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  1. Mery

    My account on xat is blocked what should I do?

    Did I change the net provider to be the problem?

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    2. Stif


      The E29 you are getting while attempting to login means that your account is locked to another location and a ticket must be created under the "Locked Out" department. To doing so, you must private message a volunteer via forum, you can see them here. Then, click on "message" under the name of one of them. Remember to include:

      • Username and ID;
      • Reason for needing a ticket; (In this case "Locked Out")
      • E-mail associated with the account that you have the problem;
      • Also mention if you still have access to this e-mail.

      Or you can contact them directly via chat, they usually can be found on Help or xat_test.
      You can check the response times of the departments here.


      Good luck!

    3. Mery


      I asked 2 volunteers, but I think I do not do something right, thank you anyway.

    4. Stif


      Cupim can be found on xat_test, pc him there!

  2. Cupim

    The King of the Forum

    I protect the Dukedom.
  3. Cupim

    The King of the Forum

    NOT SO FAST! I'm here to help us find the new true King. As new Lord, I'll mention @Madses and @Jedi
  4. Cupim

    The King of the Forum

    How can you protect the Dukedom without friends!? Thank you Lord, whose title once belonged to me. Here are my friends, that I hope get in symphony with the game terms. @Thuk @Champ @Solange @Angelo @Samuel
  5. Cupim

    The King of the Forum

    As this Kingdom needs a Lord, here I'm. My friends are @Thuk and @Mike I'll have mercy on those who didn't read the rules. But no mercy for these who can't get irony
  6. Cupim

    The King of the Forum

    Congratulations to our 2nd King. Crow had the power to change how many friends a Duke would have to mention If no rule change was mentioned, everything stays as it is. King Austin the First chose to require five friends instead of four. King Crow the Second, instead... slept in his throne and woke up with a crown with the made in China mark in it. Whoever does the 3rd post after Crow's post, becomes the new Lord. And God save the Third King, who we have yet to meet.
  7. Cupim

    The King of the Forum

    As the Dukes failed to mention their 5 friends ... (whoever is mentioned by the Lord, must mention friends to protect the Dukedom) Here, now I come. Now I'm Duke! @Stif @Juna @Thuk @Guppy @Sydno (Now all these mentioned above have to post after me, so I can name the new King) If anyone breaks the chain... He/she becomes the new Duke (and has to mention friends ...)
  8. Cupim

    The King of the Forum

    The King of the Forum (the forum-game) The Kings and Queens (total of friends needed to protect the Dukedom at the time*) 1 | King Austin, Duke Scott (4*) and Lord Helper Nate. 2 | King Crow, Duke Sydno (5*) and Lord La Fleur. 3 | King Mike, Duchess Lemona (5*) and Lord Austin. The next post after mine, belongs to the Lord. 1. When posting, the Lord must mention two friends. 1.1 The first friend to reply becomes the Duke. 1.2 If anybody else but a friend posts, the Lord loses his title. Then, this person becomes the new Lord, and must mention two friends. 2. The Duke must post and mention ten friends to protect the Dukedom. 2.1 ALL ten friends have to post just after the Duke's post. If so, the Duke can name the true King by a post (mentioning the Kings or Queen's name) 2.2 IF anybody else but the Duke's friends do any post after the Duke, this person can become the new Duke, who would have to mention friends too. (Whoever breaks the chain first can be the Duke) 3. After being named, the King or Queen of the Forum has power to change this rule. 3.1 This means, the King of the Forum can change how many friends the Dukedom needs for protection 3.2 Any ridiculous change is illegitimate of a true King or Queen. Be reasonable! 4. The 3rd person to post after the King or Queen's post, becomes the new Lord. Then we shall find, the new true King of the Forum. Rules a) Dukes cannot mention Lords to protect their Dukedom. b) Dukes cannot name Lords to be Kings. c) Lords and Dukes must mention their friends. Else their lose their titles to whoever posts next. d) The most recent King or Queen cannot be mentioned until a new King/Queen is named. e) If a King or Queen does not post in a two days time (for rule change), the 7th post after the Duke's nomination belongs to the new Lord. Thanks for reading. I created this game. If you're from another forum, and would like to play the King forum-game, feel free to copy!
  9. Cupim

    Chrome updates & new HTML5 players

    I wonder if you can easily custom them
  10. Many popular companies use slogans to increase their brand popularity. Kit Kat has a slogan that says "have a break, have a kit kat". If xat had a slogan. What would it say? To start the discussion I will suggest a slogan that comes in mind when thinking of a slogan for xat: "xat now, xat everywhere" xat is easy to remember. In a marketer's perspective, a slogan wouldn't make much difference here, except if very strong and meaningful But still, let's use this thread to discuss slogans for a possible future (to practice our creativity)
  11. Cupim

    "Thanks" reaction

    I think we could use of new reactions. I'll use this thread to suggest 8 new reactions Reaction: AGREED Reaction: THANKS Reaction: LOVE IT Reaction: NICE POST Reaction: SAD Reaction: OMG Reaction: MAD Reaction: WAIT WHAT (confused)
  12. Cupim


    In my opinion, both elements can coexist in the same power. Well detailed ice creams with cute (kaoani) faces, plus a series of fun smilies enjoying their ice creams. From @LaFleur's ideas and other posts from here, it's possible to imagine how (icecream) power would look like. And I like it. By the way... I enjoy ice creams in any season of the year. Winter or summer, flakes ice cream it is!
  13. Cupim

    CSSS on editprofile to a textfield

    If it will optimize browser loading time and make editing CSS less difficult, then yes. And after seeing so many "I agree". An article came to my mind:

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