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  1. “It’s so good, you’ll never quit!” ”Come for a chat, stay for the drama.”
  2. Ultimately, we should not be expected to change security protocols when they are industry standard. Facebook also has Code Generator, which is the same thing as the two-factor authentication method that xat uses. The method that xat uses is a standard and is used across the web, so it's the responsibility of the user to understand how it works if they wish to use it. Two-factor by using SMS is still secure, but less secure.
  3. Brandon

    Issue with going to previous page ("left")

    It appears to happen with the default theme and with all customizations disabled.
  4. Brandon

    Follow pages issue

    Changed Status to Status: Closed
  5. Brandon

    Follow pages issue

    @Laming I have reviewed your account. Please go to the following settings page: https://forum.xat.com/notifications/options/. Current setting: Method to use for content I follow > Do not send me notifications. Revised setting: Method to use for content I follow > A notification when new content is posted. I believe that once you choose the revised setting that I listed, the issue will be fixed for you.
  6. Exactly. This isn’t taking inspiration from another project. It’s copying.
  7. I'm not sure what you're talking about. You're basically saying that if someone doesn't want their work stolen, they should do a better job to protect it. If person/entity A wants to use person/entity B's work, then they must get permission by the owner or through the license agreement. At least in the US, copyright works such that an author's work is protected the moment it's created. Absolutely no documentation is required to claim ownership.
  8. Brandon

    Error Code EX1054

    Changed Status to Status: Fixed
  9. Brandon

    Error Code EX1054

    Resolved in IPS 4.3.
  10. Changed Status to Status: Open
  11. Brandon

    New Moderator: LaFleur

    Congratulations, LaFleur!
  12. Brandon

    Dating anyone?

    And that wraps up the discussion! Thanks.
  13. Brandon


    Great idea and illustrations, but most of those aren't exotic. I could go to a grocery store down the street and pick up any of those. What about a horned melon or jackfruit? Those aren't available at a lot of stores, so although they may not be considered exotic by all definitions, they could work.
  14. Brandon

    Pool Boot (kick user to another pool)

    I can't imagine this being useful to any degree that would justify its existence. What seems to be going on is that Pool Boot is being suggested in order to solve one or more problems, but Pool Boot is a bad power for what it's trying to solve. If there are inactive users, perhaps a better idea is to have activity time limits built into the chat, with related settings that can be modified with Gcontrol.
  15. Brandon


    Judging from the deleted comments, some people are confusing the terms sex and gender. Gender is a social construct, and someone's gender identity may not fall under the classic binary model of man or woman.

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