Everypower, now we've divorced and he wont give it back" I see this idea as a solution to some types of scams, for example, when borrowing occurs and there's no return (giving back) And if this power goes out, I don't think that there should be unit limits for transfers, meaning you'd be able to borrow as many powers as you wish. If you had 2 BORROW powers, you'd be able to borrow one of them since the page/app will require you one BORROW power to perform the function. Although they can make that you can't transfer the BORROW power to prevent bad results ... Or that you must be the original owner of the power to perform the borrow function. Imagine where it could happen (the function of temp transfer). Would there be a page for borrowing powers? Or an edited version of the trade app named borrow app can work? W/ a page its easier to add cancel options, otherwise I see difficulty in trying to design cancel options on an adapted version of the current Trade app (not much space available) I'm fine without the cancel option though, if you're borrowing powers and you've confirmed it, it'd be patient to wait 24 hours for them to come back. But if I'm borrowing powers for longer (lets say over a week), then its a different story and I'd rather have a cancel option available somewhere. Regarding the power time limit, I'm not sure if 24 hours is the appropriate timing considering many users borrow powers to their partners for long periods of time Lets remember how DX power works, once its used its gone. Shouldn't BORROW power work like that? I'm not saying to make the power burn after the usage but until the temp transfer is due, the borrow power wont show to the user (meaning he can't borrow again) For an example, you'd need to have more than 1 BORROW power to borrow powers again to another person. 1 power borrow per temp transfer, then it goes back to your ID after the transfer is completed. Once borrowed the powers would disappear from your ID completely ...
  14. I've been telling people to re-login before buying from the store to avoid page errors. If you re-login before you try to purchase from xat store, it should work just fine (as long you haven't tried in the last 4 minutes). Perhaps, xat could add something like this somewhere on the powers page: "Have you logged in today? Make sure you are logged in before completing your xat power(s) purchase". It needs to be more visible than the 'Buy powers' button. If you're suggesting xat to remove the time limit, I disagree completely. This time limit exists for a long time, and it works as a way to keep buying powers fair (e.g. if you could get all limited at once, that wouldn't be fair to other users). Therefore releases occur from time to time, so more users can get them. I think four (4) minutes are good enough but I wouldn't mind having it reduced to three (3) instead. In the past, I've thought of a power that would "reduce your time limit", so if you had the power you could buy powers every 2 minutes (instead of 4). But after some thinking, I reconsidered the idea because it wouldn't be fair (2 to 4 is a big difference). Then I thought of something else, instead of a power, it could work as a "feature". e.g. If you have AllPowers, your time limit changes to 3 minutes (instead of 4 minutes). On the other hand, I think we would need the "areyouhuman" verification added to the store page (to improve its security). If we add more security there, we will be preventing users from doing things they aren't supposed to (time limit + areyouhuman=fair for all). If areyouhuman was added, the problem would be that too many users get confused when completing it (and every second matters when buying limited powers). This isn't good and could make buying powers an annoying thing instead of being simple and quick as it should be.