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  1. Is today your birthday? Oh, that's why the sky is colorful...



    1. Maverick


      Ahah, thanks man.

  2. Hello, Here is my suggestion for this power: The color could be changed in the code. Example: (Tshirt2#FFFFFF#304275) Where: First color = bg color Second color = Detail color With these details it's possible to create similar shirts from various football teams, just change the color. I've added the xat logo to avoid copyrights If anyone wants to add anything else, I'd like to hear it.
  3. Luig

    Happy birthday Paul! 🎈  

    1. Paul


      Thank you

  4. Luig

    540 MIME

    I absolutely loved this power. Congratulations Mihay!
  5. Luig

    Happy birthday Champs!!!

  6. Luig

    Parabéns bauzão, felicidades!!!

    1. Bau


      Obrigado Luigao (hug):$ 

  7. Luig

    Power "Gaty"

    I found no difference between your suggestion and the power Kat (just the color). The idea is the same, they're cute cats playing with some objects...
  8. Luig


    I'm pretty sure Statusgrad will be released in the future as well as statuswave.
  9. Prezado, Você solicitou o fechamento do ticket, ele será fechado em breve. Peço-lhe apenas que aguarde.
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