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  1. You guys should back to the topic of backgrounds not more. We are here to have fun and enjoy with our friends. Win who have the best job as designer, if we talk about "editable templates" most part ot the backgrounfs showed for us are with template from Manu and Jefa.. Whats matters is the job and how amazing it could be.
  2. Happy birthday bro 🥳 hope you enjoy your day and have a special day with your friends and family 💖 hope God bless you

  3. We should thank you for the amazing contests that you made for us, it was amazing and very funny, thanks to you and to who give donation and for everyone who have been participated.
  4. De toda forma, você deverá contatar o suporte do Yahoo para que você possa fazer essa alteração no seu e-mail, o suporte da xat lhe forneceu as informações solicitadas, uma vez que; o email cadastrado não funciona, você pode solicitar a mudança do e-mail como lhe foi dito anteriormente. As demais alterações no seu e-mail você deve tratar com o seu provedor.
  5. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, enjoy with your mommy and if you don’t have her with you don’t worry she is caring about you everyday. 

  6. I think we need more ID auction our actual price is so much expensive and with more options we can allow more users to buy it, it will be more accessible for everyone.
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