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  1. Great job LaFleur! I think xat should work on the default profiles, they have been used for years.
  2. Luig

    Power: Rotate

    Good suggestion Seth! I think the power SPIN should be needed instead of Invert, since Spin allows you to make a whole smiley spin. Rotate will just make the smiley stand at the chosen angle.
  3. Luig

    Parabéns brabão, tmj ♥

    1. Brabo


      Valeu mano Luig, tmj (hug)

  4. Luig

    Happy b-day Guppy designs!

  5. Another great contest. Looking forward to seeing all entries!
  6. Hey Jayden, happy b-day!

  7. Woow, thank you! Congratulations to @iSanty and @Discann for the great job.
  8. So, here we go! I will post some entries. Each one has a different button color suggestion and GBACK. 1- Clear&Official Inner: https://i.imgur.com/4mg4FSb.png Outer: click here GBACK: Clear BUTTON COLOR: #03446e 2- Sloth momment Inner: https://i.imgur.com/QtS47dm.png Outer: click here GBACK: Sloth BUTTON COLOR: #03446e 3- Pride of myself Inner: https://i.imgur.com/VZjEjpA.png Outer: click here GBACK: Pride BUTTON COLOR: #39055b
  9. I'd pick the red one, no doubt. It's better to think about the future, from the past we take only what we learn from mistakes.
  10. Happy Birthday bro! <3

  11. Luig


    Congrats @Samuel nb and @o01pewz10o!
  12. Luig

    Happy birthday bro <3

  13. Luig


    Luig (10000270)
  14. Good power! @Mihay Here are some ideas: (EYECRAZY) (EYESTAR) (EYEUNIBROW) (EYESAD)
  15. I liked the arts, they were great but I think xat wouldn't make a power containing weapons or something like that. Anyway, good luck.
  16. My favorite official xat is Ajuda, but I also like xat5 and help.
  17. Luig


    This power has been suggested before. However I think it's a good idea xd
  18. @Maverick, @Leandro and @Thuk must love this!
  19. It'sssss Luig! Luig! I'm not Mario's brother, but still Luig!
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