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  1. Happy birthday, Sonic! 

  2. Nathan

    Sell (14014)

    Hello all, I am currently seeking to sell my current ID, 14014. I am requesting 185,000 xats for the ID. My current account is: NathanNew123 (1534333396) current pending shortname swap between 'Nathan' and 'NathanNew123' I can be reached the quickest via forum message, or by coming to ARCBots and speaking with any user owner rank or higher.
  3. Hello Nathan♥

    1. Nathan
    2. Bleiz


      How are you nathan? How you are going arcbots ? I never returned my staff


    thanks for all nathan(hug)

    1. Nathan


      You’re welcome! My apologizes for the delay in response. Let me know if I can be of any more use :) 

  5. Nathan

    ARCBot LOGO REVISION - 10,000 xats

    First Place Prize issued 07/15/2018 @ 13:41 EST: http://prntscr.com/k6qe0h
  6. Nathan

    ARCBot LOGO REVISION - 10,000 xats

    This contest is now closed. Thank you all for entering, the entries were very creative. It has has been chosen by @Actavus and I that @Guppy adhered to the specifications listed in the contest requirements, and with excellent work and skills, has been declared the first place winner of the ARCBot Logo Revision Contest. The second place winner is @DonQuijote thank you for your entries. And to the forum moderator that was deleting entries and edited my post without my knowledge making it seem as though I was disqualifying members of ARCBot, causing them to leave arc, I hope you please refrain from doing the same to others and post your own replies. (Note: please review @Cupim @Angelo @Sydno as I’m just learning about this now as I re read my own post) Not only is that humiliating to @Mauzim but it’s disrespectful to me.
  7. Nathan

    ARCBot LOGO REVISION - 10,000 xats

    so dead its almost funny
  8. Nathan

    ARCBot LOGO REVISION - 10,000 xats

    I’ve went ahead and removed a few edit restrictions, since it’s still very early in the contest. Body shape and eye modification restrictions have been removed. This leaves just hand shape and aentenas that should not be modified heavily. This should allow a bigger window of opportunity for imagination.
  9. Nathan

    Graphics is Back!

    How’s it going along ???? Have you guys found any notable designers?
  10. Happy Birthday, @Rida! I hope all continues to go well for you. I haven’t seen you around anywhere for quite some time. Reach out and say hello sometime 😅😊

    1. Rida


      awwww, thank u! ive been busy. :) 

  11. Nathan

    User reviews

    We deeply value the feedback we get from our users. What’re some issues you’ve experienced with ARCBots that have went unnoticed? What features would you like to see added and what could we improve on? Give us your detailed feedback and help us improve! **Note: Utune.in feedback can also be given**
  12. Nathan


    Join us [ARCbots] on Discord! For faster support, community communication, and more! https://discord.gg/yDwanbW
  13. Hi, everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of their summer! With that being said, I'm unsure what kind of a user response I'll get to this contest with everyones summer activities and such. I've grown tired our green logo we use at ARC, and we've decided to make a few slight revisions to the logo as a whole. Current Logo: Desired Changes: Rather than having a background, a transparent background would be preferred, with a revamp to the bot being done. Since the bot itself is going to be the logo, detail matters. Please give the bot a realistic animated look, but limit the colors used to only shades of grey, black, and white, and without changing the overall appearance of the bot. Please include no text whatsoever in the logo, or anything distracting that takes the focus away from the bot Critical features of the bot that should not be changed include: -its hand shape - antennas (number, placement, or major appearance modifications). We are looking for a main logo to use, free of signatures or watermarks in the final official logo. In addition to a main logo, an additional image of the changed bot to be used on error pages and notifications is also requested for this contest, as well as a rounded image file to use as a discord image and a small icon for web browsers. Let your imagination go with the error message image. What would a little robot do if it stumbled into something it couldn't do? Important Contest Information: Only one winner will be chosen. The prize will be 10,000 xats, and, [optional] if applicable, 1 free year of ARCbot bot time or 6 months of Utunein radio service powered by ARCBot. Contest entry deadline: Saturday, July 14 @ 11:59pm EST Prize holder: Me **Winning this contest guarantees you the prizes listed above. We cannot guarantee that the logo change will be implemented immediately, or ever.** The winner is offered 1 year of free bot time or 6 months of our radio service free of charge in addition to the xats. Choosing to waive this offer is not reimbursed via xats. To be considered, please limit all entries to one post. More than one entry is allowed. Please also include all requested images. Missing images will count as an incomplete entry and won't be considered. **Join our discord server for the easiest, direct and fastest way to get in contact with me.** ***** As courtesy, @Actavus has offered a second place prize of 1 month bot time or 1 month radio, or 250 xats. ***** The user "Mauzim" has been disqualified from participating in this contest.
  14. Nathan

    xat Mobile, İOS and Android Price difference !

    Apple charges to sell apps in the App Store. Sometimes these changes are automatically added into the price of the app. Also, apps in the App Store vary continent to continent. Some apps are unavailable in different countries, and others cost more; it’s a quirk of the App Store. Edit: @Mcht I did a quick search on apples website for additional information. this thread may answer your question in more detail:

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