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  1. this isn't what I said though I meant put a cap on the amount of accounts an IP address can register on xat. chat mods and owners need to be able to PC users, regardless of nopc/nopm
  2. Thank you all for the kind words and warm welcome ! I will do my best to fulfill the responsibilities of the contributor group to the best of my abilities. Its an honor to be able to be recognized by the community for this achievement, and I will absolutely use it wisely! Thanks again everybody!
  3. maybe a process similar to moderator report when someone reports unfair ban?
  4. Just dropping this by here. @Admin User complaints won't stop about this
  5. or even limit amount of registered accounts on any given IP address. imo, nobody needs more than 3 accounts. If your entire household is on xat, then that's a special situation someone can contact xat about, no? Spam limit causes more headaches for users than it does benefit in preventing bot raids. We have bots that activate protect now, a tool we did not have at the creation of the limit. Spam limit is more an annoyance than it is a preventative measure at making spam. Who makes a raid bot with one account? nobody, Raids typically = multiple accounts / toons and multiple messages, not multiple messages with one account / id.
  6. I understand the reason xat began the whole "limit" thing, however, when using the translator, this feature makes my blood boil 9 times out of 10. I can't possibly be typing that fast, and with translator our output text automatically doubles, which makes hitting spam limits even more likely. Therefore, I believe the consideration to remove / significantly lower the limit detection for subscribers (which has been suggested many occasions) should finally begin to be considered. I find myself posting screenshots of my own messages more than I actually type messages and this can be extremely annoying in client support situations at ARC. I look forward to everyones opinion on this!
  7. Dont think it should be a paid feature , just a “status” update maybe associated with a chat, rather than a user; since xats homepage focuses on groups , rather than individual users
  8. What about something like a promo status of some sort within chat settings or the new promo page where The actual chat name is listed as the Poster? I like your suggestion, i do agree it would add more socialization
  9. What about just embedding forum status updates to the homepage ? @lemona what do you think about that?
  10. Maybe this suggestion could also be used, in a sense, to honor our militaries across the globe, with a name like (army) or something with each smilie representing a certain region, country, or group of global allies. To represent our diverse group of users and show appreciation to our service members? Id love to see what you can accomplish with photoshop / other imaging software 😍
  11. intentado iniciar desde una computadora y desautorizar todos los dispositivos moviles? y verifico que estas usando la ultima version?
  12. Hola, Qué versión de la aplicacion estas utilizando y cual es la marca y el modelo de su dispositivo? Asegurese de usar la misma red también para verificar el dispositivo y intentes iniciar desde una computadora y desautorizar todos los dispositivos móviles e intente nuevamente.
  13. Happy Easter weekend everyone!

    Hope everybody enjoys the holiday with their family and for those traveling to visit others, have safe travels! 

    1. Booh


      same too you bro

  14. We have some very skilled developers working on our html5 version of the chat. With the various differences between app platforms, it might also be easier for them to make a responsive interface for users on mobile. It is definitely appearing nicely on mobile browsers as is, don't get me wrong. With html5 what is nice is it works across platforms, and instead of making changes for both iOS and android applications, both OS can access the html5 version. Personally, I can't wait to see what else they do with HTML5, hopefully we see some of our suggestions implemented in the near future. :D
  15. Also, to add to this point, bringing powers to the transfer system also would complicate issues related to users with malicious intentions. With what appears to be a new phishing scam going around (that’s been actively reported and swiftly handled by xat — thank you vols / admins ), I feel like this would make the distribution of phished powers more easy and cause several headaches in that department as well.
  16. Why not just bring trade to mobile (since mobile users seem to be the main focus in this post) ? Your suggestion would require an entire new 'system' of how powers would be moved from one xat account to another... it'd just be easier to bring trade to mobile in the future. But also, if you're running the app then you have a device capable of running xat on html5, which has trade implemented in it, no?
  17. Relatable, I enjoy watching the waves, riding the waves, and even laying on the sand and listening to sound of the waves
  18. Nathan


    Make me pay to avoid being harassed on xat ? I think not
  19. I think so, yes. What about the newer less experienced users who are not quite aware yet of the advantages of using the trade chats for better deals? also, for users buying powers in bulk, (colors, nameglow, status glow, color, and etc) some may prefer to just use the store to save time, and also sometimes not everyone is selling specific powers that users are looking for at a given time. I think this would be a great idea to implement.
  20. one more time for the people in the back!
  21. Im fine with no hold whatsoever. Holds more less piss me off whenever I need to get anything taken care of. Only said about it because the trend seems to be "you can't use your account for anything but chatting if you change anything"
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