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  1. It was changed to Top Rated. Hopefully that clears up confusion.
  2. We're looking into allowing images to be embedded via URL. A lot of thought has gone into the signature restrictions, and unfortunately for some people, the restrictions won't be changed. On our vBulletin forum, people had signatures of obnoxious sizes. If you want the underline color to match the text color, do it in this order: Underline the text, then color it. If you color it and then underline the text, it won't work how you want it to. I'll try to see if a source button can be added to the editor.
  3. The way it should work is that you can choose whether you want to see others' signatures or not, but you can't set one for yourself unless you are in the Advanced Members group. Please correct me if it doesn't actually work like that.
  4. I believe it was fixed.
  5. I'm really glad people are loving this new forum! I'd like to thank everyone for their feedback. Here is what you get as an Advanced Member: Can change username twice every 180 days instead of just once. Time-based search restrictions aren't applied. Can use a signature. Can upload a profile cover photo. Can give reputation. Can bypass flood control (content posted in quick succession is not checked).
  6. Topics in Contests and Events no longer require approval.
  7. We don't have really have control over the mobile experience. As for images via URL, that has been disabled. You can either upload the image or you can post the link to the image.
  8. Why do you think it should stay this way? I'm just curious.
  9. Based on all the members included in the widget at the moment, it's apparent that they are all from different user groups given the variety of colors from the names. It shouldn't be too hard to deduce that it's talking about reputation, especially since each user's reputation count is prominently displayed. The last thing we need on this forum is tutorials that people don't care to read or find. People will likely figure out what the widget means before they go looking for a tutorial on it!
  10. Linking the xat user database with the forum was considered, but it won't be happening at this time. Great idea though! The username and identification fields on the forum are just meant for general information. If a user is misrepresenting themselves, those fields will be cleared and the user will be banned.
  11. Doing something to stop the massive problem of volunteer impersonation is needed. Unfortunately, many users are scammed by people who impersonate. The method for going about this is a touchy subject. Many people object to any sort of on-chat identification of volunteers.
  12. The ability to insert them via URL was disabled, so you can either embed by uploading, or post the link to the image.
  13. So far it has been going really well! I'm glad I haven't heard too many complaints or problems.
  14. Unfortunately, I don't think it can be changed. Does everyone really think it's worth removing? Can't people figure it out?
  15. The forum badges were intentionally designed like this.
  16. I apologize for the sign-out issue! We're trying to fix it.
  17. Introduction to Suggesting If you are accessing this page, then you most likely have something in mind to suggest! Unless you demonstrate your idea with some sort of visual, you will need to make sure to provide a lot of details. Not everyone has graphic design skills, so you are not required to post any sort of visualization. It definitely helps though! Due to the customizability of xat chats, users are able to mix colors and combine smilies with other smilies. That is a concept to consider when trying to come up with an idea. Whatever you're inventing, it must be something creative so that people can use it to create even more things, like customized smilies! Remember to be unique too. Opening a topic means you are inviting the public to discuss your idea. They might help you make it better by offering criticism, so you should be prepared to accept such criticism. How to Suggest a Smilie Power Powers that include a pack of smilies (usually ten smilies) are considered smiley powers. You can combine them, color them, and use their limited pawns (hat codes). Remember these things when suggesting a smiley power: Think of the pawns that should be created based on the smilies you describe. Some smiley powers have a kiss included in such a way that you must have the power in order to send the associated kiss. You can suggest these types of powers, but make sure to describe the animation. Try to come up with at least ten different smilies for each smiley power. Describe how they would look and what name you would give them, and include any other information you can think of. How to Suggest a Functional Power Powers that allow you to have extra features on the chat are tagged as functional powers. These premium features sometimes only affect certain ranks on the chat. Another example is a power that allows you to color your name in some way. When proposing a functional power, be thoughtful. If it has to do with banning, for example, then you will need to remember to think of ways in which the feature could be abused. Describing a solid plan for your suggested feature is always the best way to get the community excited. Example of a Suggestion Power name: Ninja (smiley power). Example of included smilies: ninjas posing, ninjas fighting, ninjas in a rage, cute ninja faces, and ninja blades and swords. In this example, keep in mind that xat already has a Shinobi power. If your suggestion is related to an existing xat power, you'll need to make sure not to include conflicting ideas! Questions, Answers, and Miscellaneous Notes Question: Can I suggest something if it was already suggested on a forum which primarily supports non-English users? Answer: Yes, you can. Make sure to give credit to the original presenter. Question: Why was my topic locked or deleted? Answer: We have specific guidelines for this section. If you violate the regular forum guidelines or the guidelines for this section, your topic may be locked or deleted. Lastly, please do not suggest powers that use someone else's ideas, especially if it isn't even modified. That is straight up theft, and it's even worse if you get a test power for it. This mainly occurs with smiley powers using someone else's art, but can happen with functions too. The least you can do is include the source, but it would be best if you did not do it at all.
  18. As per the Contests and Events Section Guidelines, a verified prize holder is required to hold your contest prize as long as the contest requires a substantial amount of work for entry. You must arrange prize holding before you start your contest, and within one day of the contest start time, the prize holder must reply to the topic to confirm they have the prize. If you are adamant about not having a prize holder, please create a ticket. You must be a paid user to do this. In the ticket, request for a volunteer to post in your topic that you have been verified as the prize holder. If you do not reward your prize and use work from any entry, your xat account or chat may be blocked. All volunteers, forum staff, and bot providers are prize holders. Members of the contributors group are not prize holders. The users below are verified prize holders for contests: Arthur - Main Owner for the official Assistance group. IDIMA - Main Owner for the official Mosa3adeh group. HelperNate - Main Owner for the official Game group. Paul - Main Owner for the tribute xat_Test group. Stif Anyone claiming to be a verified prize holder who is not on this list should be ignored and reported immediately.
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