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  1. Morning everyone, have a nice day 

    Good Morning Reaction GIF

                  ☀️ 🌞 ☀️ 

  2. Enjoy your chat radio with xatradio

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    1. slint


      @xLaming @Cupim estão pagando quanto por essa propaganda ? Quero ganhar uns a mais também

    2. Stif


      Meu nome é Stifler e eu aprovo essa propaganda. Só que não.

    3. xLaming
  3. Maybe they'll come back when the HTML5 is finished, I would li see again the guy on the airplane ✈️ is one of my favourites. Note: Some of these kisses have been added to any power , have you ever seen the 8ball features?
  4. ...

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  5. Happy birthday bro hope you have a big cake, an amazing and special day 

    Happy Birthday Love GIF by EnjoyCleaning

    God bless you and your family 💖

    1. Abrahan


      Irmaaaa, muito obrigada, você é tão doce! (blowkiss)

    2. Page


      Quero o meu pedaço de bolo

  6. Page


    7 = 5 8 = 5
  7. Page

    Happy birthday, hope God bless you and your family enjoy your special day

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    1. DUYGU


      Thank you Page my dear    (blowkiss)   (hug) I am very happy for your beautiful and well wishes.

  8. Page


  9. Page

    Automatic message

    This is a good idea bro, i would like to see it in the near future of Html5 but we should take care to not spam our messages like bot does when xat store will release a new power. You think to have advised each month or each year? Or something like 6/6 months?
  10. Enjoy 4th of July 

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  11. Page

    Happy 7 months of love, baby! You are amazing, special, incredible and unique in the world, you are the most important person in my life and I love you so much my prince, you have no idea of the size of my love for you, I love everything that you do and you have, all your little things like how you laugh or how you say something, I love every moment by your side, every joke even if I’ll get mad 😡 but the life is better with you, the world are a better place because it have you and I am the most lucky person cause I have you and your love 💕

    I love you so so so much bae

    In Love Flirting GIF

    ❤️❤️❤️ you own all of me, all my love and you own my heart ❣ 

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Page


      You'll always be mine

    3. slint


      my love

    4. Page


      My Prince 

  12. The most beautiful pw for me is fairy and purple.
  13. Page


    Page (10000053)
  14. Oh gosh! I loved the design of your idea and I think of everyone likes, may could be easy to do it with HTML5, but I think these little chats box can give us some delay, do you have some idea to hide it or something like this?
  15. This is a interesting idea but we already had that and some others x.x
  16. Congrats Lemona, hope your journey be brilliant
  17. Page

    627 WORMS

    I loved the hat#hw, this hat is cute awwww
  18. I actually have iPhone and Xiaomi
  19. Hola si te sale que la cuenta no existe, hay que abrir un ticket para que sea recuperado su K2. Todavia si te sale un número de error cual es?
  20. Page

    Hepi bardei, feliz aniversário meu amor, espero que você tenha um dia tão maravilhoso quanto você, e que você divirta-se junto àqueles que você ama, te desejo muita saúde, prosperidade, felicidades e tudo mais que há de bom pois você merece o mundo e o que há de melhor nele. 

    Que Deus guie os seus caminhos te dando sempre sabedoria, coragem e força pra seguir sempre sem desistir.

    Eu amo você, vida ❤️

    Episode 4 Birthday GIF by Friends

    E obrigada pela oportunidade de fazer parte desse dia e estar com você.


    1. slint


      Obrigado meu amor, que Deus te dê tudo em dobro, dia maravilhoso é sempre ao seu lado. Que ele nos proporcione mais dias assim, eu te amo  ❤️ 

      Love You Kiss GIF by swerk

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