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    Some martial arts (such as taekwondo) would probably be difficult to turn into smilies but I guess it could still be a nice smiley power. Not bad. It's an emoji ūü•č
  2. Kyle's Loba's Credits - kinda tired now, ill edit this later lol -
  3. It's a nice idea and I hope it gets implemented, however... ??????? "Epic powers are generally very expensive powers that give more desirable effects. They are regarded as rewards for skilled traders. Epic powers can be both Unlimited or Limited." (Source: https://xat.wiki/Category:Epic) I know that by putting "EPIC" inside those brackets you imply that it doesn't necessarily need to be one (correct me if I'm wrong) but why would it ever be epic? lol It doesn't offer any "desirable effect" (you could argue that redcard doesn't either and I would definitely agree with you but that's another story) and the price is definitely too low (not saying that it should be higher). Also, I don't get why it should be limited. It's something that would be useful to everyone and afaik the only limited group power which is also a function power is Blastde but I guess that's fine cause it's just an animation.
  4. Inner Variation Outer Button colour: #391e7a Credits Wallpaper Preview
  5. Ethan

    new xatspace

    Default xatspaces definitely need a revamp. However, I don't like your idea. Though I agree with xLaming that material design wouldn't fit xat, I'm not gonna talk about that since you clearly stated that it's a demo and that the design may be changed. What I really dislike about it is that you suggest to remove CSS support - which is clearly the best thing about xatspaces - and give the option to choose from some default themes instead. Now, how boring would that be? Everyone would have pretty much the same xatspace. Also, don't forget that some people make quite a lot of xats by selling xatspaces. How is that not different from what it currently is? You basically turned it into another social media lol. There's one simple solution to this: xatframes. If xat adds the option to use xatframes, there could be a library (like the one for groups) and people that don't know how to use CSS/HTML (and that don't want to spend xats to buy one from a designer) could choose one from there.
  6. The other topic you made was about ranks on forum and you didn't mention resellers at all. Again, it's not what Enter suggested. I haven't found any other topic regarding this matter but it's possible that someone suggested something like this before. Don't worry, that's not what I want either. I'm just afraid that people might think it's not worth posting after reading what theFlower said. I highly doubt that this suggestion will ever be implemented (at least not any time soon) considering they haven't done anything for volunteers yet - which I personally consider more necessary - but it's wrong to say they've already said no when they haven't.
  7. I guess it wouldn't hurt but it's definitely not necessary. I agree with Sapphire that a badge would be better but it should be something that lets you know it's a verified reseller without hovering over it. Maybe a coin with the xat logo inside? If you're talking about this topic then no, your suggestion was totally different. You suggested to create special pawns for real jobs, not for resellers or other roles.
  8. Inner: Variation: https://i.postimg.cc/KvCpZfwj/Helpv.png Variation2: https://i.postimg.cc/nLfL3ZNT/help2.png Variation3: https://i.postimg.cc/d1TVyybQ/helpv4.png Outer: Variation: https://i.postimg.cc/JzqXT4N8/Help-Outer.png Button colour: #252842 Credits Original wallpaper: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zAJ92
  9. Not a big fan of sticker powers but this one looks cute. I wouldn't mind seeing it on xat. Flash chats don't work anymore, so they don't really have a choice... Not everyone can draw and I'm pretty sure most of the suggestions on this forum have pictures taken from Google or other websites. At least he found some cute examples for his idea.
  10. Ethan

    Great Maxo (hug) Welcome back to the wiki family! Glad to have a great translator like you back on the team.

    1. Maxo


      Thank you very much (hug)i appreciate this, i'm glad to re-join the team too 

  11. Everyone knows I'm more of a cat person, I love cats. However, this idea is so innovative that I can't but love it. You with this suggestion, you introduced a legendary innovation that will revolutionize xat. Congratulations bro!
  12. Ethan


    I doubt temporary wiki translators will ever become a thing for the following reasons: To translate, you require a wiki account. Now imagine if account creators (wiki role) had to create an account for every single temporary wiki translator when they are only gonna stay for a few months. That's not worth the time. Translating isn't that easy. Most of the time, new translators ask older translators or editors how to use the tool to translate/wiki syntax. Again, it would be a waste of time. Forum admins/staff would have to add the wiki translator role to these users and then remove it after a few months. Again, a waste of time. That's my opinion, though. Maybe it will end up happening. I'd still consider them new, considering new translators don't get added every single month. Yes, they've been translators for many years and 2 of them are still active and the other one is probably on hiatus (not a problem since there are other translators for his language). Also, them being inactive on the forum isn't a problem. It's not a requirement. Anyways, I think your original question has been answered, therefore I suppose there's no need to keep this thread open. If you have any more questions regarding your application or suggestions, please use the proper ways.
  13. Ethan


