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  1. This thread can be closed; the ID has been sold.
  2. Kind of like something in the top right of the homepage header bar displaying “xat mail” (x) New Messages? That’d be interesting. That could appear on all pages on the top right and clicking it would bring you to your user specific mail dashboard. Link your xat forum account to it you’d only need one messaging system for everything , no? The mail dashboard would be a slight modification of the current forum messaging GUI where only recent messages and your friends list Is displayed for messaging/mailing people you know, a search bar for sending to new people , and honestly , with the way the site is turning out with bootstrap 4, we’d have ourself your idea without an app needed with the dashboard accessible at mail.xat.com .. As I write this though, I couldn’t imagine admins allocating the amount of space required to make another messaging service in general and storing all of this, but then again idk. it is definitely something that In the future I hope will be considered
  3. @Junior design suggestion: either way, I’d say we get what we get. In my personal opinion the design isn’t that bad. The homepage and pages are viewable nicely on all browsers. On devices with smaller displays (mobiles) everything is very neat and organized.
  4. I’ve banned @Marya for 24 hours. Reason: I’m single
  5. Since this thread is relatively close to being closed (if it’s not already passed the deadline) Updating my requested offer to the best offer proposed as it needs to go.
  6. @Actavus, I’m afraid I must disagree with the “friends list” idea on pages, or at least in the manner described . I don’t think we need another chat to chat with users. I think maybe you’re thinking of a way of chatting with your friends without being seen by others? I saw this on suggestion threads not too long ago, perhaps that would be a better way of going about that idea. The favorite group idea and search idea would be something I think would interest people, even more so would make an interesting power idea. It could be an additional tab beside the tickle icon with a “+” for “add group” and this group would be added as a tab beside pc, with priority over any PCs opened until the tab is closed, allowing the simplicity of multiple groups with one window. Notifications would be as usual PC bubbles would act. As for the search, including groups in the search with “+” beside them separated from users would be nifty. Sometimes you don’t always know someone’s ID, but you have their regname. You could rely on 3rd party bots for that aspect to do /f, or you could do it from xat directly and search The username from the tab and selecting Add friend. search results could be broken down into “users” “friends” and “groups”. Cant wait to read what you think.
  7. The ability to highlight the text of Regnames and IDs after clicking on a user like in the flash based chat would be useful, mainly for bot usages with hard to memorize usernames Currently attempting to do this redirects to the login page after clicking on a users REGName / ID in their "user card".
  8. Happy birthday , stif!

    1. Stif


      Thank you, Nathan!

  9. Opening the test flight xat app and test flight app ifself yields an error of “beta expired” isolated issue, device Change effective.
  10. When attempting to purchase blueman, a power with a longer description compared to other powers in the mobile powers store, the window that appears after clicking on the power is positioned lower than other powers, causing the “buy” button to be inaccesible just underneath the nav buttons
  11. Negotiations are possible in pricing. -Ive updated the requested amount to 175,000.- update: Best offer
  12. Happy birthday, Sonic! 

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