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  1. Actavus

    Extra blocking feature for the forum

    The forum was not coded by xat. Admin/volunteers also most likely does not specialize in making plugins for this forum's software. Your better off finding plugins from https://invisioncommunity.com/files/category/160-applications-and-plugins/ and suggesting admin of things to add.
  2. Actavus

    Announce Transfer

    Put a requirement that seeing your personal transfer history gets disabled for 30 days if you log in from a new location or change your login security settings.
  3. Actavus

    Announce Transfer

    @Bau This portion is very important. Instead this should be implemented as a "Personal Transfer History Power". This should allow us to unlock a xat.com webpage which we can search through our xat and power transfer history. I for one would find this beneficial as a bot service. There are many times where customers "claim" they sent xats to the bot, but turns out they sent it to the wrong person. This would allow the customer and bot service to both see the problem (Without opening a support ticket). Edit: Additionally if volunteers are concerned a hacker may get access to it. You can require that the user has 2step authentication enabled to view it (except for bots of course).
  4. Actavus

    APPBOT power intro

    Hey all, Please remember that if your game is "gambling" in anyway or form, that it's against xat TOS due to laws for underage gambling. Exact words from TOS: " xat.com Credits cannot be used for any kind of wagering, betting or gambling either within or outside of our Site."
  5. Actavus

    ARCBot LOGO REVISION - 10,000 xats

    Second place prize issued: http://prntscr.com/k8pd8s
  6. Actavus

    502 ESMILE

    In regards to bots thats not a problem. That was me saying the command, not the bot. The bot recognized the command properly, and still responded properly EDIT: Guess I misread. It wasnt about any command, but the way xat displayed text
  7. Actavus

    502 ESMILE

    It seems the problem is isolated to FEXbots specifically (other then the !test command, due to the nature of the command being random). Here's an image of ARCbots
  8. Actavus


    @SlOom @Jine I've implemented the new command: http://prntscr.com/jvqiib !powers superanimemissing Short Command Alias: !superanimemissing, !superanime
  9. Actavus

    BotStat Status Bug

    If user's status is nothing, using botstat cant change/add a status. User must already have a status to be able to change it.
  10. Actavus

    Pool Boot (kick user to another pool)

    The feature you do suggest has limitations though. With a bot, you can specify multiple levels & ranks to determine who falls under the criteria to boop for being afk. With a activity time based limit, your only limited to ranks & being fully logged out. Also with my suggestion you would still be online on xat within a different pool. (Open to be actively receiving PC/PMs and users knowing you'd eventually respond). Just like Nathan also mentioned above, say you want to "boop" all staff to a different pool for a meeting. That is also very handy Both your idea and the boop are both ideas nonetheless
  11. Actavus

    Pool Boot (kick user to another pool)

    Agreed it can be coded almost as simple as boot. It doesn't need all the bells and whistles as the post above from Samuel. It'd be so useful for moderating chats.
  12. Actavus

    Pool Boot (kick user to another pool)

    Might even calling it: (boop) xD [name] has been boop'ed to the AFK Pool
  13. Actavus

    Pool Boot (kick user to another pool)

    A chat doesnt have to be popular to have pools. It's kind of like if you had: 1) Main Pool 2) AFK Pool 3) Hangout Pool 4) Ban Pool This would be a new power. Equivalent to boot (where it just moves the user -- does not gag/or punish). Basically instead of moving a user to another chat, it moves a user to just a different pool Reason this would be useful, is on bots the "kick AFK user" Instead of punishing the user, you just throw them into the AFK pool (automatically using the bots)
  14. I suggest the power: (bootpool) With this power it can let you kick a user to a specific pool. Very useful if you have an AFK Pool, and you want to kick them in there. ----------------------------- New name: (boop). The above sounds more catchy then bootpool
  15. Actavus

    Ranks Smile Power

    I meant it literal. Just 5 smiles. EX: (member) --> Shows a picture of being a member pawn (mod) --> Moderator pawn smile But only works if you have the proper rank in chat

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