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  1. Unable to Sign-In into Account in Chatbox

    Go to your email inbox and search for info@xat.com email and log in to the PIN code. *If you do not have access to the email, you can open a ticket under Lost Access . *You must provide the correct information when requested. *If you can't open a ticket, you can contact a volunteer. Here
  2. Your idea is more beautiful than the html5 version of xat, the hidden menu options is very interesting, thanks for sharing with us. I think the xat would look better and prettier with this setup.
  3. unfair ban on help

    You can report the unfair ban going in inappropriate or going to message below the xat, your message will be sent to the main owner of xat.
  4. Win kwolf nightmare fitness

    I do not like any game and this Easter I will not if want to win chocolate.
  5. Cool 😎 

  6. Mafia

    I loved the lady boss she is amazing, a lot of things from your idea could be used with combinations, nice suggestion but I don’t know if could be released but good luck bro.
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      Hey baby (Hug2)

  8. Win kwolf nightmare fitness

    Page (10000053)
  9. Happy birthday 🎁, God bless you and your family, have fun in that special day.

  10. Just like you said it would be, no love no glory... No hero in her sky 


    Page (10000053)
  12. Heyo, I'm back, Win a CLEAR

    Page (10000053) La Diosa.
  13. Somewhere over the rainbow 🌈 

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      I like this song

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      I love this music 


  14. All hail to Ulfric you are the High King in your great honor we drink and we sing we're the children of Skyrim and we fight all our lives and when Sovngarde beckons everyone of us dies.