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  1. Ok, here is my first entry. Inner: https://i.imgur.com/9e7WbUJ.png https://i.imgur.com/1GDWQh7.png I have made a simple CSS code for the outer. Here is the code: BLUE: background-image: url(https://i.imgur.com/OCiDyEA.jpg); background-position: Center}x:link, h1{background:url(https://i.imgur.com/xWPZgqB.gif) no-repeat 11px center} h1{text-indent:-9999px}, auto; RED: background-image: url(https://i.imgur.com/vwMQMrv.png); background-position: Center}x:link, h1{background:url(https://i.imgur.com/uza8RKI.gif) no-repeat 11px center} h1{text-indent:-9999px}, auto; Button color: #FFFFFFF (YES, WHITE!) You can preview it here (blue version).
  2. Luig


    Any of them: 10027 100027 100270
  3. Luig

    525 Snowflake

    LMAO. The smileys looks so great! I'd like to see the (snowcrystal) and (snowled) smileys as a pawn. Anyway, great job @Mihay. The power information has been added to the wiki xat.wiki/Snowflake
  4. Luig

    Welcome New Contributors

    Congratulations and welcome to the team, @DonQuijote!
  5. Parabéns @Cupim, que você seja abençoado pela graça da nossa deusa Saorikidokiller. Tudo de bom aí mano 🎈🎂🎈 

  6. Luig

    John and Christina's Holiday giveaway

    Luig (10000270)
  7. De nada. Caso tenha alguma outra dúvida, você pode nos encontrar online no xat.com/Ajuda. Se por ventura não conseguir contato, me adicione nos amigos /f10000270.
  8. Você pode pegar sua ID pelo xatspace (clica em 'inapropriate' e olha o link) ou usando o comando no bot, como o Anas disse aí em cima. Caso ache conveniente, me fala seu username que eu pego sua ID e posto aqui pra você.
  9. Luig

    WIN XATS/POWERS (On pause)

    Luig (10000270)
  10. Happy birthday, Brandy! 🎈 

  11. I received my prize. Thank you @HelperNate and congratulations to the all winners!
  12. Luig

    token problem

    Olá Korus. Se o seu ticket está com status OPEN, tudo que tem a fazer é aguardar. O tempo pode variar de acordo com cada situação, eles precisam ter a certeza de que você é realmente o dono da conta antes de fazer o desbloqueio. Se você já respondeu às perguntas, peço-lhe um pouco de paciência, em breve você receberá um retorno.
  13. Luig

    Sports Specialist

    Even if we already have a power with the theme of sports (sport), this suggestion looks original and different. I liked it, your drawings are great!
  14. Luig


    Hey man, I feel great to see you here! I hope you enjoy being part of the community. Here are some links you may like to read: General forum guidelines: These are our rules, follow them all! General Support section: A special section to take questions about xat Contests and Event: Uuhhh, Events? Yes, events! Here you can earn some xats/days/powers. Suggestions: Would you like to show your creativity? Make us a suggestion! Activity: Here you can see everything that rolls in the forum in real time If you need any help, always count on us!
  15. Luig

    My Acounts is Bloked

    Do you know your regname ? (username used to log in) You can find your ID number using a bot or through your profile (xat.me). If you don't know how, tell us your regname that I can pick it up for you.

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