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  1. I think I understand you. I have similar problems, sometimes I dream of several random things happening at the same time. I'm afraid (I don't know if it's phobia) from horror movies. Maybe because in childhood they made me have bad dreams.
  2. Great contest! Good luck to everyone. ~RESERVED~
  3. Luig

    Happy birthday babe <3

    1. ib2k


      Thank you, my brother <3(victory)

  4. Olá, boa tarde. Não é possível criar um ticket, pois você está deslogado. Você deverá enviar uma mensagem privada para algum voluntário solicitando abertura do ticket. Clique aqui para acessar o perfil do Cupim (voluntário brasileiro). Você precisa informar os seguintes dados: - Email associado á conta bloqueada - Nome do usuário - ID do seu registro Nota: É importante informar se você tem acesso ao email da conta.
  5. El pago que usted hizo por paypal regresó por algún motivo, y por eso su cuenta fue bloqueada. Como puede ver en el mensaje, usted necesita pagar 20$. Para ello, cree una nueva cuenta y haga el pago en xat.com/buy. Envíe la información (nombre de la cuenta, iID y comprobante de pago) en el ticket y su cuenta será liberada.
  6. I like birds, they're adorable.
  7. Happy b-day bro!

  8. Luig

    Yes or No

    No Is NAMECOLOR your favorite power?
  9. Luig

    509 MONEY

    Wooa, xat surprised me with this power. Good job!
  10. Congratulations @Thuk and @Leandro!
  11. For sure, it's time to add new flags to (Nameflag). But I think we need more cool ideas like yours.
  12. Hi, here's my entry. Smiley1: King of Greed (wrath#dhat#FF8000#ffffff#comeon#flip#left#still#sfeet#ffffff#FF8000#manga#FF8000) Smiley2: The real dreamer (daydream#c#angel#b#fwings#b#sfeet#ffffff#b#six#ffffff#both#wrait#burningheart#ffffff) Smiley3: Queen of darkside (gloomy#ffffff#hairf#010101#greed#fwings#010101#010101#angel#010101#costumes#manga#ffffff) Luig (10000270)
  13. I have snakebanned @6 for creating a game without end.
  14. I have mazebanned @Stif for 100 hours. Reason: keep calm and be patient xd
  15. Hello people! Psychedelic allows you to apply a different, "random" and colorful animation on your smileys. It should have 4-5 different animations. Below are a few examples: Usage: Example code: (smile#psyc#spe#rot#) psyc = power animation spe = speedy (1-3) rot = rotation (0° to 360°)
  16. Buenos dias, Usted tiene que abrir un ticket en xat.com/ticket con topic Account Block . El mensaje debe estar en inglés, si tiene alguna duda lea: http://ayudaxat.com/account-block/ . Si ya ha enviado el billete, tiene que esperar un tiempo (hasta 72 horas) para una respuesta. Saludos.
  17. Hi, how are you?

    1. Arthur


      “I'm surviving.” Not bad actually, just busy at work recently but everything should be back to normal within a few days. How about you?

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