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  1. I just assisted a user in the help chatroom with this issue. Since the homepage (xat.com) conversion of html5 occurred, the chat list on the "popular" and "supporter" tabs are not updated to the appropriate language when you change your language via xat.com/language , nor is the homepage itself changed to the appropriate language. I assume this is yet to come in the future, or perhaps xat.com/language does not work with html5 version. Regardless, this user Is trying to assign (Supporter) to his chat [ he has 8 of them assigned] and it is not displaying in the supporters tab on the Spanish homepage of xat. Not really sure how else to explain, if you need additional information please let me know and I can try to explain better.
  2. Another one of those days that remind you of old age. Hooray. 

    Happy Birthday bro, hope you have a fun one!

  3. They’d get it for free anyways
  4. You buying me this power ?
  5. https://xat.com/Frtka Is appearing as 404 not found page. Did you violate Terms of Service in any way? This could also be an accidental temporary issue.
  6. Could this idea be proposed / passed to admins?
  7. Whenever you copy and paste text from anything not from xat (with the exception of a regname from the user card) an additional space is added than one you included yourself. Ive noticed this while assisting clients on ARC, using their regname to find their ARCbots account username. This issue has been ongoing since the creation of HTML5, never thought anything of it, but think it should now be looked into.
  8. Nathan


    I think that would cause a few issues with moderating chatrooms. Most chats don't have enough traffic to need this many additional pools for general chatting. Perhaps an addition to rankpool to create 2 pools would be more sufficient?
  9. You can Show off your xat spirit with some awesome T-shirt’s. Maybe consider the fact that suggestions are reviewed and implemented in the order in which they are given while giving off your xat spirit and also understanding that not every single suggestion is created. With that said, nobody can say that xat isn’t listening to its users as several recent powers have been user suggestions. There are many factors that come into play with creation of powers. Superaway in particular has received a lot of publicity, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge and assume that it’s been ignored, either.
  10. We value your feedback! Is there anything you would like to see changed on ARCbots? Any command changes or updates? Any ideas? Let us know!
  11. Nerd @Leandro Cyber Security Analyst
  12. Happy birthday !  Hope you’re having a good one. 

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