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  1. Didn't know he reported this. I never followed up on him asking if this was intentional or not. @xLaming
  2. [object HTMLDivElement] Appearing when pasting content from the clipboard in HTML5 chat. Been happening, but haven't seen anyone talking about it. Not sure if any other Mac users have noticed. MacOS Catalina Version 10.15 Safari Version 13.0.2
  3. Congratulations, @Sergio! I look forward to being able to collaborate with you!
  4. Nathan

    New HTML5 Trade app

    Well done, devs. This looks great. Definitely well planned and executed. I look forward to using this
  5. Feliz cumpleaños amigo!! Espero que tengas un día maravilloso! 
    Dios te bendiga para siempre!

    1. Blacky


      Muchísimas gracias, Nathan!

  6. Paying for toon avis is funny enough as it is
  7. Addition to (classic)
  8. Hi @lukasz, Thanks for your suggestion. To properly suggest powers, make sure to create a new thread (topic) with your own suggestion in it. You can do this here. Also, be sure to include a description about your suggestion. Information like a name, usage / purpose is useful and typically required when suggesting things to give a community a full understanding of your ideas. Does your power have a theme involved around it? What inspired you. I look forward to reading what you write in your thread. [Link: New Thread]
  9. Correct. So you have no further issues , right ? @server89
  10. @server89 At this time the default version that is loaded on xat whenever you enter is flash. You’ll have to add ?new to the end of your links and update any bookmarks / favorites you have if you want to load the html5 chat “automatically” now that your browser doesn’t support flash. In the future, whenever html5 development is finished, xat will automatically load the html5 version like you are asking. For now, you must do the above or look into what Sloom suggested. Good luck!
  11. Community and staff: should we open our staff discord to clients ? Would they use it ? How would we get them to join?
  12. Apologizes for the confusion. Keep in mind that staff on official chats are expected to maintain an appropriate demeanor on all chats, not just the official chat in which they are staff at. This is listed in almost all (if not all) official chat staff rules. Bad behavior on other chats can get you disqualified from being staff on official chats — exactly as it should be. This maintains the integrity of the chat and it’s staff list and ensures the proper people are where they should be. Is there an actual list? Who knows. I doubt it, but each main owner has the right to choose their staff.
  13. No, they don’t. Nobody has time for that nonsense. They do, however, stay mindful of habitual offenders who’s only intentions when visiting official chats are to commit bannable offenses. There’s no list that people look at with peoples names on it stating they are to be automatically banned. However when somebody repeatedly demonstrates the same behavior, it’s hard to go un noticed and easy to earn forever bans.
  14. Poll generated. Please take a moment to vote. I look forward to everyone’s responses.
  15. @xLaming @SLOom need anything else?
  16. Is there any specific reason users cannot embed playlists/albums from Spotify below their chats like they can with other playlists / radio players? Could the domain be unblocked? Would anyone else like to see this or use it?
  17. Got another html5 issue with safari on Mac OS. I didn't receive tickle. Any suggestions ? @SLOom (I never lost tickle on flash to begin with) tried with chrome , same results. Is tickle not working with html5 yet? Perhaps I misread something or this wasn't clarified
  18. When divorcing somebody on xat, the flash version will show the divorce. On html5, you still appear as married.
  19. I will keep pushing for this BUMP
  20. I just assisted a user in the help chatroom with this issue. Since the homepage (xat.com) conversion of html5 occurred, the chat list on the "popular" and "supporter" tabs are not updated to the appropriate language when you change your language via xat.com/language , nor is the homepage itself changed to the appropriate language. I assume this is yet to come in the future, or perhaps xat.com/language does not work with html5 version. Regardless, this user Is trying to assign (Supporter) to his chat [ he has 8 of them assigned] and it is not displaying in the supporters tab on the Spanish homepage of xat. Not really sure how else to explain, if you need additional information please let me know and I can try to explain better.
  21. Another one of those days that remind you of old age. Hooray. 

    Happy Birthday bro, hope you have a fun one!

  22. They’d get it for free anyways
  23. You buying me this power ?
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