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  1. Luig

    Date Bff/Married

    You didn't get it. I meant that people can feel bad for having to remember with who they have married in the past. Some people has a big difficult to deal with feelings. Do not think about only yourself.
  2. Received, thank you all and congratulations to another winners!
  3. Luig


    A type of "account changelog" where you can see all account activities and actions, like trading, adding a friend, etc... is that your idea? I don't know if it's possible to do, but seems an intersting idea.
  4. Luig

    Date Bff/Married

    I'm sure that most couples doesn't remember what date they have married/bffed. It could be very useful. I just don't like the idea of having acess to "how many marrieds/bffs I had in the past(and with who)", it can hurt people and affect their activity in xat.
  5. 4. This thread should be closed. I believe they're already having a discuss about that theme in the private section. We don't need more people being judged on this post.
  6. I agree with you, but it is an Admin's decision... Stif is no longer main owner at Troca, he had to resign to become a reseller.
  7. Because he is a reseller. xat doesn't allow resellers to lead trade xats.
  8. @Marya please, could you explain me what was really the purpose of this thread? Why haven't you talked to Vale about what is wrong in the chat before exposing it to the community? I'm sure she would hear you. If you think something is not going well or must be changed, you need contact the responsible for the chat (in this case, vale). Opening a thread talking WE ARE LEAVING TRADE BECAUSE THE MAIN IS INACTIVE and then say "let's have meeting with the main" seems contradictory to me. Do you think Trade needs a new main? If yes, why are you satisfied on having a meeting with the current one? If
  9. Olá @Edmarzin23 Para desbloquear sua conta, será necessário enviar um ticket. Você deve preencher a este formulário para solicitar abertura de um. Selecione a opção "LOCKED OUT" no Type of request e informe os dados da conta que está bloqueada (Username, ID e Email relacionado à conta). Após enviar, apenas aguarde e fique atento ao email, um ticket será aberto e você receberá um link para acessá-lo através dele. Boa sorte!
  10. My entries: https://i.imgur.com/s2xE8fW.png https://i.imgur.com/G8p7Cdc.png
  11. I think he wanted to suggest something to separate the friends in the list (a line). I'd agree with this but I don't believe xat will change something in the chatbox template.
  12. Hello @Adnan. Has your account been inactive for a long time? If so, you must create a ticket under "Account block" to solve that. After opening the ticket, you need to wait for an answer. See Times For more information about the delay of responses. Remember that you need to send the ticket in English and use at least 5 words in the Subject.
  13. Luig


    Hello @Admin . I agree with them that the Cyan pawn always had a special meaning in the xat and I wouldn't like to see it being given that way. I think it'd be better to create a new pawn for "Developers ". They should be a group of people who have devoted their time developing apps/games to xat (For example, Maverick). For these users, it could give the pawn (Developer). This does not mean that he is an official developer of xat.com, but has only contributed enough to. Here is a small example of how this pawn would like look, something that matches the theme (development/programm
  14. Hola @Diegookzp12 . Para enviar un billete, necesita crear una nueva cuenta en xat. Después de crear, envía el ticket en inglés a "Lost Access ". Por favor, proporcione la siguiente información en el billete: Nombre de usuario e ID; E-mail asociado con la cuenta que tiene el problema (se tienes). Usted tendrá que responder a algunas preguntas para demostrar que la cuenta es suya.
  15. A great way to return the weekly-polls about new power...?
  16. Hello Tobias. Currently (in the HTML5 and mobile versions) the friends list is displayed in the order of people online, the available ones and offlines, respectively. As Stif said, that list is organized by the ID number.
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