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  1. Let me start by saying I do appreciate community discussions like this. Although they come up often, they help keep the volunteer team motivated to a degree, and these topics let us know the thoughts of the community. Discussions like these help get everyone on the same page. I'll clarify that xat does not have a head volunteer. I am not the head volunteer. There is no volunteer who manages other volunteers, and it's like this because the administrators do not want to give one volunteer too much power. Power and abilities are certainly limited, and the administrators do keep tabs o
  2. There are problems with changing usernames?
  3. That's unfortunate! Users should be able to pay in the way they prefer. Have you tried linking your American Express card to PayPal and using PayPal? That is the easiest solution I can imagine. In general, payment options are extremely limited for some reason, and users are forced to turn to resellers.
  4. This is a stretch, but it'd be nice if xat supported a single payment platform like Stripe. It has support for 135+ currencies, ACH debits, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Pay with Google, Amex Express Checkout, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Giropay, and others. On top of that, xat could introduce subscriptions with Stripe Subscriptions and allow discounts for people who continually purchase packages of subscriber days. I think that's just wishful thinking though.
  5. Muffins doesn't appear in member search results.
  6. We can expect further deflation and a worsening situation for the economy of xat.
  7. Could you describe: How exactly does the current design make it hard to search for the latest topics? How exactly would adding the widgets make it easier? For example, are there too many taps that you have to make right now? Do you have to scroll too much? Why is it hard and what makes it hard? If you describe the problem clearly, I may be able to offer solutions to you.
  8. With options three and four, there is a potential problem of the sidebar having too many things. As a guest, the sidebar could potentially be very large and go well past the available forums. This is why I decided to remove redundant things (things that can be found on the Activity page) while also adding new information such as statistics. Plus, who actually uses the new topics or new replies widget? That only shows a few things. What if there are other topics you're interested in that aren't showing on the feed? How do people actually use the sidebar widget for new topics or repl
  9. @Dann Let's take this opportunity to figure out what to add to the sidebar and what to remove. Can you come up with some poll questions which will help determine this? We'll allow the entire community to vote on this topic. Just post sample poll questions that I can review, and I'll approve them and create a poll later.
  10. It could possibly come back. it was removed because there’s an entire center dedicated to the latest content. You can even create your own stream so that you only see the new things that you want to see. https://forum.xat.com/discover/ The birthday widget filters out inactive people.
  11. When a user initiates or accepts a transfer, there is no button to close the dialog.
  12. Changed Priority to Priority: High
  13. Does this still happen? If so, does it happen for all posts across the entire forum (except for issues in the bug tracker)?
  14. Will be reported to IPS at a later date. Issue: Neutral reactions aren't shown to the user who made the status update.
  15. Changed Status to Status: Fixed
  16. The following types of reputation now count as +1 instead of neutral: Like, Thanks, Cool, and Haha. Since we don't use negative reputation, the rest count as neutral. The reputation threshold for highlighted content with positive reputation has been lowered back to six.
  17. Changed Status to Status: Fixed
  18. The issue has been reported to IPS. Since there is no further action that I can take and I have done everything in our control, I will mark this as fixed.
  19. I decided not to implement this, but I have some good news. First, the color for open records was swapped with the black color that closed, fixed, and won't fix records used. I felt that a definite black color better represented closed, fixed, and won't fix. Second, we are now better at archiving records that have been marked as closed, fixed, or won't fix. We will now routinely check the tracker to make sure that archiving is done. This means that you will usually only see one status type. You basically won't have the opportunity to be confused, as open and closed bugs
  20. Welcome our newest moderator: @Angelo. Angelo has been a big reporter on the forum and keeps an eye on stuff in General Support. We know he'll do a great job helping out around here!
  21. Thank you for the feedback. Some suggestions were accepted!
  22. Thank you for the feedback. Some suggestions were accepted!
  23. Not Halloween exactly, but next week I'll be spending time seeing @Kayzar.
  24. iOS 9 is barely being supported by developers across the App Store. It doesn't make sense to support a version literally only 2% (or less) of users have.
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