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  1. Hands up as to who can type *quickly. Personally, i'm glad to see contests made for Games continues going on, thank you for hosting this contest!!
  2. Hmm this idea is so extensive.. that readers loses interest, lol
  3. Why do not these icons currently exist anymore? The option to be able to use them as avatar at any time or change for another one is really something unique that I see on chatrooms. These small things end up being the ones that make the most difference for me.
  4. Profiting from the sadness of others D:
  5. All the doodle paintings were good. Some creepy entries.
  6. Danm


    These zodiac symbols resemble objects of lesser value, very interesting, something of the sort could be added as smaller bottlenecks
  7. Danm


    This already has the effect similar to namegrad, what was suggested so I see no need.
  8. That's really funny game lol
  9. I think he meant that it would be unfair to have debugs (unlisted) without bg.
  10. These works are great, do you trade graphic by order?
  11. Danm

    WIN 200 XATS

    Danm (1382981746)
  12. Danm


    Danm (1382981746)
  13. Good power, I guess its better now.
  14. 20. How many group powers are there in total? A. 54 group powers Danm (1382981746)
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