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  1. Page

    Happy Valentine's Day my prince, we already have special day everyday, every day, hour, minute with you by your side is amazing and i can't explain how precious you are for me.

    I love you so much 🥰 i love you so so so much 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 i want spend the rest of my life with you

    Valentines Day Love GIF

  2. Page

    Happy birthday bro, hope u enjoy with your family and friends and don't forget my 🍰

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    2. SLOom


      A small piece is enough ! :$ 

    3. Sevda


      Happy Birthday, Sloom (cute)

    4. SLOom


      Thank you @Sevda ! :p 

  3. Page

    6 incredible months by your side, thank you so much to give me the honour of have your love and your company everyday 

    GIF by moodman


    1. slint


      I love you my love ♥ Forever

    2. Page


      My prince ❤️

    3. Kale


      Perfeitos! ♥

  4. Back To Black GIF by Amy Winehouse


  5. Page

    I Love You Reaction GIF


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    2. slint


      I said, perfection is when we are together. Me and you, nobody else in this world, you are everything to me, I love you very much my love, very much ❤️

    3. Page


      You are the most important person to me ❤️ I love you so much my prince, you deserve the world 

    4. slint


      You are my family, you have become part of it. So I can say that my life is yours, as my whole being, I love you very much my love 💕

  6. Happy birthday bro 🥳 hope you enjoy your day and have a special day with your friends and family 💖 hope God bless you

  7. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, enjoy with your mommy and if you don’t have her with you don’t worry she is caring about you everyday. 

  8. Page


    I Love You Hearts GIF by RisuDong



    Happy 5 months my prince

    1. slint


      I love you so much ❤️ 

  9. Over It Reaction GIF


    1. iSavage


      hope you have a great day sis! 


    2. Page


      u too bro 

    3. Bruu
  10. Page

    Happy birthday sis princess 👸🏻, hope you have a great, amazing and special day, as you are, you’re special and amazing, stay safe and enjoy, don’t forget about my slice of cake 

    1. Elif


      Thank you so much cutie sis(blowkiss) love you <3  I will keep your cake (goo)

  11. Page

    Bathing Rubber Duck GIF by Super SimpleTu quando resolve ir k

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    2. Page


      Bem feito, ninguém mandou entrosar na catinga dele 

    3. xLaming


      Nem sabão senador se entrosa

    4. Page


      Ksksks PHEBO

  12. 🧖🏻‍♀️Quiet 

    Relaxed Dog GIF


  13. Hope everyone have a great day ☀️ 

    Palm Trees Sun GIF by Why Don't We


  14. The idea is not to be perfect but better

  15. Page

    Happy birthday bro hope u have a nice and amazing day 

  16. Page


  17. Happy birthday bro, hope u have a nice day, enjoy, God bless you and your family 

    lilo and stitch cooking GIF

    1. iSanty


      Thank you so much! and sorry for the delay!! haha (hug)

  18. That’s enough 

    Feel The Bern Democrats GIF by Bernie Sanders

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    2. Page


      im doing well what about you baby?:

    3. DjCrazy


      I'm very well,thank you.

    4. Page


      Yw queen ♥

  19. Page

    I Love You Illustration GIF by MaggieRAPT

    1. slint


      I love you so much, my love ♥

  20. Happy birthday (hug) hope you enjoy your day with your family and friends, God bless you

    Happy Birthday Beard GIF by swerk

    1. SapphireOfficial


      Page princess (hug) thx you for the wishes!

  21. You see my heart, i wear it on my sleeve 'cause i just can't hide it anymore


  22. All your little things ❤️

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    2. DjCrazy


      Hello how are u today?

    3. Page


      Fine what about u queen?

    4. DjCrazy


      I am well, thank you princessa ❤️

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