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  1. Happy birthday!!! (applause)

  2. I'd write a love letter, but I don't have much inspiration for it. Good luck to everyone. Don't forget to show how much you love someone, every day. ♥ Maybe I'll make a card for the Best Valentine's Day card contest.
  3. - Don't show JINX animation: ON/OFF - Disable KISS animation: ON/OFF
  4. Luig

    Parabéns jovem, tudo de bom pra ti!

  5. Parabéns aí mano, tudo de bom.

  6. Luig

    Olhaaaa, aniversário dele. Parabéns mano, tudo de bom pra ti. Tmj ♡

    1. Stif


      Valeu mano, tmj ♡

  7. Luig


    @Thuk don't be sad my dear friend, April may be your month. Congratulations @Cupim, god SaoriKido bless you.
  8. OF COURSE, but the problem is that some people could use the power to create inappropriate content. If it's only the shape, size, outline color and color, it seems okay to me.
  9. Hello community! I am here to suggest the creation of a power in the format of stickers. The stickers could contain words used in the day-to-day, as shown in the example below: Also, we could create stickers containing the xat smilies, as shown in this example: Optional: We could create a store where we can buy new stickers (similar to the Xavi's store). Power information: Name: Stickers Type: Smilies Status: Limited Price: Around 300 xats What do you think about?
  10. Luig

    Happy birthday Tocix!

    1. Toxic


      Thank you Liug!

  11. Luig

    Pawn Mix

    I think I got it right, please correct me if I'm wrong. Are you suggesting using the effect of one pawn on another? If this is the case, here are some examples: Gold-Pink Gold-Purple Gold-Blueman I personally liked the idea, it would give us more options to use.
  12. @Junior pls This is me right now:
  13. BEST POWER EVER. THANKS @Junior <3'
  14. I believe no. Your method is still the best, congratulations!
  15. Hello. First of all: don't enter personal information in topics, please hide your email. Why was your account blocked? I meant, what error do you receive when trying to login?
  16. Feliz menos 1 ano de vida! 🎈

  17. Hi guys, here is my entry. Inner: Outer: Button color: #1e3a6f Preview here.
  18. Are you in doubt? Here is a list of powers that were released between 2018 and 2019. Tell us which ones you liked the most! superboy - kactus - superxmas - snowflake - wigs - swordfx - appbot - piggy - kcar - superhalloween - muertos - glasses - gorilla - gesture - faceoff - eyeeye - suspense - opacity - money - slimefx - ktree - pcplus - supersummer - raccoons - glitch - esmile - portalfx - superanime - koffee - pizzas - hats - baghead - guineapig - botstat - kitcup - seasons - birdie - bestfriend - hippos - rankscroll - patrickfx - cups - accessory - illusionfx - nuts - he
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