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  1. My best works / Meus melhores trabalhos.

    Good job dude! one better than other haha. *stills the same meaning*
  2. 20. How many group powers are there in total? A. 54 group powers Nixs (71793878)
  3. hi i need open ticket

    If you are experiencing problems to open a ticket, try to clear your browser's cookies or open incognito mode. Also, make sure to select the help topic "Account Block" and that your subject is at least five words. If you do not know the reason for the block they will explain in details. After you have done these steps and the problem persists, send a private message to volunteers on the forums.
  4. New option to hat with flag

    There have already ideas about hats with different types, of some countries, even the integration freedom. Indeed, but (maybe not as a pawn). This time we've honoring Independence's Day with the flags, such patriotic. (incoming?)
  5. WIN FIREFX (2)

    Danm (1382981746)

    Nixs (71793878)
  7. 459 FIREFX

    It was supposed to look good, I just saw the suggestions, but it has not yet been officially released.
  8. KDINO

    True, it was good but it could be better still if it darkened his skin tone.
  9. New independence pawns

    Great! and it seems that September was the month of independence.
  10. 1 month and 5 days without a response

    If you have already opened a ticket please remain patient for a reply on your ticket. Some help topics are experiencing a long time to get solved, you can check if your ticket help topic is delayed on ticket times. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is continue to wait. Posting on the forum will not speed up the time it takes to get a response on your ticket.
  11. KDINO

    Good work Indeed, this is a power worthy of being released, well designed.
  12. it threatens me to make my ticket!

    Hello, If you have acquired any powers or xats from third parties legally do not have to fear, if so happened exactly as you told on the topic the "Report Scam" ticket that he opens will be unfounded. But if there is evidence that it was not paid you can respond for these actions. To make sure, keep with you any evidence against such a user to respond with them in the future.
  13. Happy birthday jay!

  14. New power to rename smilies (sname)

    It seems to be a good idea, but has its controversies as already mentioned above, It can cause a certain kind of confusion at the moment. We already have xatwiki working for those looks to learn more about smilies (available to any user/guest). Without mentioning that bot companies and information blogs provide such services as well.