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  1. Actavus

    Pool Boot (kick user to another pool)

    The feature you do suggest has limitations though. With a bot, you can specify multiple levels & ranks to determine who falls under the criteria to boop for being afk. With a activity time based limit, your only limited to ranks & being fully logged out. Also with my suggestion you would still be online on xat within a different pool. (Open to be actively receiving PC/PMs and users knowing you'd eventually respond). Just like Nathan also mentioned above, say you want to "boop" all staff to a different pool for a meeting. That is also very handy Both your idea and the boop are both ideas nonetheless
  2. Actavus

    Pool Boot (kick user to another pool)

    Agreed it can be coded almost as simple as boot. It doesn't need all the bells and whistles as the post above from Samuel. It'd be so useful for moderating chats.
  3. Actavus

    Pool Boot (kick user to another pool)

    Might even calling it: (boop) xD [name] has been boop'ed to the AFK Pool
  4. Actavus

    Pool Boot (kick user to another pool)

    A chat doesnt have to be popular to have pools. It's kind of like if you had: 1) Main Pool 2) AFK Pool 3) Hangout Pool 4) Ban Pool This would be a new power. Equivalent to boot (where it just moves the user -- does not gag/or punish). Basically instead of moving a user to another chat, it moves a user to just a different pool Reason this would be useful, is on bots the "kick AFK user" Instead of punishing the user, you just throw them into the AFK pool (automatically using the bots)
  5. I suggest the power: (bootpool) With this power it can let you kick a user to a specific pool. Very useful if you have an AFK Pool, and you want to kick them in there. ----------------------------- New name: (boop). The above sounds more catchy then bootpool
  6. Actavus

    Ranks Smile Power

    I meant it literal. Just 5 smiles. EX: (member) --> Shows a picture of being a member pawn (mod) --> Moderator pawn smile But only works if you have the proper rank in chat
  7. Actavus

    Ranks Smile Power

    Power idea (chatranks): (member) (guest) (owner) (mainowner) (moderator) etc BUT Have the smile only work if you have the proper rank. Example: (mainowner) wont work as a smile for you, unless you have main owner rank in that chat.
  8. Actavus

    HTTPS rollout

    Fixed http://prntscr.com/g2mu83/direct
  9. Actavus

    Social Account Links

    I don't like the idea, younger people will post their social media without a second thought. Then realize after the fact that posting real life info can be bad.
  10. I'd like the feature to be able to use Gcontrol to set the (invisible) power to be set to main owner. This is a useful feature for chats that require owners not to use invisible
  11. Actavus

    No personal information

    Yep Atti's screenshot shows a different bypassed bot is responding to people's !email command. We've never had an !email command that would know people's leaked emails
  12. Actavus

    No personal information

    I also confirm this. The screenshot shown below by the user is false and in no way in regards to arcbots, and is coming from a different user or some sketchy bypassed bot running in the same room I've went to the room @ screenshot: RadioClubVP. The user responding "leo is: ridemyface (1524226096) .
  13. Actavus

    Agreeban power

    You miss the point of agreeban. It's to force a person to see a pop up of the message of the ban AND keep them banned until they've clicked Agree
  14. Actavus

    Agreeban power

    Hence the reason i said its to be implemented as a warning system. If the user isn't listening to the warnings you can do a a real ban.
  15. Actavus

    Agreeban power

    I suggest a super simplistic ban called: agreeban When you ban the user, a pop up comes up with the ban reason. To get unbanned all the user has to do is click "Agree" after reading the message. Basically think of this kind of like the ban version for kick, except the agree ban emphasizes what the user did wrong. With kick, the user's sometimes automatically re-enters the chat even if they are afk and dont ever realize they were even punished. With agreeban they are forced to see the ban reason even when they come back from being afk. TLDR: It would make a good warning system that forces them to read a message on why they were banned before becoming unbanned. (Very useful as an automated warning system for bot services as well) I AM AWARE yellowcard/redcard exist but the point of agreeban is to physically ban the person from the room UNTIL they've clicked "agree".