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  1. I'll clear up some misunderstandings. First, volunteers may charge an administrative fee for certain requests. No volunteer gets these xats; the fee is deducted by xat automatically, and none of the xats go to any volunteers. Second, we no longer process requests for chat email changes.
  2. How is this going? Is the issue still occurring? If the issue still occurs, we'll label it as "no plans to fix" because it occurs so infrequently that it's not worth investigating further. The plugins that the forum has are essential, so if a plugin is causing the issue, not much can be done about it. If it's an issue with the editor, we'll have to hope that it gets resolved in the future. Overall, I'm not too worried about it because, again, it happens very infrequently (or has possibly stopped being a problem).
  3. Good luck on failing, everyone!
  4. I don't live in the southwestern US, but everyone knows In-N-Out is never a waste of calories!
  5. Since we still believe a plugin is causing this, another plugin has been disabled to test this. Please post here if the issue happens again.
  6. It's a cache issue that stems from CloudFlare I believe, but we'll see what we can do about it.
  7. It's not in a high resolution either. It looks very low in quality.
  8. One thing is clear: People don't appreciate looking like glorified guests... Green wasn't the best choice.
  9. Congratulations, @LaFleur!
  10. Hey now, it was less than a year!
  11. I knew this day would come! I'm just not sure if we should change the title to something more modest!
  12. I really like this idea. Especially the exclusive gifts. An exclusive xavi item would be a nice addition too.
  13. It has been added as a tribute chat. As for inactive chats, I think people have sufficiently answered it.
  14. Forum users can now enable two-factor authentication in their account settings. It is only forced for a small subset of users, but it's available for everyone. There is no dedicated help topic in the ticket system for getting this turned off on your forum account, and you will likely have a hard time getting it removed from your account if you lose access to your authenticator. You will at least need to be a paid user. I suspect that most people won't use this security feature though.
  15. Crow is our new forum moderator! Congratulations, Crow.