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  1. Nathan

    Statusfx glitch

    I cannot say that statusfx is the issue. I can confirm, however, that this bug comet reports began right after the release of statusfx when we began using it. The users in question were able to transfer to the bot (1510151) after disabling statusfx & we’ve had no further complaints. @Cometand i Can work on getting browser & device info for the people that had the issue.
  2. Welcome and congratulations @Page!!
  3. Extension of this offer applied: Every day this week (Dec 20 - 27) a random member that has posted a message in our discord under the #chat channel will be selected for free bot time. Please have your discord private messages open to be notified you've been selected. Good luck!
  4. Radios have been added into 12 days of Christmas --- with an extension: All utune.in radios are FREE until January 5, 2021! Take advantage while ya can! Happy Holidays!
  5. He doesn't mention this, but these messages are also visible to other members of the chat if they refresh the page or sign out and back in. Even if they do not have the rank set in rankpool settings.
  6. Its ARCbot's 12 days of Christmas! Now until Dec. 26 all free server bots will run as premium bots for FREE! Have a safe and happy holidays!
  7. Just under 12 hours remaining! Have you joined our Discord? Take advantage of this offer HERE
  8. Black Friday deals are on at ARCBots! 🔥
  9. To better serve you, we have recreated our community discord for those who have requested it. Join our new community discord by clicking here. You can use this discord server to connect with ARCBot staff 24/7.
  10. Happy Birthday!

    1. DUYGU


      Thank you Nathan

  11. I really only get signed out after sitting for 10-15 minutes inactive in a chat. i don’t really see why this needs increased. We don’t want campers all the time no?
  12. The ignore feature doesn’t work on iOS. I’ve ignored a user on my computer and still am getting spammed with private chats on my phone. I then clicked ignore on the mobile app, and am still getting spammed with private chats. Removing the app til said spammer forgets about my existence, lol. Any possible fix?
  13. Hooray! Welcome to the group @Abrahan!
  14. Happy Birthday Solange!! 

    1. Solange


      Thank you so much! 🤗

  15. I forgot all about this. I'm sorry... It was a weird issue, but a reboot of my computer fixed it as I had not noticed it the next day or I would have been back here. lol
  16. At the beginning of a new month, someone from the Contributor group will post a topic providing a summary for discussions that were discussed in the Contributor section during the previous month. This is to allow the community to be more informed and have a better understanding of the Contributor group. If you have any concerns or suggestions that you would like to be brought to the attention of the Contributor group, message any of the Contributors. You can see our previous logs here. Concluded Discussions These topics are concluded and are no longer being discussed. If you have any concerns about the conclusion of these topics, feel free to send a message and I'll see what I can do to help you. New Image Providers Graphics Chat Ongoing Discussions These topics are currently ongoing. If you would like to offer feedback and/or suggestions, feel free to send me a message, and I'd be happy to convey it to the rest of the group. You can also post a comment if you would like to offer feedback and/or suggestions. Spanish lobby
  17. the new invisible update isn't working on safari. I come out of invisible whenever private chatting anyone. I've tested this with @xLaming and @Lemona. It works fine on chrome, though. Safari Version 13.1 (15609. Mac OS 10.15.4
  18. I agree that main owners should be hidden from everyone else in the chatroom, for all the reasons both @Solange and @Cupim mentioned. Chat staff seem to act different in the presence of their main owners, and there really isn't any alternatives for sitting incognito. In terms of chat staff, at ARCbots for example the owners I make are really the face of my support team. Any problems moderators might have gets routed directly to the owners. One of the most useful tools is being able sit and watch the entire chat without being seen. I'm able to see how situations are handled and how effective my owners are managing their responsibility. I really hope you guys reconsider this. On the flip side, im excited to be able to private chat users without coming off of invisible. I often find myself ignoring people so I dont come off of invisible.
  19. My favorite thing about ARCBots is the diversity of the staff. I’ve learned more about cultural diversity and differences around the world from helping to manage ARC than I could have anywhere else and It’s an honor and a great experience getting to know each and every one of them.
  20. Congratulations @David, and welcome to the contributors group. I look forward to seeing your ideas :D
  21. Didn't know he reported this. I never followed up on him asking if this was intentional or not. @xLaming
  22. [object HTMLDivElement] Appearing when pasting content from the clipboard in HTML5 chat. Been happening, but haven't seen anyone talking about it. Not sure if any other Mac users have noticed. MacOS Catalina Version 10.15 Safari Version 13.0.2
  23. Congratulations, @Sergio! I look forward to being able to collaborate with you!
  24. Nathan

    New Trade app

    Well done, devs. This looks great. Definitely well planned and executed. I look forward to using this
  25. Feliz cumpleaños amigo!! Espero que tengas un día maravilloso! 
    Dios te bendiga para siempre!

    1. Blacky


      Muchísimas gracias, Nathan!

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