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  1. Wake me up before I change again, remind me the story that I won't get insane. Tell me why it's always the same, explain me the reason why I'm so much in pain  🎶

  2. Stay safe, read xat.wiki/safety (victory)

    Star Wars Tech GIF by UAB Information Technology

    1. Abrahan


      Keep me safe! 8-)

    2. Page


      Do you need?

      street fighter of course GIF

  3.  Gonna be a great day

    Robert Flores Wink GIF by MLB Network

  4. Page

    Happy birthday bro God bless you today and all days of your life enjoy

  5. It could works as a sticker power 🤔
  6. Could be glitched so cause I was using only one code 🤔
  7. Every step you take I’ll be watching you 🎶 

  8. Happy birthday bro hope you had a nice and special day 🎁

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    2. Page


      Where’s the cake 🎂?(hmm)

    3. Blacky






    4. Page


       I thought we were friends (grump)

  9. If you smile I smile, that's how it works. Your smile guides me. 


  10. This hat are missing (hat#h#egg2), is not working on HTML5 Wiki SuperEgg Is working at Flash Chat I already have all necessary to use including Hat
  11. Where's you bae, miss you ♥

    1. DjCrazy


      I'm here sweety, miss you too ♥

  12. How's unpleasant people who don't know how to be professional. GOSH.

  13. Gzz when the year of August will end? 😨😩

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    2. Page


      I just want the end T.T 

    3. Thunderclouds


      2020 is cancelled!

    4. Page


      Keep it cancelled @Thunderclouds

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