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  1. Desenha uma bola,



  2. Persistence is the path to success.

  3. Page

    496 BAGHEAD

    (pawhatis#) - It would be nice if this smilie was like random, but if it alternates between the smilies of the power itself. Nice power.
  4. Page

    xat Chat Background

    I liked this entrym really nice, you have future like graphic designer and thank you for share with us, hope i can buy something from you in the future.
  5. Page

    Esta dando Problema o xat

    Ola, bom dia Você deve provar que é humano fazendo o CAPTCHA, esse link que lhe é mostrado é para que você possa fazê-lo. Caso você utilize o xat via xat.com, ele nao vai mandar o link, aparecerá ao lado da caixa de conversação o pedido de CAPTCHA, basta você selecionar as imagens corretas. Caso você utilize via site, você deve copiar o link que lhe é fornecido ao entrar no bate papo e assim selecionar o que lhe é pedido. Caso nenhuma das opções resolva, reinicie o seu modem, deixe-o desligado por 5 ou 10 minutos, isso deve regulamentar o seu ip e você pode assim retornar ao xat sem o problema de provar que é humano.
  6. Vente pa'ca 

  7. Page


    Page (10000053)
  8. Page


    You should be smiley maker, you always have excellent ideas and designs of amazing smilies for your suggestions. A power of ninja mutant would be very good, maybe it could be as an accessory too, we could use the turtle hull on other smilies I hope it can be done and we can use it in the future It's a good suggestion thank you for share with us
  9. You like your girls insane

    1. Paul


      you girl are a pain!!



    2. Page


      shh nub

  10. Sign of the times

  11. Page

    Ticket support ticket issues / slow

    Hello If you already have an open ticket, you should wait for your answer, and check your email in case there is already an answer. **Opening a topic here does not speed up the response process of your ticket If your ticket has been open for more than months, you can take a look at this topic;
  12. Ruzo


    1. Page


      Hey yah Ruzo, how are you my bro?

  13. I advise you don't mess with me, I know karate, kung fu, judo, tae kwon do, jujitsu and 28 other dangerous words.

  14. I bow down to pray. Lord, show me the way. Every heartbreak makes it hard to keep the faith.

    1. Paul



    2. Fabio


      hi cute

    3. Page


      hi cute @Fabio hi bby @Paul


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