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  1. i Love You,my little princess ♥ 

    1. Page


      iti malia ♥ little baby ily too 

  2. Page


    It's a nice idea but not like a another power of hats, just increment it on Hats and this Mexican hat that's looks like the hat#W and this from Chile looks like hat#S. Anyway i liked your idea.
  3. ♫♥


  4. Tribo da Periferia - Nosso plano ♫

    moon landscape GIF

  5. Temple of Light 


  6. Prize received, thank you so much and happy valentine's day to everyone , thnx @Anas
  7. just feel



  8. I had to find you tell you I need you

    and tell you I set you apart ♪

    Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall GIF by Coldplay

  9. Page

    (hug) Cutie ♥

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    2. Page


      How are you? Miss you too ♥

    3. Exin


      im fine u 


    4. Page


      i'm fine hun thnx

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