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  1. Page


    I Love You Hearts GIF by RisuDong



    Happy 5 months my prince

    1. slint


      I love you so much ❤️ 

  2. slint

    I Love You Cat GIF by swerk

                Happy 5 months my love ♥

    1. Page


      ❤️ I love you so so so so muuuuch

  3. Gratas Lida and thnx Luana for a funniest month
  4. Good lucky to everyone and thanks Fleur for the great prize!!
  5. Page

    Ice Pawn

    Ooooooo please yes!!!!! I would like to have a pawn like this, this is amazing. I agree with you, could be from collection or as a single power like purple or gold, etc.. hope we can have it in a near future 🥶
  6. Bom, de toda forma pode ser que tenha sido algum bug do xat, deve ser fixado em breve.
  7. Olá, se o held é de 7 dias, basta aguardar que se passem os dias, ele chegará ao fim automaticamente, caso ele persista abra um ticket para que possa descobrir o motivo do Held continuo.
  8. Olá, bom dia, possivelmente deve estar havendo algum problema com o site ou o seu navegador, já tentou por algum outro? Bom, outros usuários atualmente enviam seus mapas com código SCRIPT, para que possam usar no xat, eles enviam o ficheiro para o xatradio.com e usam o código, você pode tentar enviar o seu ou testar um novo site desde que ele esteja listado na nossa wiki, clique aqui para verificar os sites.
  9. Over It Reaction GIF


    1. iSavage


      hope you have a great day sis! 


    2. Page


      u too bro 

    3. Bruu
  10. Liana

    I Love You Heart GIF

    1. Page


      I Love You Reaction GIFTy sis (hug) morning

  11. Page

    Happy birthday sis princess 👸🏻, hope you have a great, amazing and special day, as you are, you’re special and amazing, stay safe and enjoy, don’t forget about my slice of cake 

    1. Elif


      Thank you so much cutie sis(blowkiss) love you <3  I will keep your cake (goo)

  12. Yop i was trying some effects and isn't work Other effects (inflower), e.g. (D#inflower) (rollingbee), e.g.(D#rollingbee) (springair), e.g. (D#springair) (walkgrass), e.g. (D#walkgrass) Th springair is working fine
  13. You did an incredible job with this power, renewed the idea of smilies, look at this smiles running, this butterflies and this little hands holding the cloud, how wonderful! I would love to see more smilies like these. Thank you so much for this amazing job!
  14. Page

    Bathing Rubber Duck GIF by Super SimpleTu quando resolve ir k

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Page


      Bem feito, ninguém mandou entrosar na catinga dele 

    3. xLaming


      Nem sabão senador se entrosa

    4. Page


      Ksksks PHEBO

  15. As Kale said you’ll need have evidence and make sure that is not an error. You can open a ticket assigned to the admins, otherwise you can send a private message but I’m not sure if you’ll have an answer, your best way is ticket.
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