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  1. 12 minutes ago, Samuel said:

    The new power of this week is: PIGGY


    ID: 521
    Name: piggy
    Status: Unknown
    Smilies: (piggy#)(pigback#)(pigcrying#)(pigdance#)(pigift#)(pigmud#)(pigshock#)(pigsneeze#)(pigwave#)

    Pawns: None

    Store price: Unknown
    Wiki article: Not available

    Pawns: (hat#hb)(hat#hg)(hat#hm)

    Wiki Article: xat.wiki/Piggy

  2. 1 minute ago, Peruvia1591 said:

    Gracias Luig  el formulario para abrir el billete la ultima opcion donde dice (Introduzca la dirección de correo electrónico actualmente vinculada a su cuenta xat) tengo que poner el register que deceo recuperar o otro que me he creado para crear un nuevo ticklet ayudame por favor.


    Tienes que poner el register que desea recuperar.

  3. O held é muita das vezes, uma proteção de conta. Você pode recebê-lo em diferentes quantidades de dias, o que pode determinar o motivo pelo qual você o obteve.


    Para que possamos lhe auxiliar e informá-lo como remover o held da sua conta, precisamos saber qual erro você está recebendo ao tentar realizar transferências.

  4. On 10/20/2018 at 6:45 AM, Crow said:


    Here's a few more potential collections we could have:


      Superchristmas (Reveal hidden contents)

    Snowy, Christmas, Winter, Snowman, Reindeer, Santa, Treefx, Claus, Winterland, Noel, Reveal, Holidays, Choirhug, Sleighhug, Ornaments, Tropicalxmas, Christmix, Kxmas, Xmasscroll, Xmasfactory


      Supernewyear (Reveal hidden contents)

    Newyear, Celebrate, Hogmanay, Lunar, Fireworkshug, Songkran, Sparklefx


      Supervalentine (Reveal hidden contents)

    Heart, Valentine, Heartfx, Burningheart, Kheart, Romance, Sweetheart, Amore, Valfx, Easterlove, Lovemix, Lovehug, Lovemix2, Lovefx, Lovetest, Heartbreak


      Superstpatrick (Reveal hidden contents)

    Irish, Luck, Patrick, Patrickfx


      Supereaster (Reveal hidden contents)

    Kchick, Eggs, Eggy, Easteregg, Blubunni, Easterlove, Ebunny, Easterland, Anichick, Ribunny, Eggie


      Superanimal (Reveal hidden contents)

    Sea, Gkbear, Gkkitty, Animal, Gkpanda, Snakeban, Kchick, Kdog, Reindeer, Kduck, Kat, Ksheep, Kbee, Kpig, Pony, Kmouse, Kmonkey, Kfox, Kcow, Froggy, Arachnid, Ladybug, Snail, Hamster, Blubunni, Bird, Ceebear, Lions, Roosters, Tigers, Caterpillar, Ebunny, Koala, Worm, Kwolf, Elephant, Meow, Kaoears, Kgiraffe, Mousie, Toad, Anichick, Ribunny, Hedgehog, Fishbowl, Cuticorn, Puppy, Owlie, Octo, Sqanimal, Dragons, Hippos, Birdie, Kitcup, Guineapig, Raccoons, Gorilla


      Superfoodanddrink (Reveal hidden contents)

    Fruit, Feast, Candy, Eggs, Eggy, Cooking, Farm, Fruities, Cupcake, Coffee, Chocolate, Ricebowl, Onion, Popcorns, Kawaii, Kveggie, Nuts, Cups, Pizzas, Koffee



    brb, buying EP.

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  5. Hello,

    First of all: do not share your personal information in the forum (email). Since you no longer have access to the account, you can create a new one and send a ticket under  "Account block" help topic.


    Provide the following information, referring to the account that you're having trouble:

    • Username and ID number
    • Email associated to the account
    • Don't forget to write a little explanation of what happened.




  6. 5 minutes ago, Bau said:

    Hi, I do not understand the idea, excuse me, can you explain me well? :$

    If I'm not wrong, the power would double your amount of days.


    As @Crow've said, it would hurt xat's economy. I don't support that idea, sorry.

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  7. Hello!

    Here are all my entries. Good luck to everyone!




    lbNcRRQ.png gmfz5JL.png

                    https://i.imgur.com/lbNcRRQ.png                                   https://i.imgur.com/gmfz5JL.png                   






    Button color: #51003B

    You can preview it here.












    Button Color: #260033

    You can preview it here.

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  8. Silver pawn has been suggested before. I don't believe xat will make a new epic/pawn power for a while, since we had a huge impact on xat's economy with Ruby power.


    Next time, use the search feature before suggesting something. Make sure your suggestion hasn't already been posted.

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