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  1. If you allow people to choose a color for the pawn, it wouldn't make sense to pay so much for them. Currently, the pawns are the most expensive powers of xat.com.


    Honestly, I don't know if that would be really good.



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  2. The examples are great and I think we don't have powers mummy-themed. Thanks for the suggestion!!!

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  3. 3 minutes ago, crazy1crazy1 said:

    how to get SUPERHEART ?

    Powers required: heartfx, burningheart, kheart, sweetheart, amore, valfx, valentinefx and Heart


    If you get all these powers, you'll have superheart.

  4. Bom dia, tudo bem?


    Preencha este formulário para solicitar abertura de um ticket para resetar o código.


    Em Type of request, selecione Lost Auth. Preencha com os dados referentes a conta que está bloqueada.


    Após preencher, fique atento ao email, pois um ticket será aberto e você receberá uma mensagem para acessá-lo.

  5. I'd write a love letter, but I don't have much inspiration for it. Good luck to everyone.


    Don't forget to show how much you love someone, every day.


    Maybe I'll make a card for the Best Valentine's Day card contest.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Angelo said:

    Do you think we could have an option to be able to customize them?


    OF COURSE, but the problem is that some people could use the power to create inappropriate content. If it's only the shape, size, outline color and color, it seems okay to me.



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