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  1. Second entry Link: Credits: Jabami Yumeko Template I'll post some more entries in the following days
  2. Crusades 2. E29 7. Community 8. Sevda 9. Show 10. Contributors 11. Choirhug Down 1. Helfen 3. Ruby 4. Broadcaster 5. Administrator 6. Auction
  3. Agustina Link: Render used Paul Link: i know it sux but i had no ideas lol Credits Thanks @Guppy for the font lol Image used (thanks @Lunala)
  4. Crow - May 28 2017 'effect', not 'affect'
  5. First entry Link: Credits: Smiley bar Render
  6. Inner: Link: Variant: Outer: Link: Button color: #132f49 Preview:
  7. Ethan (99758319)
  8. It's Linkin Park - No More Sorrow, not Lost in you lol
  9. Second Entry Link: Preview: Credits Plague doctor
  10. how to waste time lol
  11. As far as I know, you're not allowed to share them. They wouldn't be paid fonts if people were allowed to share them.
  12. Those numbers are already taken. Please, choose 3 numbers that aren't taken.