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  1. this is a really happy thanksgiving

    Season 5 Thanksgiving GIF by Friends

  2. Happy thanksgiving guys

    1. DUYGU


      Hi Page  (hug)  Happy thanksgiving for you, have a nice day!

  3. Your stultification was successful!

    Season 2 Famalam GIF by BBC Three

  4. Enjoy the little things.

    Day Off GIF by Dim

  5. There’s no glory without sacrifice 

    1. DUYGU


      This is a very nice sentence, some people actually make a lot of sacrifice while they are successful in life. They can achieve their goals with hard efforts, instead of appreciating these people who work hard, there are people who are jealous peoples and want to undermine their success. Do not care about people who are jealous of people who successfully achieved great victories. İf there are I don't care about people jealous of me. I can ignore them.

  6. Hello, to open a ticket under the topic LOST ACCESS, you don’t need to be a paid user. Check if you are using the right thread.
  7. Life’s good 

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    2. xLaming
    3. Page


      @DUYGUI'm always here ♥

    4. DUYGU


      This is very good i am glad for this Page  (blowkiss)

  8. 1995 - 3003 - 1000080 - 10000090 - 1999 - 10000005 - 3095 - 9530 - 1111 - 10153
  9. This is so disgusting 

  10. Attends trois ans, sept ans, et là vous verrez... Si c’est formidable. 

  11. Working hard 😫

  12. You’ll always gonna be mine

    1. DUYGU


      Hello Page my dear  (hug) how are you? I went back to the forum and missed you.

    2. Page


      Hello, princess I’m tired but fine and you honey how are you? I’m glad to know that you’re back ❤️ @DUYGU

    3. Page


      Missed you too 😫

  13. Enjoy the music using xatradiojean claude van damme radio GIF by Cheezburger

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