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  1. Hello, First of all: do not share your personal information in the forum (email). Since you no longer have access to the account, you can create a new one and send a ticket under "Account block" help topic. Provide the following information, referring to the account that you're having trouble: Username and ID number Email associated to the account Don't forget to write a little explanation of what happened.
  2. Congratulations @SLOom (CLEM) and @Anti!!!
  3. Luig


    I'm sorry but I don't believe xat go add something that can duplicate your days or xats. Good luck with your next suggestions.
  4. Luig


    If I'm not wrong, the power would double your amount of days. As @Crow've said, it would hurt xat's economy. I don't support that idea, sorry.
  5. Hello! Here are all my entries. Good luck to everyone! • FIRST ENTRY Inner https://i.imgur.com/lbNcRRQ.png https://i.imgur.com/gmfz5JL.png Outer https://i.imgur.com/dklc0CB.png Button color: #51003B You can preview it here. • SECOND ENTRY: Inner: https://i.imgur.com/5DLCOPN.png Outer: https://i.imgur.com/JenGcSQ.png Button Color
  6. Silver pawn has been suggested before. I don't believe xat will make a new epic/pawn power for a while, since we had a huge impact on xat's economy with Ruby power. Next time, use the search feature before suggesting something. Make sure your suggestion hasn't already been posted.
  7. Hey Seth, Happy birthday!

  8. Luig

    Parabéns bffa, tudo de bom e mts anos de vida pra ti ♥

    1. Arih


      ty bff my love <3

  9. Luig

    Auth lost

    Hello @Powerel. You must send a private message to one of the volunteers with the following information: Username and ID The reason for opening a ticket (Lost Auth) E-mail associated with the account Mention if you still have access to this e-mail Then a ticket will be opened for you. You must send your message in english. Go to http://forum.xat.com/staff, choose one of the volunteers and click on the "Message" button to send a private message. And also, if you want to check the response times of the departments look at the article http://xat
  10. Luig


    Thank you all for the support, the power has been made. If you have any suggestion for Glasses, please check the post below.
  11. I loved the smilies, they were great! Thanks @Cupim. I hope the whole community enjoys this power and keeps sharing their ideas.
  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Luig

    my signature

    It seems cool and different, good job.
  14. Luig

    Hi Pia, here is your new signature.


    1. Pia


      Hi @Luig
      Thanks, but mine is better. ;) 

    2. Bau
    3. Leandro


      It matches her personality.

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  15. I liked the smileys, nice job. However they look too big in the xat.
  16. Luig

    Parabéns Sagayz, tudo de bom pra ti mano <3

    1. Sagaz


      vlw bbzin  :$(hug)

  17. Luig

    Mixture power

    Hello community! Some years ago a power called MIXTURE was quoted by @Admin (you can view the topic by clicking here). We had several suggestions but it wasn't done. I'd like to reconsider that power, since @Junior told me he's willing to make it. However I need help of the community. If you have some idea for a smiley, post it here. Once choosen by smileymakers, your idea will be added to this power. The main purpose of MIXTURE power is to bring the community to create something together. Suggest anything that you self-identify and want to share with us but please
  18. Luig


    Hello Community! I want to suggest a power which we can add a pair of glasses to our smilies. I did some examples on photoshop. Smileys could be glasses, glasses1, glasses2, glasses3, etc... Power name: Glasses Function: Smileys Status: Unlimited Price: 250/300 xats
  19. I think it's Limited. Some powers also don't have the word "limited" in the description but they're limited. Good power. We had a suggestion for "gestures" similies recently.
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