    You didn't get rejected because the number of turkish wiki translators is limited to 1, there's no such limit. The wiki has been fully translated into turkish and when a new article is made, Sevda can handle it by herself. So there's no need to have another turkish translator. There's a special page where you can check statistics about a language (e.g. for turkish https://xat.wiki/Special:LanguageStats?language=tr&x=D ) I guess people that want to apply could check it before submitting their application. Not true at all. Sure, some people have been translators for years but that's because either they've never quit or they re-joined at some point. However, there are also some "new" translators (Luana, Page, etc. were added in April I think).
  14. Hope I'm not late. Inner: Outer: Button color: #4d4266
  15. Fair enough. That's your opinion and I respect it. @ALEXCan't quote you since you quoted my replies and edited them, so I'll just tag you instead. I wasn't trying to enforce the rules, since she didn't break any. That was just a personal tip and it seemed pretty clear to me. All my replies to your posts are at most 3 lines long. Wouldn't call them poems, if anything I'd say they are complete responses. Anyways, let's stop spamming this thread with useless stuff as it's disrespectful to Duygu.
  16. Yet you attack me when I provide mine... huh? Care to show me where I said this thread breaks the rules? Anyways, good luck Duygu. Although I don't support your idea for the points listed above, I have nothing against you.
  17. Aren't you the one trying to create drama by calling me a "professor"? All I did was provide some feedback. Having an hard time trying to understand what this means.
  18. Would be nice to become a professor at 20, sadly I didn't become one. Clearly you didn't get my point (which wasn't even hard to get but whatever). I've never said there shouldn't be new powers. What I said is that there's no need to make new powers for Valentine's day as there are plenty of them already.
  19. I'm pretty sure there were more images in your original post. Funny how they aren't there anymore now. Maybe because they were the ones that looked similar to smilies that already exist? That would be fine if there weren't 10+ powers just for that. At some point, smiley makers will start running out of ideas (can't blame them) and powers will have no quality at all and people won't buy them (except those who want to keep Everypower). Also, I don't see how your smilies add a special meaning to Valentine's day. I mean, sure they look good but except maybe 2 of them, they are either hearts with some effects (roses, lockets, arrows, etc.) or things that don't really represent feelings. This is not true. They didn't make one for New Year's or some other holidays, so why would it be a problem if they didn't make one for Valentine's day this year? They could make more powers like Muertos (so about holidays from different cultures) rather than make all those powers for Valentine's day. This is also not true. Some powers have been "boosted" before (e.g. purple), I don't see why it can't happen for a Valentine's day powers. Correct but if the powers they release have no quality at all (by this I mean that they are nothing new), people won't buy them anyway. Next time, if you edit your post knowing someone was talking about the part you remove, either say it in your next post or at least don't try to make them look dumb. I appreciate that your posts aren't a single block of text anymore though.
  20. Uh I'll be quick on this one. 1) Your post was such a pain to read, no offense. Please, format it/split it into paragraphs next time. 2) Hell no, not another Valentine's day power. There are at least 10 love-themed powers and some of the smilies you showed already exist (maybe they are not identical but they represent the same thing). I really hope xat stops releasing powers for Valentine's day. If anything, they could add a few smilies to already existing powers, but having more than 10 powers for Valentine's day is definitely too much. (I know they wanna make $$$$$)
  21. What I meant is that I highly doubt that a doctor or a lawyer who wants to volunteer would do it on a website where there wouldn't even be many people to help when they have better ways to do so. Also, xat volunteers do what they do either to have a special rank (not calling out anyone here, just saying it's possible ) or because they want to contribute to the website, so it's not the same thing. Other than maybe torch their accounts (if they have enough proof), xat can't do much about it, so it's a bit useless. And again, it's not only about scammers but also people who may spread misinformation maliciously or ask for private info. Who cares if it's optional or not. That doesn't change the fact that there could still be potential scammers/malicious people. That would protect me but not those who choose to ask them for help. There are many vulnerable people on xat, think about them too and not only about yourself.
  22. What's different between the two is that there's an official list of volunteers, so people can know who's official or not. If they don't check it, it's their own problem. Yeah sure, who cares if in the meantime someone gets scammed and maybe even risk their own life? I mean, people get scammed from fake volunteers/staff despite there being an official list and a ticket system, what makes you think they wouldn't get scammed from fake lawyers/doctors/whatever when there's not even a list to check? And no, there will never be an official list for those. Don't forget xat is a business and it wouldn't gain anything from this, if anything they would just waste their time and have more work to do. xat already has a lot of problems, don't give them even more work. Just because someone is "famous" on a website, it doesn't mean they're trustworthy. If you truly believe that, you shouldn't even be on the internet. Scammers are a thing, girl. Also, why would anyone even work for free just to help someone they met in an online chatroom and that they don't even know? Sure, maybe there's someone like that but don't forget about the wicked society we live in.
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