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  1. 10 minutes ago, Sydno said:

    I wouldn't call it a phobia - because I don't think I have an actual phobia - but I'm very regularly doing some weird dreams that freak me out.


    First of all, I have sleep paralysis which often leads me to see shapes of people sitting on my bed and staring at me during the night while I can't move, or moving around... I'm somehow used to it but that's awful.


    Then, there's this weird dream where an airplane crashes on my house. It's very regular. Sometimes it's me when I'm a kid and the airplane crashes on my grand-parents house. Sometimes it crashes on my mother home, sometimes it crashes on my flat. It's a kind of phobia because I'm starting to be afraid of taking an airplane. I just feel/have nightmares of people screaming around in a flight and then crashing on my house, before a long silence and where the landscape is completely destroyed. :(

    I think I understand you. I have similar problems, sometimes I dream of several random things happening at the same time. 


    I'm afraid (I don't know if it's phobia) from horror movies. Maybe because in childhood they made me have bad dreams.

  2. Olá, boa tarde.


    Não é possível criar um ticket, pois você está deslogado. Você deverá enviar uma mensagem privada para algum voluntário solicitando abertura do ticket.


    Clique aqui para acessar o perfil do Cupim (voluntário brasileiro).


    Você precisa informar os seguintes dados:

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    Nota: É importante informar se você tem acesso ao email da conta.

  3. El pago que usted hizo por paypal regresó por algún motivo, y por eso su cuenta fue bloqueada.


    Como puede ver en el mensaje, usted necesita pagar 20$. Para ello, cree una nueva cuenta y haga el pago en xat.com/buy.


    Envíe la información (nombre de la cuenta, iID y comprobante de pago) en el ticket y su cuenta será liberada.

  4. Hi, here's my entry.


    Smiley1: King of Greed




    Smiley2: The real dreamer




    Smiley3: Queen of darkside




    Luig (10000270)

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