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  1. I do not agree with this. I could see someone editing their past messages to a bunch of cuss words. And because its way up moderators wont realize it unless they scroll up. Sure bots could be coded to combat this, but imagine all the chats which don't have bots getting abused. Instead maybe this should be a PC/PM only feature? Or maybe only for Moderators+
  2. That is true, xat disabled bots features to see other user's transfers. In my opinion xat needs to add a feature similar to events power for transfers. They can then just limit your ability to see your own send/received transfers. (Maybe even require 2 step authentication enabled to access it).
  3. Is only an issue if abused. Bot power was originally created by xat admins to help prevent raid bots, while still allowing bot providers to safely run. This allows bot providers to not have to worry about updating their code to bypass xat's raid systems should xat admins update it to block more raid bots. Although we make sure to do the following to help keep things safe for everyone: ARCbot's doesn't bypass bot power. Although bot pawn doesn't always work as intended: Bot power gets changed to a different xatid while ARCbot is still online x
  4. If I recall the general consensus was there was fear of abuse. A single bot provider could get hacked, then the rouge hacker could start opting-out or opting-in as many people as they want (Across ALL bot providers). If those results came directly from xat's API instead - No risk of bad bot provider or hacker.
  5. Very glad to see this new HTML5 trade app engine! One step closer to getting rid of flash! Also defiently looking forward to the everypower/superpower feature, defiently will help prevent scams
  6. It is possible their router in their home or the DNS can also be blocking ADs. Anti-virus software can also block ADs. A VPN can sometimes also block ADs. Are any of those applicable to you?
  7. Good idea in theory. But it makes me wonder how a user list full of 10+ people will look super distracting. I'd support this feature assuming regular users had a way to disable it from scrolling.
  8. @SLOom @Nathan I think xat needs to highly consider that most normal users won't know how to do the technical work of re-enabling flash in the newest Chrome. I believe by default HTML5 should be used. Instead flash should be "?old" There is a large chunk of users who are unaware of HTML5. This will turn away potential people joining xat who are forced to customize their browser to enable flash (Thinking its some kind of hack/scam). @server89 Restart your computer (Chrome doesnt always turn off all the way and still runs in the background
  9. If admin releases this power, i'll buy all the vols this power.
  10. I am in so much agreement on this idea. Might as well make this a power (As the user would need to be a subscriber by having active days & have purchased it with xats). (nolimit) - Costs 1000 xats
  11. Currently the scrolling message on HTML5 chat moves to fast. Please update it to make it slower, similar to how flash chat is. Example code to use instead: <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="3">Your continuous scrollable text goes here</marquee>
  12. They do but its bulky and ugly. If i want to talk to friends outside of xat I must use the clunky mobile app. Maybe I just want a simple chat feature stripped of all the bloat such as pawns and flashy avatar. Have the little "xat messenger" just allow you to talk and use regular xat smileys and thats all. That way people on xat have option to use regular xat (with all the bling and features). And secondary simple xat chat for regular Private Messages similar to how facebook messenger is.. (Obviously this is just a suggestion. I doubt this is on admin prio
  13. More importantly is the "Favorite Chats" tab. Lets you easily go to your favorite chats. BUT the below is a good suggestion: Friends list with ability to chat with a user like you do on facebook messenger on the website/app. xat is now HTML5 so I would assume a chat feature is feasible. Currently the xat mobile app feel "bulky". Maybe they can add a feature that makes it as simplistic as facebook messenger.
  14. @SLOom Here is my feedback on how to make xat not look like a bland boring website. Please take this into consideration. http://prntscr.com/mizd1o
  15. Yes please. Even though bots have this feature, its very limiting since not all chats have a bot. It'd be even cooler if you could search other people. http://prntscr.com/md2pih
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