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  1. I no longer do tickets, but I really appreciate the recognition. I have been a volunteer because I love helping xat and I love supporting people. For the past few years on xat, I have been helping people while doing what I love and having fun. At the same time, xat has given me a lot in my life.

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  2. I'd say it mirrors deflation in a real-world economy. How do you fix it? Get more demand (more users) and decrease supply (fewer quantities of powers). As we saw with ruby, releasing expensive powers does not help.


    1 hour ago, Arthur said:

    Interesting that the "new" design is actually the same old design with a fresh coat of paint. Nothing new. This is what we should have had many years ago, and what we should be seeing now is an actually new design.

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  3. I remember that this was discussed many years ago in order to make capturing scam proof easier for users. I think xat can do a lot with media on the website. They need to host content themselves, not rely on media websites like Imgur.

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  4. Ultimately, we should not be expected to change security protocols when they are industry standard. Facebook also has Code Generator, which is the same thing as the two-factor authentication method that xat uses. The method that xat uses is a standard and is used across the web, so it's the responsibility of the user to understand how it works if they wish to use it. Two-factor by using SMS is still secure, but less secure.

  5. 33 minutes ago, QuestioningDuck442 said:

    If this was a copyright then they should have included the name of creator of the original stuff or something!

    I'm not sure what you're talking about. You're basically saying that if someone doesn't want their work stolen, they should do a better job to protect it. If person/entity A wants to use person/entity B's work, then they must get permission by the owner or through the license agreement.


    At least in the US, copyright works such that an author's work is protected the moment it's created. Absolutely no documentation is required to claim ownership.

  6. Great idea and illustrations, but most of those aren't exotic. I could go to a grocery store down the street and pick up any of those. What about a horned melon or jackfruit? Those aren't available at a lot of stores, so although they may not be considered exotic by all definitions, they could work.

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  7. I can't imagine this being useful to any degree that would justify its existence.


    What seems to be going on is that Pool Boot is being suggested in order to solve one or more problems, but Pool Boot is a bad power for what it's trying to solve. If there are inactive users, perhaps a better idea is to have activity time limits built into the chat, with related settings that can be modified with Gcontrol.

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  8. Judging from the deleted comments, some people are confusing the terms sex and gender. Gender is a social construct, and someone's gender identity may not fall under the classic binary model of man or woman.

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  9. I used to be an INTJ, and I loved that about myself. It gave me a sense of superiority, for some reason. I have changed a lot since those days of high school, and I like to think I'm more humble and compassionate toward everyone. A lot of experiences have shown me that I am no better than anyone else, and we all have traits that are good and are not necessarily better than any other trait.

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