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  1. Forum users can now enable two-factor authentication in their account settings. It is only forced for a small subset of users, but it's available for everyone. There is no dedicated help topic in the ticket system for getting this turned off on your forum account, and you will likely have a hard time getting it removed from your account if you lose access to your authenticator. You will at least need to be a paid user. I suspect that most people won't use this security feature though.
  2. Crow is our new forum moderator! Congratulations, Crow.
  3. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  4. @LaFleur Does the original posting issue still happen?
  5. Unfortunately, that looks like a custom plugin, Crow. Those three blocks are not able to be combined, to the best of my knowledge. We also cannot control how these blocks appear on mobile.
  6. Some forum reputation levels have been added. Here are all the levels: Poor: -1 point. Neutral: 0 points. Good: 25 points. Great: 50 points. Excellent: 75 points. Exceptional: 150 points. Distinguished: 300 points. Elite: 1000 points. If you have suggestions about this, I'd be happy to hear them.
  7. You should assume that the contest is meant for the person who made the contest. I have no clue why people would expect 10,000 xats to create a profile for themselves or for someone else. That doesn't make sense.
  8. Tell me if it happens again. I made an educated guess at which plugin may be causing the issue, and it has been disabled. Does the "notify me of replies" setting turn off even when when reply submission works on the first try? At the top, it says you've been following this topic since November 18, 2016, so I'm wondering if it's just an aesthetic issue.
  9. The recent issues have been resolved. I'm going to consider the "Submit Reply" issue resolved unless it gets reported again! The issue with images in signatures is ongoing.
  10. There were some critical errors that happened during a recent upgrade attempt. I believe this will be fixed by morning (GMT).
  11. This topic has been closed because it cannot lead to a productive discussion. These types of topics are not meant for the forum as there is no specific topic to discuss. If you would like to have a general chat with people, we encourage you to visit a xat chat instead of the forum.
  12. This topic has been closed because it cannot, and has not, lead to a productive discussion. It may also encourage off-topic or spam replies.
  13. Sorry, but it's not permanent!